Monday, 3 April 2017

Some of your questions answered

Thank you all for taking time to ask me questions.

How do you go about finding the new blogs that you post about?
Literally hopping from one blog to another, takes time. Thankfully Bonnie still finds new ones which is great. Tumblrs are in abundance and easy to find but it's the real blogs from writers that don't seem to be coming through or at least I'm not finding them. So I say to everyone, please, if you see a new spanking-orientated blog send me the link.

After several years at ttwd is it routine by now or is it still as exciting as when you first started out?
It's still as exciting for me, I don't know about P but I think it must be, it's different these days though which is probably just as well. P is quite an experienced spanker and can raise the temperature (literally) or lower it to suit the occasion or his mood. He can be disinterested for periods, usually due to work issues occupying his mind, which can be frustrating for me but he always returns to form. I still very much like spankings which are given spontaneously when I've done something which has pissed him off, there is rarely sex attached to them but there often is a bit later 'after I've had time to let my lesson sink in'. I've tried engineering such occasions because they really are the best but it's very hard to do, I've posted several times about it.  I'm not knocking the with-sex ones!:)

Is there a new book on the horizon any time soon? Afraid not. To be honest the two I wrote didn't really sell, not that I was expecting mega sales but still disappointing so decided two was it.

What's you favourite part of TTWD?I had to think about this so as not to just say 'being across his lap' or 'the sting' or 'the aftercare' etc. I could write a whole list of good parts but it might be a different one I'd have to apply to different spankings. So I thought about it overall and I suppose my favourite part is the build up to a spanking, when I know or am pretty sure I'm going to get one, whether it's play, discipline or punishment, as the time gets nearer and my fate becomes certain especially if butterflies are building.  

How do you find all the awesome pics you share?
You are so sweet. Thank you. I love spanking pictures especially black and whites. There's no trick, knack or anything like that, just spot them when searching for new blogs and save to share with my readers:) 

Favourite movie?
Can't say I have one favourite. Here's a few I've watched more than twice:)

How do you typically respond if you don't get the reaction you are looking for from P (spanking)?
Sulk and stamp my feet:) No seriously. I'm not always looking for a particular reaction, he's calling the shots mostly. On occasions when I've expected something but not got it, I suppose my first concern is whether I've done something wrong, mis-read things, how can I correct them. I probably get a bit offish if I've really wanted a spanking but it hasn't happened, occasionally that builds and works to my advantage because sometimes P will notice my mood and guess the reason for it and, when he's good and ready, deal with me for being so childish. I like it when there's a real reason attached to a spanking.  

How successful do you feel you are at keeping this lifestyle from your adult children?
We have always have been careful especially when he was younger and now we make sure there are no toys left out as he does pop in every now and then (sometimes when we aren't around) to borrow things from P.

Thank you - Jan, Lindy, Roz and Baker. 

More answers soon. 

Have a good week.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, enjoyed reading your answers. I think you have been more successful than us at keeping it from your son, ours definitely know a lot...
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I enjoyed reading your answers. Thank you for answering my questions. I love the movie picks and thank you for sharing another great pic :) I really was interested in your answer to my last question.

Loved your answer to the best part of ttwd there's nothing like the build up :)


Ramya Reddy said...
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Hermione said...

I have seen three of those movies but not A Good Year. I must try to find it.

Loved your answers!


Leigh Smith said...

I have seen all of those movies - A Good Year being my favorite of that bunch. Loved reading your answers.

wolfman7446 said...

I have enjoyed your blog for years but I am curious. Astrology is a long time hobby of mine and I would like to know the Sun signs of you and P.



Ella said...

This was so much fun to read, Ronnie! It made me smile to know you a little better. I always like my visits here, and your distinct writing style is one of my favorites.

I,too, will pout a bit if it has been too long since any attention has been paid to my bottom.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Baker said...

Loved your responses and thank you for answering my question!

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing your answers, Ronnie...really enjoyed them.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

The Glenmore said...

Thanks for sharing Ronnie.I always enjoy hearing a female point of view.

ronnie said...

Jan - Yes. Thankfully he has no idea. Thanks for the question.

Roz - The build up does it for me. Thanks for your questions.

Hermione - Thanks. If you get a chance watch Hidden Figures (was in cinemas) it's really good.

SG - It's a pretty good film. Will be answering your question later this week.

Rick - Thank you. P is a cancer and I'm a Virgo.

Ella - You are lovely, thank you. Anwering your questions later this week.

Baker - Thanks for your question.

Cat - I enjoyed answering. Thanks.

Glenmore - Hello. Thanks for stopping by.


Enzo said...

Hi Ronnie -
Thanks for sharing all your answers.

Always enjoying your choices of black & white pictures. In fact, the one above is one of my all time favourites.


lindy thomas said...

Thank you Ronnie for answering my questions. Oh I was looking forward to another book. :(
Oh yes that feeling building up before a spanking is fabulous with the butterflies. Delish!

Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

Enzo - Thank you for saying. A favourite of mine so we have great taste in black and whites then:)

Lindy - Thanks for the question. The third book just wasn't to be.