Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Prevention is better than cure

That is the mantra in our house of late. It originated from a chat P had with his doctor and it was the doctor who used it when he suggested booking my husband in for a gastroscopy which P was dubious about. His doctor came out with the predictable 'best to be on the safe side', 'earliest sign of anything easiest to fix' and all that and P agreed. I won't go into the details of why because there's no need and the outcome was good anyway and, aside from a few choice words he had to say about the unpleasantness of the procedure (he wouldn't take the sedative because of work and driving), he was cock-a-hoop when he phoned me to say it was all done. 'Remember prevention is better than cure', he told me.

Don't worry, this isn't a soppy if happy story about health fears turning out OK, it's about me getting spanked, I just have to tell it in my own way. You see, since the appointment for his gastroscopy was made (fast-track which worried the hell out of me), there's been an unspoken concern that it must be something bad. P assured me it was nothing, he was adamant that it was just a precaution, a bit of inflammation and a camera shot would help them identify it and sort it out. Prevention better than cure and all that. I didn't believe him and I don't think he believed himself. Anyway with this particular procedure a doctor is present and answers questions so P asked him plainly after they'd removed their equipment if he'd got cancer. The doctor said, 'Sir, I can tell you now, you have no signs whatsoever of cancer.' I could hear joy and relief in his voice over the phone, he told me not to plan a meal for later, we'd eat out. I asked him if he was sure, he said damned right he was and he was going to the office he wanted a cup of tea, had a few things to sort out and he wouldn't be late home.

When he came home he gave me a hug. Then he told me he was going to give me a good spanking, a really good one, before we went out. I asked him why, wasn't he happy? He said of course he was bloody happy, he was delighted and relieved and he knew I must be too because neither of us had told the truth about our darkest thoughts but now they could be put aside. I felt happiness welling up inside me but I managed to feign indignity and protest that I hadn't done anything wrong. That was when he applied the 'Prevention is better than cure' phrase and told me it related to spankings too, carried out more frequently they would prevent the doing of anything wrong. 

A tenuous connection but who was I to argue. I got spanked, it was hard and long and by hand and it was very personal and I went out with a well warmed backside and a big smile on my face:)



Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...Happy P's outcome was so good...amazing where fear and our imagination can take us isn't it. P sure chose a lovely way to celebrate.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. Maybe P could have a chat to my wife...


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, so glad to hear P's results were positive. A spanking followed by dinner out, what a wonderful way to celebrate :) I love how P thinks, maybe you can use that :)


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I am very glad that alright. I have had a couple of those and not for all the tea in China could I have done it without sedation, give him a hug from me. Good reason for a spanking too-stress relief!
love Jan, xx

lindy thomas said...

Wow P is brave having the gastroscope without sedation. Love his theory Prevention is better than cure. What a lovely way to celebrate his good results.

Hugs Lindy xx

The Glenmore said...

Having dinner sitting on a well spanked bottom is strangely satisfying isn't it Ronnie...despite the necessary squirming. Did you ever ask for a pillow or say something to let other diners or servers know you were spanked?

abby said...

So happy to hear all is fine.....I have to agree with P...prevention is better. hugs abby

PK said...

So glad on all counts of the post. Over here, there is no question - you are completely put out for this test and that suits me fine. I hope P keeps up your preventive treatment.

Hermione said...

Whew! What a relief that must have been for both of you.


Domhnall the Second said...

An excellent day for you both. Thank you for sharing>

Leigh Smith said...

So good to hear such wonderful outcomes all the way around.

ronnie said...

Cat - Thanks. Happy relief. You are right, fear an takes us to all sort of places.

Yorkie - Thanks. Not sure what he would say:)

Roz - Thanks. I've already had another "prevention is better than a cure" spanking:)

Jan - Thanks and P said thanks for his hug.

Lindy - Thank you. You have the choice with our without. I think he would go for sedation if he ever had to have the test again.

Glenmore - Oh definitely satisyfing. I did aask for a pillow once as we had to sit on a really hard bench. Thanks.

Abby - Thank you. He seems to think so:)

PK - From speaking to people a lot go for the sedation. I think he means to keep it up. Thanks.

Hermione - It was a huge relief. Thanks.

Domhnall - Hello and thank you.

SG - It was. Good new for P and a spanked bottom for me. Perfect. Thanks.


Red said...

Wonderful to read that a health scare was not a reality, and that both of you are well.
Love P's idea of "prevention is better than cure'!
We have used prevention spankings when having a social occasion to make certain I do not drink too much, or to have an evening with people who sometimes get really on my nerves. the spankings have helped such that I find positives where i only focused on negatives before.
bottoms up