Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A Smile for Today


Monday, 21 May 2018

Spanking Machine

I had to smile, google sent me a little news snippet on the weekend. It was an extract from a Hull (UK) media source listing the 11 most expensive items people have sold on ebay via auction. No. 10 was a spanking machine. God knows how it works but it performs paddling and 'canning' which I assume was a typo for caning too.

10. Spanking machine with paddle - £1,400

And it wasn't me who bought it:) 

Just imagine you're not in and DHL turn up with your delivery, so they pop next door where your friendly neighbour takes delivery of your spanking machine. If that happened I'd hope there wouldn't be anything to say what was in the parcel or you'd have to move house.

Have a good week.


Friday, 18 May 2018

In with the New - Small May Edition

A small mixed edition for your reading. Please - don't forget to try and stop by.

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Morag's Moist Musings
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Stella Moore Twitter
Author of erotic spanking romance.

Any new adult spanking-orientated blogs out there - send me the link if you spot one.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Have we got any viagra?

I forgot to say 'shares':) I asked my husband Sunday evening. He said no we hadn't, unless he had any holding in whichever drugs company owns them, but he didn't think so. Then he asked why, which is a funny way round for P to respond...usually he would ask why I wanted to know before giving an answer to the question. Anyway he asked and I told him I'd read an article in the newspaper which said new research was showing that stem cell treatment could be just as or more effective and it was long lasting without side effects. Apparently the research came about to help with prostate issues but indications are that it could be much more widely applied. 

"No more little blue pills, just a few injections to the base of the penis." I said with a smile.

"What! Stuff that," said my husband. "If and when I'd rather have the pills. Perhaps I should buy some on the cheap, which they inevitably will be if the research becomes a commercial option, presumably it would be cheap for the NHS to offer a couple of pricks, no pun intended, rather than forever paying out for pills. Then I can sell them on to those who don't fancy having their penises used as pin cushions."  He was joking of course. I think.

I asked him if he ever thought he might want or need to try some himself, did he think it would make him hornier. Perhaps make him want to spank me more, I asked with a cheeky grin. He said he didn't think so, they don't turn men into rampant sex fiends, they just make them harder. I asked if that included spanking or was it just cocks, perhaps I should get some and pop one into his cup of tea one day to find out.

"I won't be requiring one of those to give you a spanking I can assure you, but if you're inferring you'd like to be spanked harder I can certainly take care of that. And as for the other thing I can tell you the harder I spank the harder it gets so be careful what you wish for."

I think it was meant as a mild rebuke or threat. I took it as a promise needless to say.


Monday, 14 May 2018

Poll violators watch out!

If you live in certain parts of the Philippines at least, don't mess around with polling.

...A military commander said violators of election laws in the province would be subjected to spanking with the use of wooden paddles.
Lt. Col. Edgar Catu, head of the Army’s 40th Infantry Battalion, said the provincial peace and order council came up with the proposed punishment at a meeting on Wednesday.

Candidates and local leaders “all agreed that election violators will be spanked,” Catu said.

I had to laugh. This is true by the way, Google sent me the link. I thought about all the alleged violations and interference in national elections including the US Trump triumph (not that I'm taking sides)...but just imagine if all those who'd been mischievous got paddled. And just look at the size of the paddles! :)

Have a good week.


Friday, 11 May 2018

How She Feels

I was sent this by a new reader. I said that I had been sent it a few years ago but as I really like it, and some of my readers may have missed it, I would post it again.

How she feels.....before, during and after being spanked.


A deep arousing sensation wells up inside my lower abdomen when you firmly tell me you are going to spank me. It is partly sexual in origin, partly emotional. The sexual part changes, it stays sexual but that doesn't mean I want sex, which I don't.

The sexual aspect has to do with being over your knee, close to your body. It has to do with you baring my bottom for what you will do and seeing it vulnerable. It is the feel of your firm hands touching me, holding me down. It is knowing we will share loving feelings when it is over.

Emotionally, it is knowing you are in charge and will handle my behaviour and make decisions without my input. It is a pleasurable feeling to have you deciding how I will be disciplined—comforting at some distant level. The nature of this pleasure is what draws me to you, allows me to give consent for you to take control. I know it will hurt, but I will never be hurt.

It is wonderful to have such trust in each other. We do not get an opportunity for that very often—to have complete trust in another person. It is rare and unique. I do not consciously think these thoughts each time—my body's sensation is enough to flood me with a sense of well being. It leaves a smile inside me.


