Friday, 17 January 2020

A Smile for Today

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 15 January 2020

First Spanking Story I Posted

What's a girl to post when there's no recent spanking tale to tell. Well she finds a spanking story from the past.  This one was my first spankings I posted her many years ago. Some of my readers may remember it. 

It was a memorable and totally unexpected event. My birthday actually (yes I know another birthday spanking story but I got caught short after Bonnie linked me, they wont be all about birthday spankings but this one is nice) and I got roses, two bunches in fact, one of which went into a vase and the other was used for my birthday spanking. 

Now let me explain. This was out of the blue to me but P had obviously thought it out, the roses were the ones without thorns so no worries there and the stems were long and supple. Stripped of a few leaves (to cut wind resistance P said) and held by the petals end they made a birch-like spanking implement, still wet from their wrapping, formidable I can assure you with hindsight; though being roses and one of my favourite flowers, they did not appear so at the time, prior to use and I had a whole new regard for roses after.

In fairness P gave me the choice - hand on bare bum OTK or Roses on bare bum or OT leather sofa arm. I love OTK but couldn't resist the roses. A minute later I was wishing I hadn't, an hour later I was glad I had. No idea how many strokes I got but those stems hurt they really did, and then P stopped and turned them round and started spanking with the petals end, which was bushier but with lots of tiny little stems which stung. Now, having no history of roses spankings to compare with I'd had no idea how effective they would be, or that some of the stems would break, or that my bum would be stinging so wickedly evenly all over, or that I would end up covered in rose petals, which P said looked lovely and snapped on his phone to show me later, hence the photo. 

So what about the birthday sex that followed? Well it didn't. What followed was me clearing up loads of petals from the sofa especially down the back of the cushions, and both of us going back to the office to finish some work which had to be out by the end of the afternoon. And an hour or so later, sitting on my swivel chair with a bum still radiating heat, I thought how nice it felt and wondered if it would last till we went out to eat later. I hoped so. If not, well there was always that second bunch in the vase. BTW - his photo doesn't tell the truth, my bum was MUCH redder than that, I think the light affected it. 

Wont be around for a couple of days.


Monday, 13 January 2020

Unusual Spanking Positions

Do you have favourite spanking position?

Still my favourite is the OTK position

If I'm to have the cane P likes me lying over pillows on the bed.
What's your favourite spanking position?

Have a good week.


Please let me know if any of the pictures are yours.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Oh Knickers

Don't hear that expression used as much these days as it used to be, in the sense of 'oh damn!' and I suppose 'oh fuck!' But I still use it now and again and did the other day when I was cutting the annoying labels out of a pair of M&S knickers and caught the material with the scissors. It caused a small hole which will easily become a big hole because the material is wispy so I suppose I'll discard them after I've shown P what a hassle it is cutting labels out.

Why show my husband? Well not because I'm proud of cutting holes in knickers but as it was he who asked me to remove the labels, and has done the same with innumerable pairs of knickers over the years. He says labels are unsightly and spoil the contour of the knickers, especially the M&S ones where they seem to shove three labels together, one with their name another with washing instructions and another their origin. He's probably right they are a bit ugly sometimes, but from my own point of view it's more about the wearing and whether they itch or not. These ones didn't as it happens but I have to admit the labels could be a bit less obvious and perhaps in a material more sympathetic with the garment. P says they're unsexy.

Well these particular knickers are certainly unsexy now because they've got a hole midway along the rear waistband. He'll probably spank me for it (please), wasting his time with trivia and spoiling the knickers too but I have to show him I tried:)

But seriously, you'd think manufacturers could do better than making a feminine and personal garment using delicate materials often intended to be sensuous....and then plonking a cluster of business-like labels on them.

Ah well. Maybe I'll ask him to do it next time. Some chance.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 8 January 2020

In with the New - First 2020 Edition

This is a list of links I published last Friday but took the post down as some readers couldn't view the sites.  Apparently bdsmlrt was down. Thanks to Hermione and Anonymous for letting me know.

So here they are again. Enjoy.

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Spot any adult spanking orientated blogs, new spanking authors, Tumblrs or any spanking Tweeters, please email me the link.

Thanks to Bonnie and other friends for their contributions.