Friday, 31 March 2017

It was just an idle comment

That was all it was. I commented to my husband that I hadn't had the school cane for a while. The comment didn't just come out of the blue of course, I'm not that rabid, it came about when we were in the bedroom and P was helping me shift the mattress round and our school cane fell onto the floor. I picked it up, gave it a quick flex then made the comment. Idly, I thought, but my husband homed in on it.

"You should come into the office a bit more then, I've got one just like that residing under my desk and it's rather under-used lately. The office misses a good caning every now and then, I'm sure your bottom misses it too. The environment at the office does add a certain je ne sais quoi to a nice caning, don't you think?" I wasn't exactly thinking that so I didn't answer; my heart raced a bit though and I'm sure I blushed and hurriedly grabbed my side of the mattress to square it up.

He was very chirpy about all this, he made it sound like popping into a shop to pick up some chocolate or something. I could feel his eyes on my bottom as I stretched for the duvet cover, I didn't engage in his little verbal game just thanked him for his help and said I could manage now. I thought about it though after he'd gone downstairs. 

It's true I don't go into the office as much as I used to, I mean I do go there but I don't have to keep to normal times. I do it when it suits me and as my friend Gail on reception has left now, I don't sit around chatting. So P might or might not be there. Anyway I thought about what he'd said, I thought about it quite a lot and three days later I went into the office after checking his diary to make sure he'd be there.

He was on the phone when I walked in late afternoon. There was an A4 letterhead white-tacked to the wall with a big arrow and 'Ronnie's Desk' printed on it. Very funny, I thought, it had barely been a week since I'd been there, just his little joke. Sue's office adjacent to ours was working, unusual for them at this time but I could clearly hear chatter through the wall, and there was a light on in the office across the corridor. I needn't have bothered putting a skirt on, I thought, or the stockings and suspender, ah well, I sighed inwardly. I took his little sign down off the wall and smirked at him, he couldn't say anything because he was talking. Then I went across to his desk and made a T sign with my fingers, he nodded and I stretched across him to get his empty mug from the corner of his desk. I hoped he'd noticed my skirt and caught my scent. 

I came back with two mugs of tea, he'd finished his phone call, he told me I looked nice and as I placed his mug on his desk his hand slid lightly over the cotton of my skirt and his fingers traced the outline of my suspender. I jutted my bottom just a bit, to let him know I knew he knew (does that sound Rumsfeldish?) and went to my desk, I had orders to acknowledge, queries to answer and some printing to do. It was good I'd gone in because he's got a new printer and I haven't used it before and my laptop needed to get acquainted with it and I'm useless at that sort of thing so he could do it for me. P made several calls while I got on with my own stuff and it was past five o'clock when I was ready to go upstairs and package some stock for collection in the morning. There hadn't been much banter between us because of his phone calls, thoughts of getting caned were fading.

When I entered my store room office I saw my husband's curly handled cane leaning against the corner of the wall behind my little packing table, thoughts of getting caned immediately rekindled. Then the door opened behind me and P walked in, he came straight up to me and placed his hands on my breasts. He kissed my neck and I told him I'd got work to do but the tone in my voice wasn't convincing and my heart was beating fast which I'm sure he could feel. I said he should shut the door, which he did and turned the snib. He said he'd followed me upstairs because he'd left his cane up here and he knew I'd see it and he didn't want me to think he'd been caning anybody else in my little office while I wasn't around. Ha ha.