Fear—definitely fear—not of you, but of what you must do. Excitement... as I go over your knee, as my panties are being pulled down, when I feel your leg go over mine to pin me in place... giving up control to you... moving to a place where I have to obey... where you are in charge, and I will be cared for and taken care of, where I feel you totally engaged with me.

Pain... while the actual spanking is happening, I think of very little else but the pain. I am begging for it to stop, I mean it, I want to make you stop but you mustn't stop, we both know it. I just hurts so badly, I have an almost overwhelming urge to interfere with the paddling, my hand, kicking, I want a pillow on my backside, so you cannot spank my bare bottom. I want to jerk my bottom out of your reach, but I am trapped solidly between your legs and arm, and I want so much to cry in desperation, to let you know how it feels but not to stop you.

When it is a truly hard spanking, I feel such helplessness that I cannot interfere with it. I can only choose surrender to your discipline, until it is done. Then toward the end, fear wells up again, as I always think the last spanks will surely be the worst. I wait for those, wanting them to come, but not wanting to feel them, great ambivalence. I am never angry, never. Instead, at the end, I am tired and often in tears but refreshed, content.


I need you. Total surrender leaves me very vulnerable. I feel little and tender. I want you to hold me, tightly. I need your arms around me. I want to talk, cry on your chest. I feel deeply connected. A very peaceful calm stays with me for a very long time, if it has been an emotional experience, which it always is. It is one of my most powerful experiences, it changes me. It creates a calmness within me that radiates a joyful existence. I notice it every day.

The burning in my bottom is incessant but it becomes pleasant. If it is tender the next day, I am happy. I enjoy looking at the redness, I enjoy you looking at it if I am in the corner. Sometimes I need you to spank me again. It never hurts as much the second time, at least not quite as much. If I haven't cried the first time I almost certainly will now.

There are really no negatives to a discipline spanking, except the spanking itself, but even this is not true. I like that too but not in a way I can easily express. I like the touch, the firmness, the certainty even though it is so painful; it is a path to a place I need to go with the one who holds my deepest trust.

I think the writing is lovely.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Ouch Ouch and Triple Ouch

Made me smile when I saw this picture of the 'triple stinger', as I've dubbed it, is a new line I'm selling. Alec suggested it to me ages ago but I said no at the time, then changed my mind recently. Anyway he made me a few so I'll see how they go. Unfortunately Alec won't be supplying me for much longer, he's already extended his exit longer than he intended, it must be my personal charm:)


Monday, 7 May 2018

This had better be good

It was the warning my husband gave me before we set off to town, on our way to the new (for us) pizza restaurant. There was no 'or what will happen if it isn't', just a plain statement.

It didn't start well, they had lost my booking and they were full. Mid-week too! The girl (we later learnt was part of the ownership) was friendly and said she'd have a table free in about twenty minutes so we had a drink down the road and came back later, she was just clearing a table. The place is nice, warm, rustic charm.

They really do have a wood burner and the freshly cut logs are stored just through the door as you enter.

It isn't an Italian restaurant, it's an Italian 'pizza restaurant'. The menu has a huge range of pizzas and a few burgers, which you have to order in advance. But if you want anything else you'll be disappointed. As to the food we actually experienced, my husband gave it a thumbs-up. Not bad for an avowed non-pizza man. With a few caveats but nonetheless he was pretty impressed with the freshness and quality and in fact said the mozzarella was the best he's ever tasted and the tomato sauce second only to his own:) The pizzas are huge and neither of us could finish the crusty outsides, we shouldn't have had the garlic bread and olives to pick at. The 'house wine' (which was all they had in 3 shades red, white, rose) is superb, too expensive my husband thought until he tasted it, a Puglian primitivo which could easily sit on a posh menu at a much higher price.

The place had Italians eating, a good sign. We were amongst the last to finish and got chatting with the 'girl' who in fact runs it with her husband. She was nice and told us their history from Naples and how they wanted to keep it as close as possible to how they did things back home. Hubby, who we didn't meet, is chef and general jack of all trades, he even made the furniture for the restaurant all from chunky oak, you could tell they take pride in everything they do.

P was impressed. "So I don't get spanked then," I said on the way back to the car.

"Would it disappoint you if I said no?" P asked placing his hand on my backside, then added,

"I suppose it would depend on the type of spanking you had in mind."

"You know me I'll take any type," I only half joked.

Will we go again? I think so, it's on the list. P's only criticism, and it's general not specific, was that there isn't enough variety of flavour, no matter how good the flavours are, he likes more varied flavour and texture too. But that's not a bad criticism from my husband, not at all.

Did I get spanked? I'm afraid not but I did get a rather pleasant reward of another kind:) 

We're away for a couple of days. 

Have a good week.