Friday, 30 April 2010

Spanked Wife

Did I get my maintenance and diet spanking on Wednesday? Sorry I'm afraid you'll have to wait until after weekend when I have more time to write :)

Today I want to share with you this picture Aristotle recently sent me.

He points out to me the look on the wife's face, a look saying 'I'm truly sorry', 'I won't do it again', 'I love you', 'My bottom is so sore', 'You've never punished me as soundly as this before'. I could see immediately what he meant.

I think she shows no animosity or anger for what has just happened, she trusts and accepts her husband's decision to spank her and now she respectfully waits.

Is she a little shocked? I think so, perhaps even a bit in awe, the thrill and shock of being mastered within their loving relationship, feelings still running high immediately after the event, frisson palpable in the air, I think it's lovely and seems very genuine.

Thank you Aristotle.



PK said...

That's a wonderful picture! When I first started looking at spanking pictures I realized that I was mostly drawn to the ones where you could see the spankee face. That was what made the scene real for me. Thanks to Aristotle for sending it to you.


BabyMan said...

If there were 30 pictures on a page, this would be one I would be drawn too. Great troubled look - a pleading of sorts.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Simply a great picture. Her face shows she was spanked but she is accepting.

And when I get back Sunday, I'll be looking forward to hearing if you got the maintenance/diet spanking.


Not My Original Vows said...

Ronnie; great picture. She has a very genuine look of remorse.


mouse said...


I agree with everyone else...what a wonderful picture, and you are drawn to her face. She doesn't scared or frightened, but also doesn't look all glowy and happy either...I think you're right it looks very genuine.



Hermione said...

She does look VERY red. That wooden paddle did a thorough job.

The spanking must have only just ended. I would like to know what happens next.


Elysia said...

Yes, to all other comments, but another thing that I like is the man/husband/dom (whatever floats your boat) is wearing and how he is standing firm. It seems to be implied that he is looking at her and I'm guessing has a rather stern face, based on the way he is standing. He looks ready to take another swing if necessary too! (Sometimes it's more fun when certain parts of the scene are left to the imagination, and my can certainly run wild at times!)
Very alluring pic!

ronnie said...

It really is a lovely image and seems to have been captured immediately after the event. I love the way she's looking up to him.

Thanks all. I'm glad you enjoyed it and a big thank you to Aristole for sending it to me.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


redxxx said...

great photo