Monday, 17 January 2022

Bond ?


Has anyone seen the Bond film yet - any good?

A friend of mine said she'd like to see Henry Caville as the next 007. I  didn't know he was being considered so I looked up to see who else was in the running so far and this is what I found

Tom Hardy
Henry Cavill
Idris Elba
Rege-Jean Page
Lashana Lynch
Cillian Murphy
Sam Heughan
Richard Madden

To be honesty I had to Google Lashana Lynch.

Personally, none of these do it for me.  Maybe they could bring Pierce Brosnan back for a one off:)

What about you - do you think any of these could be the next Bond or is there someone you'd  like to see?

Stay safe.

Have a good week.


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Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard mixed reviews.

I really don't know about the next Bond. I'm not familiar with all these actors.


Biguglysod said...

I don't care for bond films,if Tom Ellis (Miranda and Lucifer) got the part, I would definitely watch

beltromance said...

I didn't know who is Henry Cavill but as for me he looks like the most appropriate option on this role

Fondles said...

I haven't seen the latest Bond film, but from that list I think perhaps Tom Hardy might be able to pull off a convincing Bond, not that he "does it" for me, just based on style and "who would look most BOND-like".

But my personal hotties are Rege-Jean Page and Sam Heughan. Swoon. oh, and I totally dig Tom Ellis (not from the list - from Biguglysod's comment :D)

PK said...

I don't think I get an opinion - I've never seen a Bond movie in my life. I really need to do that sometime.

Unknown said...

I have been rooting for Danny DeVito for no avail. The caprices of Bond selection are a common source of disappointment to many. ;-)

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I've seen it and liked it. It's not without it's problems. The villain is pretty weak and I never bought this particular love interest, but the ending is *very* unexpected and poignant.

I like Tom Hardy. He's versatile and might keep the smoldering, edgy quality that Daniel Craig brought to the role. Idris Elba would also be a very interesting choice.


Apart from Cillian Murphy, I did not recognize any of those names. I do think that George Clooney would make an excellent Felix Leiter, though. :)


Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

We haven't seen the latest Bond movie.

Of all the names on your list, Idris Elba is the only one I recognize, so I vote for him.

I saw your comment on PK's post about propagating spider plants. What you do is get a little flower pot filled with soil, then place a baby in the pot while it is still attached to the mother plant. Press it down firmly into the soil. Once its roots have formed and it is firmly rooted in the soil, snip the connecting tether to the mother plant.


ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. You are right, theere have been mixed reviews but we shall go to see it sometime.

Gill - I've liked nearly all of them. To be honest I had to Google Tom Elis. Thanks,

Beltromance - Yes I suppose he looks like it when he's wearing his tux. Thanks.

Fondles - I like Sam Heughan but not for Bond, my opinion. I'll have to watch something that Tom Ellis has been in. Thanks.

PK - u shold watch one but not sure which one to suggest. Thanks,

kdpierrer - Maybe he could play the villian:) Thanks. -

Dan - Yes I've read mixed reviews. I do like Tom Hardy and probably the best to follow on from Craig but I find he mumbles too much. Thanks.

Prefectdt - I think George is too much for play Felix:) Thanks.

Hermione - I like Idris but again not for Bond. Thanks for the info on the plant, will try it.