Friday, 26 November 2021

Ouch - not f-----g there

That's what I said, and loud too and with 'angriness', so he told me later.

You see I'd asked P to cane me, stupid as that may seem, but it wasn't a severe caning I sought. I'd read a longish but well written script about women coming during and after spankings and there was a section on the application of the cane and it just kind of got to me and I sent an extract (it was sent to me by a readers, I'll post the extract next week) to P and he sounded mildly interested and a bit amused so decided to ask him in that vein if he thought it would work. He said there was only one way to find out and I said 'would you do it then please, *pretty* please?'

Well a bit later we were in the bedroom and he was caning me (you know, normal early afternoon activity:)) when he caught my left thigh with a rogue stroke, very unusual for my husband and that was when I cried out. I wouldn't have except for a few days previous I'd tripped over a metal parasol base which had been anchored to a pavement in town, I'd landed on the concrete which bruised my ribs and caught my thigh on the kerb so that also bruised and was still tender. P was aware of it but out 
of sight out of mind (he was caning me with my thin slutty leggings on) and it was an accident anyway and it happened.

It was a pity because I'd been building nicely, P is a good caner and he'd been hitting all the right spots with just the right blend of pain/stimulation. My cry-out stopped things immediately, I told him what was wrong and he tenderly took down my leggings to almost my knees. 'Yeah I can see it,' he said, 'sorry about that, you know it wasn't meant. I mean I intended to hurt but not there. Sorry.' He double 'sorried', he meant it of course, he always says intended pain yes, unintended pain no.

Then he told me my language hadn't been appropriate and I was angry and shouldn't really have been, then he told me he was going to continue my caning but from the other side. I wiggled my bum a bit in acceptance rather than saying it. He said my leggings could stay down so he'd have a full view. He gave me a few strokes, gentler than before but I couldn't get my rhythm back, the stoppage had neutralised me. Added to which he was leaving my leggings down which I didn't want, I've developed quite a kink in my mind about being spanked 'in' leggings, especially the thin rubbishy ones I've got. I'm sure it will pass but it hasn't yet. Anyway I told P it had gone and he said ok no problem, then sat on the bed next to me. He pulled my leggings up for me and guided my head down onto his lap.

I did the decent thing of course and halfway through got my mojo back but it was too late to change course. Instead I took a mouthful and swallowed like a good girl. I liked my lips lasciviously when I came up and told him it wasn't quite what I'd been after but it would keep me going wink wink. I also apologised for snapping at him.

Stay safe.

Have a fiun weekend.


Wednesday, 24 November 2021


Wishing all our friends across the pond a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy time with your family

and f you decide to go shopping on Black Friday - stay safe.


Monday, 22 November 2021

A Smile for Today


The bus passengers have a good view. I think it's by Paula Meadows but not sure.

Love our Lifestyle - thank you to all who stooped by on Friday. I hope you enjoyed visiting around the community. 

Hermione, thanks for hosting.

Stay safe.

Have a good week.


Friday, 19 November 2021

Love our Lifestyle - A Family Reunion

I've been blogging for 13 years, well it will be 13 years this December and I've  loved every minute of it. I really appreciate all those who stop by and leave a comment and those who don't. I wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for you all. I've even had the pleasure of meeting up with some wonderful spanko ladies. Sadly we have lost some along the way, who have stopped blogging for whatever reason and I miss them but that happens.

I like that Hermone, our friend and host is taking this direction and inviting us to all get together today to celebrate our lifestyle by stopping by blogs and leave a friendly comment as we are all like-minded when it comes to our lifestyle. You don't have to have a blog to chat to others.

So, if you're here reading, please say hello and I hope you'll visit me again and others in our community, not just today but whenever you have a bit of time. Hermione has (or will have) a list of those participating.

Lots of you know me well enough, my kinks, my hangups, my hates and loves, but if you don't (or if you do) and have a question you'd like me to answer, please fire away and I'll answer if I can.  

Thank you for reading here and sharing some of my journey be it days or years, you're all very welcome anytime.

Thanks to Hermione for hosting/

Stay safe

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 17 November 2021

The Cuddly Post Office

It had a cosy place in the British way of life for decades, providing a much needed service to many, especially in rural areas; trusted helpful and friendly, often incorporating additional sales anything from greetings cards and the likes to a full local village or neighbourhood store. But times have changed, much of what post office outlets used to do can now be done online and, with the explosive growth in online trading, they seem to now be mainly outlets for dispatching and receiving mail. Or that is my experience from the many visits I make to my local PO and friends share the same view so there is anecdotal evidence.

Queues of people waiting to weigh and send mail instead of queuing for help with their passport application or car tax/ Thought some larger branches still do.

So now to my point and my frustration. The 'evil' monster behind all our post offices is Royal Mail, which used to be a state owned monster but is now a publicly owned one. They are just as inefficient but now using sharper practice to cover their faults and to try to extract more money from their users.

I spend a lot of money with Royal Mail annually, dispatching stuff to dozens of countries, and I have to say their service level is abysmal when things go wrong, which they seem to be increasingly doing of late. I have had more packages go AWOL in the last six months than in the last three years. They haven't all been lost, some have reached their destination weeks or even months later than forecast. Others have been rejected (mistakenly) by poorly trained staff and returned to sender. Some have gone to the wrong country and done a round trip before finally returning to source. The reasons given have been Brexit and of course Covid. Hardly ever an acknowledgement that Royal Mail had screwed up and never an offer to compensate for more than the actual postage cost and then you have to wait weeks for them to agree to pay it and more weeks before you actually get a cheque.

In the real world you can't do that. You can't tell a customer they have to wait for a Royal Mail inquiry to conclude before they can get their goods or reimbursement for not getting them. You would just lose the customer and get bad reviews to boot. So what do you do, or what do I do....if I can see there's a problem I first say sorry to the customer for the inconvenience and tell them what I think the realistic chance of the package arriving is. I offer to re-send the goods at my own expense or, if preferred, a full refund. Most customers either wait a bit longer or go for a re-send which I'm happy to do.

And that leaves me to deal with the monster that is Royal Mail and it is a nightmare of form-filling, proof of this, proof of that, scans or photo images to back up, post office counter receipts, it takes a lot of time. Then, at the end of it, when you think you're done and you can press 'Send' to log it into the RM system, a little message pops saying you haven't waited long enough from the anticipated delivery due date (in my most recent case 25 days) for the form to be valid, please re-apply when you have reached the qualifying number of days. Why the FFFF don't they tell you that at the start? And why don't they let you save the form so that you can revert to it later without doing the whole thing over?

I could do a long list of stuff which would sound funny but not funny if you're in the middle of it. It's almost as if they make it as hard as possible to get through to them to put you off even trying. Then they don't have to pay out. No, they wouldn't do that would they?

Ah well, rant over. Anybody else get angry with their mail services?

A little reminder - don't forget Friday 19th is Love our Lifestyle celebration.

If you haven't heard/read anything about it, please visit Hermione's blog.

I hope you'll stop by. I wont be around for the morning but hopefully visit later in the day.

Thanks to Enzo for providing the image.

Stay safe.