Friday, 14 January 2022

Just a re-post

 A re-post of a spanking I had on a business trip to China a good few years back.

So our first full day in China, after the overheard spanking the previous night, started after breakfast with a walk round the park un-escorted, enjoying the sunshine and clear air and watching the Chinese watching us. Some were still doing their Tai Chi, 

others were playing cards huddled in small groups, they were mostly elderly, the youngsters had finished their exercises and gone to work.We had a 10 am meeting with our host and business partner, he sent a girl to the hotel to collect us in a chauffeured limousine to take us less than 1 km. We'd rather have walked but she wouldn't hear of it. I could rabbit on and on but I won't even though it was fascinating every tiny aspect from removing our shoes when we entered Chun's private residence to meeting his staff at his office, all lined up like a military inspection, exchanging small gifts, lunch in a local downtown fish restaurant because we wanted the authentic feel, afternoon meeting several of Chun's business colleagues even those who had no business in the West, it felt a bit like we were trophies of some kind to be shown off to as many as possible, it clearly wasn't doing Chun's image any harm at all having such 'important' guests.

Spanking is coming don't worry.

After a whole day meeting, smiling, handshaking and graciously engaging with friendly people who clearly loved practising their English on us, we got an hour to ourselves before dinner which was set for 6.30 pm pickup (the limo again). We showered, changed, no time or thought for spanking or any hanky panky, quick look round the hotel's facilities and then down to the foyer where Chun met us flanked by two of his senior girls, a special treat for them, they both spoke English but didn't get to use it much so it was to be English only for the whole evening. Where did the limo take us? More or less the centre of the city where it pulled up outside Pizza Hut. I could hardly believe it, pizzas with the self serve salad bar just like we get at home but we were in China! It wasn't what we wanted but we could see the girls were excited and Chun looked pleased, we learned later that it was seen as quite prestigious for them to eat at a Western styled restaurant. Thank goodness there wasn't a McDonald's in town. Anyway we enjoyed it and around 9pm the evening ended and we were back at the hotel. The Chinese eat early, not at all like Europe.

So we headed for one of the hotel bars, P got his laptop from our room, caught up on some mail then handed it to me for the same purpose while he went up to the bar for drinks. He'd declined waiter service, P likes to go and get his own drinks. Anyway he was standing at the bar and an attractive, well fairly attractive, Chinese woman in a long elegant dress sidled up to him and sat at the bar. 

I guessed she was maybe hotel staff and watched idly, she was speaking with him, smiling, she moved close to him, I saw her touch his hand, I saw my husband look back at me, the girl still smiled, the barman put a couple of beers down, P gestured to the girl but she shook her head, P shrugged his shoulders, she smiled so sweetly then turned around and walked away from the bar, she came close by me and smiled as she passed, brazen or what? I mean I'd decided she was on the make, she had to be, no way was she staff. I watched her walk around the corner where there was a larger lounge area, the silky yellow dress shimmering as her backside swung from side to side.

P came back with our drinks and told me he'd been propositioned by a hooker, 20 USD about 14 pounds, he said it seemed very reasonable and she was quite cute. Ha! very funny P, so who was she really? He told me it was true she definitely was, and when he pointed out he was with his wife she said it was okay she liked girls too. P said he made an arrangement with her and she was going to come up to our room later and spank me, I spluttered into my Tsingtao, he must be joking surely but he said it so matter-of-factly as if he made this kind of arrangement every day. ''Not bloody likely,'' I said, ''now what really happened?'' But he insisted it was true and an opportunity to broaden my horizons, both of us in fact, anonymously too, he wouldn't budge from his story.

We had a few more drinks, chatted a while with a German guy who was there to buy die-casting machines for his factory, 60% cheaper he reckoned, then about 11 pm P said it was time to go up to our room. I looked quizzically, it was early, but he said we had an appointment to keep, yeah sure this had to be the biggest wind-up, I just sat there and said I wanted another drink, he grabbed his laptop and walked off towards the elevators expecting me to follow but I didn't. I thought about what was happening, this was my husband, he didn't do this, we didn't do this, then he was walking back to me, ''Come on'', he extended his hand, a few people were around, probably thought we'd had a tiff or something. I got up held his hand and went with him into the elevator, I told him it was ridiculous there was no way I was going to get spanked by an oriental hooker while he did what? Looked on? Directed? Spanked the hooker? ''You'll see you'll be fine, it will be an experience,'' he lied, he had to be lying I knew it deep down.

But you know what when we got out on floor 28 I was half thinking it might happen, and you know what else I was half willing to let it. I mean I would back out at the last minute of course, I'm sure I would kick up a fuss and P would send the hooker packing with her 20 dollars and a tip. I held his hand tighter, he knew he'd got me, I was tense and a bit excited I have to admit it, he could sense it, I know looking back he must have been enjoying it enormously.

We got in the room and he locked the security snib, I looked round expecting the hooker to be hiding behind the curtains or something, P told me to undress, I just kept looking round, P came across, took my jacket off and loosened my trousers ''Now take those off and do as you're told'' he said and sat on the bed. I whimpered and took off my trousers I was going to put them on a hanger but P grabbed my arm and dragged me across his lap, lifted my shirt and started spanking me. Hard.

After a couple of minutes he slipped his hand inside my knickers, ''Wet'' was all he said as he pulled them down then told me the hooker wouldn't really be attending, but it was plainly obvious that I would have gone along with it and it was very plainly obvious that I was excited by it. ''Naughty, very naughty. And we know what happens to naughty girls,'' he said sternly as he resumed spanking me. Now I could have objected and told him I wasn't excited, I was petrified, it was only when he started to spank me that I might have got just a little excited, but I decided not to say anything at all. Just whimper a bit more, struggle a bit, ooh and ah and say I was sorry several times. And you know I actually was sorry, that he hadn't done what he'd said.

Still, I got spanked soundly and it was a lovely little charade, I was horny as hell after it but didn't get that kind of relief. Instead we were back down in the bar by 11.30, we both went up to the bar and took high stools and this time it was me twiddling my husband's hand. We turned in about 1 am after a few cocktails and sporadic chat with bar staff and other night owl guests. We were both shattered, I didn't get relief, it came next morning before breakfast and put a smile on my face for the whole day.

Stay safe.

Have a fun weekend.



Anonymous said...

What a very interesting story Ronnie! I’m so pleased to hear that you got spanked in China. When you have time could you tell us all the countries where your bottom has been bared and spanked? Or even all the counties or towns, cities in the UK where your behind has been attended to!

Roz said...

Fabulous and interesting story Ronnie, I think I might remember this. P should have been spanked for pulling that stunt lol


Hermione said...

What a lovely story.

There is a small group of people who do Tai Chi every morning beside the lake. I would pass them on my way to work and think what a fine way to start the day.


Fondles said...

THat was a really fun story. I wonder if BIKSS would ever do something like that - pull a fast one on me, that is. Cos I'm certain he would enjoy watching / directing, but I am also pretty sure he would never make a decision like this without first getting a thumbs up from me.

As for dinner? Our reservation was at 645 yesterday, and today's dinner with my gal pals was at 6. So yes, I think we DO eat pretty early in these parts (Asia, in general).

Baker said...

Sounds like he got you good. Glad you look upon that spanking fondly. Hugs!

ronnie said...

Sophie - Thanks. I've been very lucky to have travelled quite a bit. overseas and here in the UK and have been spanked in each place:)

Roz - You are right there. Thanks.

Hermione - Thank. We said the same when we saw them doing there exercises.

Fondles - Thanks. P's never done anything like that again:)

Baker - The whole trip was an experience. Thanks.