Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Save the Date

 It's almost time for our annual Love our Lurkers celebration. 

Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November.  Make a note of the date and pass it along to your readers.

Hermione has the details.

Stay safe.


Monday, 26 October 2020

The Store Detective Part II

 Let's find out what punishment Dick has in store for our naughty Miss.  You can read first part here.

......He asked me my name and address which I gave him, but didn't write it down, just between us he said. ''We can deal with this matter in private and it needn't go beyond the two of us but that doesn't mean you can go unpunished. You've been a silly girl and you should know it and feel it deeply, so much so that you'll never ever be so silly again, I don't think a criminal record would be appropriate. Instead, I'm prepared to spank you, today right here and now and again each weekend for however many times you've 'loaned' outfits from this store.''

Oh god, my knees were trembly, spank me, did I hear correctly, spank me. I was still sniffling into his shoulder, he gently lifted my head up and "I'll have to have the suit back, miss, if we're going to sort this out amicably,'' he said. Amicably for who, I almost sobbed again but thought better of it, I mean he was doing me a favour, wasn't he, christ I should be grovelling apologies and thanking him for his kindness not standing there snivelling like a baby, I'd got myself into this mess after all. I unbuttoned my coat and dumped it on the desk, then self consciously took off the illicit jacket and skirt and stood there in my bra, panties, stocking and suspenders. Dick took the store's property to the other side of the desk and laid it over the back of the second chair. I smiled awkwardly when he looked at me, I made a move to retrieve my coat but he said that won't be necessary, miss, and strode back to the chair he'd been using.''We have some business to attend to and you won't be needing that fine coat.

Come here.'' He extended his right hand beckoning me. My stomach was full of butterflies, time was suspended, was this how a spanking started I couldn't remember ever being spanked at home, I'd had my skirt raised and thighs slapped at school but that was about it, I was such a bundle of nerves I thought I might wet myself. I went forward and took his hand, I needed his help, he pulled me right up against his side then shuffled forward on his chair and told me to lower myself across both his thighs. He patted them as if to reassure me they were solid and as I went down he kept onto my left hand to steady me, until I'd got so far that I needed both hands in front, first grabbing his thigh and then, as my weight settled, dropping to the floor. He told me to kick my shoes off, my tip toes just touched the carpet and I could feel his body hot underneath me, I felt the muscles in his thighs adjust as his torso stretched up and I knew, all in a split seconds, that he was raising his right arm, I knew in this tiny space of time exactly what was happening, I wondered if I'd been spanked in some previous life. And then his arm came down and I even knew that was about to happen because I felt his stomach muscles tense and his weight shift slightly forward. And then the pain.

The pain and a very loud meaty splat followed and I exhaled a great breath which I'd been holding as I'd held myself tense. It wasn't so bad was the first thing that occurred to me, but then it repeated, much faster than I could have imagined and sooner than I could tense. Then again and again and again and my own thighs were working as hard as his, me to try and dissipate the pain and readjust my position and him struggling to keep me in place while he gave me what for. It got bad, very bad and I made a lot of noise. He took a decisive hold on the small of my back eventually, let the weight of his left shoulder bear down on me to show me who was boss, I couldn't struggle so much in fact it was as much as I could do to catch my breath in between great heaving sobs as he spanked my bottom until I think it was numb because it stopped hurting at some point even though I still blubbered, then soon after I realised there were no individual pains to match the sounds of flesh on flesh, even though the slaps kept coming there was just a constant fire, I stopped wriggling because there wasn't anything to wriggle from, I was beaten, literally, then soon after I stopped struggling the slapping sounds stopped. The pain remained, in fact it intensified, and I lay still. I'd been spanked. I cried, softly now. He let me lay there a while then told me you can get up now, miss, he called me miss, even though he knew my name.

I got up and immediately felt the tightness in my bottom as well as the ache from being in an unaccustomed position for perhaps ten minutes. My legs were weak, they didn't want to support me, he saw me falter and stood to help me rest against the table. He said he'd fetch me a cup of water and left the room, returning with a plastic cup of tap water and some paper towels, for my tears and my makeup he said. I was still in my underwear but I wasn't embarrassed, I'd been a silly foolish girl and I'd been dealt with, I was crying in front of a man who'd half an hour ago had been a complete stranger, who'd just spanked my bottom so hard I was in tears and I didn't feel the remotest animosity towards him, in fact if he'd hugged me I'd have melted. He hadn't done anything improper, tried to touch me or anything, it all just felt as if it was for my own good and now it was over.

