Monday, 13 July 2015

Tennis and howls

As its tennis season, Wimbledon coming to a close this weekend, media debate over the controversial effort related screeching from certain players, I thought it was funny to read a little article in the Sunday Times by Rod Liddle.

I've printed it below, I bet if it had been Wimbledon and not Orpington the authorities would have paid a visit to Ms Evilyne:)

''Advantage Mistress Evilyne

Horrible problems for members of the Knoll Lawn Tennis Club, in Orpington, southeast London. How to concentrate on that first service when distracted by the howls of anguish coming from a man being whipped on the buttocks at the dungeon of a dominatrix next door?

The club has protested to the authorities about Mistress Evilyne’s bondage parlour, which advertises such attractions as “human ashtray” and “pinching”. One women says her teenage son witnessed a handcuffed man being whipped in the garden.

Ms Evilyne says it’s nothing to worry about, nothing illegal etc. She adds that it’s straightforward BDSM and no sex ever takes place. I don’t know what BDSM means. I think it’s one of those abbreviations we have to support, like LGBT. Just go along with it or you’ll be outed on Twitter as a ’phobe and sacked from your job. New balls please."

Have a good week.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I read this article in the Mail, made me laugh! She looked a bit seedy, mind you I did say to hubby I wonder if our neighbours hear my wails and now realize what is going on over here, lol
love Jan,xx

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing the funny article Ronnie. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Interesting story. I wonder if the tennis players are distracted by the howls of pleasure? Do they wish they were there being whipped or doing the whipping?

abby said...

Very funny article....thanks for sharing.
hugs abby

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, this was funny. Wouldn't the players and visitors to Mistress Evilyne drown each other out? lol Thanks for sharing :)


MrJ said...

May be you should inform the authorities how they might respond in kind.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Yes, you must be tolerant of all kinks or risk being branded a terrorist.

This one only offers 50 of the never ending list of BDSM activities:
As a dominatrix, Mistress Evilyne offers over 50 different services including 24-hour domination, shoe worship, bondage, caning, human ashtray, ear pulling, food play, hard sports, water sports, shopping trips, pinching and public humiliation.

I do wonder about my fellow xy types. Have we always been like this?

Hermione said...

I imagine that would be very distracting! Much more fun than playing tennis :)


Leigh Smith said...

How does one concentrate on the game when that's going on right next door.
If Mistress Evilyne has a brochure I could get some more ideas for my continuing Monday story. lol
Thanks Ronnie

Linda said...

That made me smile! Would love to have been a fly on the wall!

ronnie said...

Jan - No pic of her in the Times. I wonder the same here:) Thanks.

Cat - My pleasure. Thank you.

Archedone - Maybe some of the players visit her. Thank you.

Abby - Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

Roz - You would think so. Thanks.

MrJ - I could do that:) Thank you.

OBB - Human ashtray gets me. Thank you.

Hermione - Don't think I'd be happy living next door to her. Thanks.

SG - You have some great ideas. Loved this weeks chapter. Thanks.

Linda - Me too:) Thanks.


Red said...

funny, thanks for the smile
bottoms up

Michael M said...

Summer sounds of leather on willow or in this case on skin. Nothing beats it.

Minelle Labraun said...

What a kick! I love that if you don't go along with the 'letters' you would be a phobe and sacked from your job!!

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, this made me giggle. I thought that the tennis players are the loud ones, but was completely wrong. Too funny, and I hope everyone enjoys their whipping.



ronnie said...

Red - My pleasure. Thanks.

Michael - Like to be a fly on the wall in her house:) Thank you.

Minelle - That was his take. Thanks.

Nina - I wonder if any of the members from the club visit her:) Thanks.