I asked him in a feigned weak voice what it was up here for then and he said he'd put it there early Monday morning, waiting for me to show up which he thought I might have done on Monday but I didn't and he was going to have caned my bottom with it but as I hadn't shown up he couldn't. But he could certainly do it now.  His arms were stretched around me now, hands on my bottom and he was gradually raising my skirt to expose my stocking tops and run his fingers along them and the flesh which bulged slightly above them. He walked me in tiny little steps back against my packing table and lifted me half onto it. I could feel his cock straining as I parted my legs and put my hands behind me for support and then he hoisted my skirt right up around my waist and unzipped his trousers. He fumbled with his underwear and I wanted to see his cock because I like it when it's hard and shiny wet but I couldn't from the angle I was at and I couldn't touch it because I needed both hands to support me but I felt it alright, I felt it pushing against the satin of my knickers and then P's hand pulled them roughly aside and it thrust into my own willing wetness and I bit his shoulder to stop me crying out as he fucked me hard and I fucked him back until we both came writhing and gasping on my creaking table, then lay there recovering as spunk seeped from me and dripped from my husband's cock into my knickers and onto the wooden surface.

We got up, straightening ourselves as best we could, I felt sticky on my legs and bum. I said I needed the ladies room, P said nonsense get the packing done and he handed me a tissue to wipe our mess from the table top. He said if I didn't get it done within half an hour or so he'd be back up and then I really would get the caning I'd thought I was going to get. I think he was joking but I didn't intend to find out; canings hurt twice as much after you've had sex. I got my parcels ready double quick and had them downstairs in the dispatch bin inside twenty minutes. 

I went into P's office to get our mugs for washing, told him I was done and asked him if he wanted his cane bringing back down before I left. He said no, leave it where it was, perhaps I'd be tempted to come back into the office again soon, maybe I'd feel its bite next time. I winced as he said it and touched my bottom. "Promises promises," I said as I walked to the door. Before I went out he said don't put anything on for dinner, lets snack out somewhere. We did, and enjoyed pasta and a bottle of wine.

Have a fun weekend



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I reckon you will have to pop into the office a bit more often,
love Jan, xx

abby said...

I love the way you two are always changing things up...and making new opportunities Altho not sure I would ever consider a caning fun, but betting you both left the office with smiles on this day. hugs abby

Ella said...

Good god, Ronnie! I am so horny after reading this that I could hang myself on a doorknob! Perhaps Sam needs to be up a little earlier this morning.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Roz said...

Wow Ronnie, nice work if you can get it LoL, that was hot! I'm betting you'll turn up to the office more often now too :)


Leigh Smith said...

You two are so well matched - love reading about your escapades.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...



ronnie said...

Jan - I was thinking exactly the same thing:) Thanks.

Abby - Big grins. Thanks.

Ella - Hang yourself on a doorknob, just be careful then:) Hope you woke Sam up early. Thanks.

Roz - A little more often now. Thanks.

SG - We have our moments. Thanks.

Bogey :) Thank you.


PK said...

Sounds to me like you dodged a bullet, but I bet you don't see it that way. I see more trips to the office in your future.

lindy thomas said...

Oh Ronnie you never cease to amaze me. Looks like you'll need to visit your office more with that outfit again.
Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

PK - No I don't. Looks like it could be on the cards.

Lindy - I may just do that:) Thanks.


Hermione said...

Oh my! Even though you didn't get caned, the thought of it was just what you both needed to put you in the mood.

Get back there on Monday!


MrJ said...

I must admit I am somewhat surprised that you were so efficient, in spite of the the incentive. ;-)

Cat said...

What a lovely reward for visiting the office, Ronnie. I do picture more frequent visits in your future. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

delightful to read. The thoughts of being caned made the sex even edgier and exciting. Hope you visit the office soon for the caning you both love and hate. (but I believe you love it more than hate it)
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Hermione - And a lovely mood we were in. I think Monday is a little too early, don't want to appear to eager:) Thanks.

MrJ - I'm very profession and efficient:) Thanks. Good to see you.

Cat - There is just something about being caned in an office environment:) Thanks.

Red - Yes I do love it more than I hate it these day. Thanks.


Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) You have quite the office set up there! Love it!!!

I got a kick out of the part where you motioned to P, asking him about tea, and leaned across him. You are so fun!!!

I'm with Hermione. Get back in there, Lady!!! LOL! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Katie - Thanks. Got to have a little fun. Not been back for an office caning yet but I will:)