Wednesday, 19 January 2022

My good deed went wrong

I was helping my husband prepare for some new carpet to be laid after the weekend (which has been done), he didn't ask for help, he rarely does as long as I supply him with mugs of tea at regular intervals. All it entailed was stripping out the old carpet and P wanted to re-lay a few floor boards whilst doing it, apparently the carpet fitters would have stripped and disposed of the old carpet but would have charged us for it so P said no need he'd do it himself, he does have a tendency to do that with varying levels of success.

Anyway long story short, I promoted myself from tea girl to helper and got stuck in pulling carpet off its grippers in the office. It was quite resistant in parts and I used a craft knife as a persuader but, at one point, I wrenched a stubborn strip really hard and fell backwards when it suddenly came away and I landed on the futon with a loud cry and a crack! P came in from one of the bedrooms at the double his face white, he must have thought he'd heard one hell of a bone crack. When he saw my face he knew I wasn't in agony at all just a bit shocked. The loud crack had been one of the laths which underpin the futon. P said he'd look at it later, as long as I was alright that was the main thing and he made me stand up and twist this way and that to prove it to his satisfaction. Then he said a mug of tea might be in order, I was good at that not so good at carpets, Cheeky bastard, I made it anyway.

A few hours later, job done and carpet neatly tied into manageable rolls for transporting to recycling, P took a look at the fractured futon while I loaded the car. He called me up to see what had happened, I said I didn't need to, I mean what do I want to know about how futons work, but he still showed me and there was a gap where he had taken out the broken part, he said he'd be able to fix it, I said, 'Oh that's a pity we could do with a new one'.

He didn't respond to that. Instead he took me into the bedroom, bent me over the bed and spanked me - with the lath - for being careless and putting myself at risk. It damned well hurt too, I don't think he knew how much until he heard my squeals and protests. It was over my jeans thank god or I would have screamed blue murder, especially as I'm sure he meant it as a light hearted reprimand. He stopped thankfully and I got up rubbing my backside in vigorously, frowning and pouting. I looked down at the lath it was about two inches wide and must have been nearly two feet long with a ragged end held in his hand. P actually apologised for using it untested, it was very springy and he hadn't realised it would hurt so much. Having said that he looked down thoughtfully at it and said it would probably cut down and make a nice paddle. I said, 'Don't you dare' but who knows.

So it was that with a well heated bottom that I made a couple of trips to recycling with my husband, he didn't really need me but I wanted to go with him to let him know I was ok about the spanking and still wanting to be helpful. He patted my backside a couple of times when we were loading the skips and I have to say I got that horny feeling starting as the paddle's work mellowed to a dull throb. That led to sex later so my good deed which went a bit wrong worked out nicely after all.

All's well that ends well:)

Stay safe.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, all's well that ends well indeed! So glad you weren't hurt in the process (othet than your bottom of course:)

Ooh ouch though, glad P apologised for using the lath untested. Goodness, you might have created a monster if P does turn it into a paddle!


morningstar said...

sounds to me like your good deed turned out very well indeed!!! mmmmmm we're gonna be packing again this weekend - wonder if I can do a 'good deed' with the same results?? (cheeky grin)

PK said...

It sounds like alls well that ends well and it certainly did end well!

Laxmi said...

I like futons too, a great place to be spanked xD

Anonymous said...

I do hope P makes a paddle. You will have to post a picture of it and the results to your backside. Thank you for the story.

Baker said...

Great deeds never go Loved the story.

Hermione said...

You do manage to turn the most unlikely situations into opportunities for spanking. Keep up the good work!

The lath sounds like a keeper:)


ronnie said...

Roz - P's said he's put a handle on:( Thanks.

Morningstar - You can always try. Thanks

PK - It's good when it all ends well:) Thanks.

Laxmi - Yes, over his lap as it doesn't have any arms. Thanks.

Anon - I'll post a picture of it next week and yes will post about a spanking with it, if it happens that is Thanks.

Baker - Thanks. I like good deeds:)

Hermione - Thanks I will. Don't know about it being a keeper until it's used again.


Anonymous said...

it worked out amazingly well. Possibly you could post a picture of what you call a lath, so we can see what it is like. P should definitely make a paddle out of it.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - P said he's put a handle on it and yes I'll post a picture. Thanks.