But it wasn't over. After I'd straightened my face and put on my coat, Dick made me promise to add up all the times I'd borrowed stuff from the store and tell him next weekend how many in all and that would be the number of weekends I'd report back to him to get spanked. I promised to do it and he let me go but even as I was walking out of the store I was thinking I had no intention whatsoever of setting foot in that place again. Lesson learned, close call and all that, and actually what an experience! Maybe one day I'd giggle about it over a few drinks with a girlfriend. Then on the other hand he had been decent, and I had promised.........but christ my backside finally made my mind up for me when I sat on the bus and immediately got up again with a wince and a few funny looks from other passengers. No, no way was I going back, sorry Dick I'm welching on our arrangement.

Then the following day I got home from work and there was a small jiffy lite amongst the junk mail, I opened it and it was a DVD with just a card from the department store. I hadn't ordered a DVD so I played it. It showed a girl in underwear making rather a fuss as she received a good spanking from a stern looking man in a suit. Shit. Later that evening I sat down and worked out how many times I'd availed myself of the store's 'loan service', it looked like I'd be spending the next fourteen weekends there. I didn't know whether to cry, perhaps I'd save it till the weekend.

Stay safe.

Have a good week.

Friday, 23 October 2020

The Store Detective

Re-post for my new readers. I hope my loyal readers don't mind the re-read.

I walked in the large department store and quickly headed for the lifts so the damn store detective who has eyes in the back of his head couldn't spot me. I was sure he eyed me last week when I was returning a dress I'd borrowed but nothing happened and I shrugged it off.

Let me explain, I'm no thief but I'm making my way up in a large corporation and have to attend many functions with my boss entertaining overseas visitors and he expects all his staff to look smart when attending but on the salary I'm paid there's no way I could afford a new outfit every time so I borrow them as required and return them to the store a couple of days later after having it cleaned. Well if it's dirty that is, well if I've spilled anything obvious like red wine on it. I have it down to a fine art, its always long coat, then if I'm borrowing its no clothes underneath just lingerie, hand full of dresses/suites to the changing room, choose what I want to borrow, put it on, the rest go back on the hanger and off I go - if I'm returning l enter the store dressed and exit in underwear, no-one the wiser. My reasoning's simple - if I happen to get stopped, which won't happen of course, but if I did, there's no law against wearing lingerie under a coat. But if I was caught wearing two layers of dresses it would be a dead give away.

And anyway I get quite a thrill wearing just my lingerie under my coat it makes me hot. Only this occasion is had be hotter than I'd bargained for because I got caught.

He must have seen the indicator for the floor I got off and followed me up, I didn't see him but that didn't necessarily mean he was a good store detective, just that I'm not very good I'd just been lucky so far. I went about my illicit business, chose several items and went to the changing rooms, no assistant to check them as usual, perfect for me, five minutes later I placed the unwanted clothes on the rail on my way out of the changing rooms, job done, nice cashmere knee length skirt and jacket under my coat and heading for the lift when a beefy hand clamped my shoulder from behind. It was the store detective, one hand on my shoulder and the other his ID which could have been a bus pass for all I knew, I didn't need to read it, I knew he was the real thing and I was in trouble. I smiled outwardly and trembled inwardly as I tried to look indignant but probably just looked guilty. He was very kind and suggested we might go somewhere more private where he needed to ask madam a few questions, he took his hand from my shoulder but I still felt as if I'd been apprehended and was under arrest, I wondered about going for an urgent pee and ditching the contraband clothing, even just doing a runner but he looked fitter than me so instead I walked along with him, red faced and trying to look natural as he led me through a staff only door, through a storage area to an unused office.

A table and two chairs, plain walls. God at least there wasn't a low wattage lamp hanging from a single cord in the ceiling, instead it was brightly lit by fluorescent. When he locked the door my heart skipped a beat but then I thought it was better because I didn't want anybody bursting in halfway through my confession.

Dick - I'll call him that - took a seat, didn't offer me one, took out his mobile phone, touched a few buttons and turned the fascia to me indicating that I should look. It was me on the screen, not me today though because my hair wasn't up, it must have been last week. He made a slide show happen and I saw me in various poses some with coat flap open showing my stocking and suspenders, some showing trousers, some in the dressing room, how on earth had he done that and was it legal?, some must have been taken from video because they were a bit grainy but others had snapped perfectly on his camera, there were about twenty shots in all including some later ones taken today. He was smiling as my face glowed with embarrassment, I was speechless, I thought the police would be along any minute and put me in handcuffs.

