Friday, 7 August 2020

In with the New - A Summer Edition

More blogs for your pleasure. Go explore, enjoy and please try and find the time to pop over and say hello.

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Un blog français sur les fessées et bien plus.

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Diary of a recovering Dom.

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Miss A Hunter
Miss Amy Hunter, the "Atom Bomb" of the Domination and Discipline scene, puts her occasional coherent (though more often not) thoughts into writing.

A Place for this Naughty Girl to share her Thoughts
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The Life and Duty of a Submissive
Evolution of a Collared submissive.

Suddenly Submissive
A journey into the world of BDSM and how to find your place in a lifestyle filled with consent, floggers and collars.

My journey as a submissive.

Thanks to Bonnie for her contribution.

Stay safe and try and have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Ten minutes of Heaven

I got spanked, I'm pleased to say, on the weekend. I think it was probably meant to be educational, tongue in cheek, in fact I know it was because my husband told me it was and I never doubt my husband, LOL. It was a follow-up on the threat he made about giving me a sound spanking and lecture on the ins and outs of mask wearing. He actually threw in a few other niggles he had about how the covid situation is being mishandled (his opinion) and how we don't see eye to eye about it. I don't know if he had a script hidden away but he quoted lots of figures, percentages, data and stuff which bores me to death. I couldn't repeat a single number or important fact but it did educate me in way, or perhaps reminded would be a better word, it reaffirmed what I already know from instinct and experience, that it pays to be in disagreement with P.

I have bugged him a bit, on and off, since he made the threat. Enough to just irritate him, but I increased it on Friday/Saturday as there was more media coverage. I genuinely believe I'm more right than my husband but my purpose was not to prove my point but to get spanked. Well I was successful. It got me a few minutes over his knee with my shorts down getting a good hand spanking across my knickered bum and then quite a bit longer with my knickers wrenched down to my knees after he accused me of not paying attention and I agreed that I hadn't been because it all sounded like crap.

"We'll see if it gets your attention when I take your knickers down then." It always annoys him when I bait him like that. And it always gets me a sore bum. Or I should say sorer.

Anyway I suppose it went on for near enough ten minutes, no implements just his hand, well hands actually as he spanks from the top with his left periodically to improve coverage and to give his right a break. I wiggled and squealed quite a lot towards the end because it was hurting and his final volley was particularly hard and I cried out Please! a few times. I was sweating and panting after and lay still for while wondering who would make the first move, would his hand rest on my bottom, would I be dismissed, should I slide off his lap and lay my head on his thigh and say I was sorry, which I wasn't. The first move came from my husband. He pulled my knickers back up for me.

"There," he said. "Now let's see if we can have the rest of the day without any pandemic related discourse."

I slid from his lap and told him I'd do my best. My elbow had brushed against the front of his jeans and I knew he was hard so I pulled his zipper down and nuzzled against it murmuring that I was sorry I'd been such a pain. He just grunted and his fingers started twirling in my hair. I got both hands to his crotch, splayed the zip wide and pulled tugged his underpands forward to release his cock. I told him I still didn't fully agree with him and could he agree to disagree a little bit sometimes or did he think I might benefit from another spanking. I didn't wait for him to reply, I saw his glistening cock respond and that was enough for me. I did the decent thing, to a growl which grew into a frightening roar from my husband. I didn't get a proper answer, all he said after a few seconds when he got his voice back was fuck.


Monday, 3 August 2020

A Smile for Today

A reader sent me the picture but can't remember where she found it. If it's yours, Let me know and I will remove or credit.

Stay safe. Have a good week.


Friday, 31 July 2020

In with the New - A Short Edition

Back again with a short edition for your pleasure.

Domestic Dreams (may need to sign in or register to view site complely)
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Back soon with more sites for you to explore. Please don't forget - find any new adult spanking-orientated blogs just send me the link.

Stay safe and try and have a fun weekend.


Please let em know if the picture is yours so I can credit or delete.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

I'm not saying he's right

But my husband does have a point, I suppose, but I'm not going to admit that to him until he's put me over his knee and given me a very long very hard 'educational' lecture on the reality of wearing masks and just about everything else he can think of regarding covid. He's threatened to. To put me straight, he said, and help me stop thinking in a confused way about the ongoing crisis.

Well he pissed me off by talking to me as if I was thick or something but, hey, a spanking's a spanking so I said meekly, 'Perhaps you should' and tried to sound not too eager.

It had started with me commenting on the mis-use of them or even the non-use of them by some people ignoring the 'guidance'. P gets annoyed with me and calls it trivia, especially when I talk about the gaps around the edges of some masks or the ones that are clearly badly home-made from t-shirts or whatever and the ones that don't hold properly on the nose it goes on and on. He got irritated by it on the weekend, our first weekend of mask-wearing, and told me to put it into perspective and look at the odds against picking up the bug at all. They're very low, and much lower now than, say, six weeks ago when we didn't have to wear masks. There is so much inconsistency and illogic in the advice being given, he says he felt perfectly happy without one and instead using common sense. I told him I felt more at risk over the weekend than I had since the pandemic started. He was incredulous and that was when he told me I needed to get things in perspective, put some numbers on the actual risk.

I told him I didn't have any numbers but I did have eyes and I could see when people were doing wrong. Then he told me to just stop talking about masks, he didn't want to hear any more and that he'd give me some numbers and a reality check across his lap if I didn't. So that was how it came about. He hasn't done it yet so I suppose I'll have to throw in a few more trivial comments. I like being 'educated'.

P saw me looking on Google for face mask people to go with my post and minutes later he sent this which he'd doodled on his sketch pad the other day (he started sketching during lockdown)