Monday, 3 May 2010

Yes I got both....

Hope you all had a good weekend.

So did I get both the maintenance and diet spankings I was due on Wednesday, read on.

Normally I get my maintenance early in the morning but Wednesday P said he would be postponing it until lunchtime when he would take me home as our neighbors would be out at work and he would have more time to deal with me and no worries about the noise, I think he meant me and not the sound of the cane. Oops told you, yes I had the cane.

So there I was Wednesday lunchtime on the bathroom scales again, I didn't know P was going to check my weight again but very fair of him I'd say, he said that if I'd gone down from the last reading he wouldn't give me the extra spanking, I didn't know whether to be happy or disappointed. As it happened there was no change anyway even though I've really cut down on everything, really, really I have, I've only had one chocolate the whole week. So the double spanking was still on, I mean a deal's a deal.

'Looks like a good maintenance and a caning for you then doesn't it,' said P. I don't know if he really expected me to agree but I do know he wanted an answer and waited for me to reply, which I did with a shy nod. He takes my arm and guides me into the spare bedroom which we use as an office seats himself in the chair, tells me to stand in front of him, undoes my trousers, pushes them down, 'You know what you're here for don't you? You asked for help with your diet and so I'm going to help you concentrate on it much more effectively, but first you'll get your maintenance spanking as promised.

Over you go, you know the position,' and he proceeds to spank and lecture me at the same time. I love it when he does that but not this time as I knew what was to follow. After several minutes he pauses, takes my knickers down and resumes with harder spanks and more lecturing. The lecture wasn't anything to do with diet, this was a maintenance spanking so it was all about keeping everything up to date, my work at the office, handbags sales and not to forget the cling film, did I hear right, did he say cling film, god yes he did, why does he pick out such petty things to bring up I mean how many spanks is a roll of Sainsburys cling film worth, and yes I remember he told me we needed some more cling film over a week ago and I still hadn't got any and as P does more of the cooking than me it annoyed him.

Maintenance finished. He tells me to stand, take my trousers and knickers completely off and face the wall with my hands at my sides while he fetches the cane. I know best to do as I'm told at times like this. I hear him come back in and sit down, he tells me to face him, my hands go instinctively between my legs, ridiculous isn't it, lived with the man for so long and still feel embarrassed when he sees me naked under certain circumstances, He tells me to put my hands at my sides, ' I'm thinking I'm going to regret this, foolish woman why ever did I ask.. '....Did you hear what I said?' Oh dear, he must have been talking while I was contemplating my fate. 'Yes, Yes,' I said quickly, doesn't do to ignore him. 'Well do it then,' he said. I had no idea what he'd said but because he was still sitting I assumed he meant get OTK again but that couldn't be, he surely could not use the cane like that, perhaps he'd decided further hand chastisement would suffice. So I took what I thought was his instruction and went over his knee. 'I didn't tell you to go over my knee did I?' he said. I hadn't a clue to be honest and told him so, then he said he'd only told me to put my hands to my sides but seen as I was clearly so eager to get across his knee I could stay there.

Then it all happened rather quickly. I felt him reposition himself on the chair, knew he was raising his arm, you get to know body movements when you've been in this type of predicament as often as I have, then I heard just a hint of a swish before my body jumped suddenly sharply as I felt the sharp pain of what could only be a cane. It had to be our cane-iac toy, it was the only implement we had that could deliver such a sting at close quarters over the knee. P didn't stretch it out, five more strokes followed in quick succession, too quick for me to make much of a fuss and in any case he was holding me quite firmly, no lecture he wouldn't have been able to he was quite active, just a curt 'Now get up and put your knickers and trousers back on' at the end of it.

When I'd done that he told me to sit on his lap, the bloody awful sting was turning into a deep burn, I'd been hoping for some rubbing and soothing that didn't happen, he did rub my back, some sodding use that was, and he told me to think myself lucky he hadn't used one of the new canes he'd adapted from the DIY store, he said he wouldn't use one yet because he hadn't had chance to test them for balance and accuracy. Oh really P, I thought, I never knew it was so technical, and by the way how do you plan on testing the damned things, presumably you need a bottom for it. I shuffled uneasily on his lap even as the thought occurred to me but I didn't dare say it.