What could I say, then he spoke, he wondered if madam would mind undoing her coat. I obliged and he asked me about the suit and I just admitted it was theirs and I was only going to borrow it and I'd be bringing it back tomorrow or the next day. Really I would, I assured him, I wasn't a thief and then I started crying. I told him I was so sorry, I truly didn't ever really steal an item not even one tiny scarf, I only borrowed them and would he please be able to vouch for that when the police came and perhaps could I pay some money to the store as compensation and maybe it wouldn't go so badly for me in court and did he think I'd go to prison and all sorts of things you say when you're blubbering.

Then Dick stood and I felt his hands on me again, this time comforting, he told me to calm down, that I'd been a silly girl, he was calm and not unkind in his words or manner and I let my head flop on his shoulder, I was so relieved when he said there was no need for the police to be involved I continued to sob, my tears making a wet patch on his jacket. He held me a while and then said ''I'll have to have the suit back.'' I nodded, of course he would, then I thought about my predicament, I had no clothes..... be continued.

Don't forget to come back next week to find out what Dick has in store for our naughty Miss.

Stay safe, Social distance, wear your face coverings and keep washing your hands.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Choose Spanking

A reader sent me this and though I may like to share it with my readers - so here it is.  

Choose spanking.

Choose a slipper. Choose a cane. Choose a ruler. Choose a uniform. Choose a big whacking hairbrush.

Choose strictness. Choose submission. Choose one of a thousand different disciplinary fantasies.

Choose a disciplinarian to put you over their knee and pull down your pants or panties.

Choose to get excited, by the developing soreness in your hot reddening cheeks. 

Choose to squirm and moan, gasp and cry, as you get a good hard spanking on your naughty bare bottom.

Choose to stand in the corner afterwards, sobbing yet aching for attention, imagining what might happen next, will there be more or will you be dismissed. 

Choose walking down the street with a hot glow radiating beneath your jeans or skirt, your panties in another’s pocket, your erotic secret barely hidden, in plain sight of everybody yet only you really know. Your face your eyes your mannerism, your walk, tell tale signs and you imagine all must know.

Then choose to do it all again.

Choose the hot, stinging, throbbing pleasure and all that surrounds it.

Choose spanking.

Bonnie located the source. Spanking Theatre. Bonnie  thanks.

Stay safe.


Monday, 19 October 2020

In with the New - A Bonnie Edition

A treat for us. Bonnie has been busy finding new sites. Please try and find the time to stop by.


Guilt always hurries towards its complement, punishment.  Only there does its satisfaction lie.

Minx Grrl 
Tattooed spanko, gamer/streamer, rope lover, sex toy reviewer, and kink educator.

Spanking Art Work
Big library of exclusive proprietary 3D slideshows depicting adult teen daughters (18 y/o+) submitting to spankings by strict loving parents. 

Tess Matthews 
Author of sweet spanking romances set in the historical West featuring alpha men, especially cowboys, and feisty women.

Naughty Arkham
A little and spanko who can't get enough of the strap.

Husband of The Dismay Queen shares his experiences of life in general and his new love for spanking.

Red Back Porch SpankingTube 
Tara is a BDSM slave, living a 24/7 total power exchange with her Master in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Fond of sex positivity, tomfoolery, and general shenanigans.

Mr. Marks 
An unapologetic spanko - Spanking invigorates his world.

Magic Mark Her 
Commercial photographer dabbles in all things spanking.

Just a naughty girl who needs a spanking.

Aurora, Princess of Pain 
Sadomasochistic dream girl.

Erotic Writer Girl 
An erotic romance author who is having the time of her life exploring what it means to be a submissive woman in our modern times.

Rian Coyote 
30s, spanko newbie, bottom, and vegan.

Thomas Family Troubles 
A chosen family of fun-loving, and often naughty spankos who love role play and everything to do with spankings.

The Night Light 
Fictional stories that have adult spanking and discipline.

Spanking Journal 
A place to lurk and like spanking kink.

Melanie Graham 
A switch who frequently works with Miss Elsa Svenson.

Thank you, Bonnie

Stay safe. 

Have a good week.