Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What's on a man's mind?

I was reading an article from Scarlet regarding men and sex.

It went on to say that the old debate as to whether men think about sex more than women has finally been settled. That I doubt.

A study of 21,159 people carried out by an online dating site, reveals that 28% of men think about sex every five minutes. I thought it would have been higher.

That equates to 288 times a day that they think about nookie!

Apparently though, when women were asked how often they thought about sex only 8% were on a par with the blokes’ wild imaginations.

I told P these statistics but he didn't think they were true, he reckoned a sex related thought could pass through a bloke's mind more often than every 5 minutes, but he also thought women were less honest than men when it came to revealing such intimate trivia. I did ask him to elaborate but he said he was too busy, I presume having a sex thought :)

Do you think it's true that women are less honest then men when asked about intimate trivia?



Lessa said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I must be a different kind of women then most women...

mmmmm, see I still have to change my nick on

a big hug to you...

Anonymous said...

I seem to think way too much about men! However, I may be slightly over sexed compared to some of my female friends.

Love the pic!


Anonymous said...

I was watching or listening to something recently that said men have a sexual thought every 52 seconds. There's a difference between sexual thoughts and thinking about sex, if sex is classified as an act. I mean men see the honeydew display in the produce section at the market and think "BOOBS!" but that's not thinking about sex or a sexual act. Right?


Little Butterfly said...

I think the women must not be being very honest. Or I am just a really different kind of woman! I'm SURE I think about sex all day way more than Daddy does! Or maybe he just likes keeping me needy and horny... lol

Hermione said...

I thought it would have been more often than that for men.

Perhaps women think of sex in less concrete, obvious therms. Like romance rather than T&A and doing it. So they don't consider it a sexual thought.

Just a possibility.


redxxx said...

Seems to me one of the reasons men don't always look you in the eye at first glance... There is periphery entertaining delights close by.

hestia said...

OK, I've chaged the name, not the pic so you will still recognize


ronnie said...

Lessa / Hestia :) - I'm glad you kept your picture, I like it.

Kitten - At least your honest and don't mind saying. The picture was a lucky find, thanks.

Hedone - Welcome. I think I read something similar. When they look at the melons and think of boobs, what are they really thinking of doing with them :) Thanks and hope you stop by again.

Little Butterfly - I think some women just don't like to admit they want and need sex more. I wonder why?

Hermione - Never thought of it like that but yes you could be right, thanks.

Red - I take it the peripheral delight you refer to would be the nude adorning Freud's face, I guess it would be a distraction indeed.

Thanks all.


Daisychain said...

How often do I think about sex, or how often do I have sexy thoughts? because, there's a difference!! xxx

ronnie said...

Daisy - Your right, there is a difference, I think they meant thoughts :)