M:e said...

I do love the way you write! This had me right there with you, although I have to say it also had me smiling and, at times, chuckling. What a complex set of people we are.

love you my friend....kind regards to P xxx

ps...should I put some clingfilm in the post?!

PK said...

What a great afternoon. You know my feelings about the cane - but after all this was your bottom not mine! I recently as Nick to read here to get a better idea about maintenance, now you're throwing in diet spankings too. Geeze, maybe I should have waited.

Sara said...

Awww :( and yeah, they study the science of weird and man like is THAT? So do you think you are inspired to spomehow drop a pound? BTW, you will weigh less
1st thing in the morning! I have checked these things out, speaking of science.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I bet you love the fact that he cares enough to give you the spankings that you know you need and crave

Thanks for sharing it with us.

And I'll probably never be able to go into a garden store again without thinking of you. LOL. Is this testing going to happen any time soon.


Measha said...

Perhaps he'll test it on his thigh or something? ...I never have that kind of luck when TJ wants to try something new...he usually uses my bottom.. *sigh* WEG

Sorry the sting was so bad...but glad the waits over for you, that's always the worst part for me.


Anonymous said...

I just love reading about your spanking relationship with P. Your posts are written in such a way that I almost feel like I'm watching (sorry if that sounded creepy) but you paint a picture in your readers mind :)

Good luck with your dieting!


Hermione said...

That clingfilm thing was P clutching at straws! He couldn't find enough REAL reasons to give you the spanking he thought you ought to have. You should buy a jumbo pack at the Cash and Carry.

That cane sounds evil, and not even the one you expected. I've been offered the dressage whip next time; perhaps I'll pretend it's a cane.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You're right, Ronnie, in order to test 'the damned things' as you call them a real live female bottom is required. I would offer Mrs.A's naughty bottom but I don't want to deprive your bottom of the pleasure of being introduced to a range of new canes.

Thank you for your detailed description of how it felt to be on the receiving end of not just one but two spankings one after the other.Your poor bottom certainly got its stinging, burning desserts.

Take care.


ronnie said...

M:e - Thank you lovely for the compliment. You know I still haven't got the client film yet ops. Will say hello to P for you x

PK - LOL, sorry you should have warned me you were sending Nick over to read :)

Sara - Good idea but afraid P know's that trick. Any other tips please :)

FD - Your welcome, thanks. He's given me 2 weeks to at least loose a pound :(

Measha - I'd prefer him to test it on me. Oh yes the worst part is the wait.

Kitten - Hello, LOL no it doesn't sound scary, I know exactly what you mean and thank you, that's a lovely compliment.

Hermione - That OTK cane is one of P's favourites but not mine. I much prefer the school cane if I was made to choose :). Now the dressage whip is a different matter, do you have one with a leather flap on the end?

Aristotle - LOL. Thank you and my bottom is still a little sore this afternoon.

Thanks all. If anyone has any quick weight loss tips please let me know, I've 2 weeks to loose a 1lb :)


mouse said...

*hugs* Mouse doesn't like the cane one bit and has been getting it often this week.


ronnie said...

Mouse, thanks. I do have a love hate relationship with the cane, hate more :) If I have to have the cane I much prefer the school type than this OTK.

Thanks for your comment, problems again commenting on some blogs, driving me mad. Will stop by when I can.


Daisychain said...

grrr, I commented on this post, looks like blogger ate it! At least, hope it was blogger and not you, Ronnie, as it will ruin your diet, LOL xxxxxxxx

redxxx said...

Great description that allows readers who share the spanking desire and experience to feel the eroticism without having to be spanked.

ronnie said...

Daisy - Sorry, No it wasn't me, honest :) Hope all's well.

Red - Thank you very much and sorry, only just spotted your comment. I should be spanked :)