Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Men subjugated

A reader sent me some pictures (these are just some of them) taken from music gigs, private parties, a tv yogurt ad, an Indian movie etc, they have a common theme women in control and men used as playthings. The point she made, which I agreed with, was that if women had been depicted as playthings with men in control all hell would have broken loose and they would most likely have been forced off air.

But this way around - did anyone seriously complain; were the Spice Girls or the Sugababes concerts boycotted because of their raunchy use of men, did people stop eating a well known yogurt because Amanda Holden was portrayed (amusingly I thought) treating men as scantily clad servants, was Madonna's career dented when the private party shots were sneaked out to the press? No I think not.

Funny how things go.