Friday, 21 January 2022

A Smile for Today


Ever said that to your partner?

Stay safe.

Have a fun weekend.


Please let em know if the picture is yours.


R said...

Oh Yes!
I like it image very much!

Roz said...

Love it! No, can't say I've ever said that lol. Hope you have a great weekend:)


Anonymous said...

My wife insures she gives a sound spanking, I just promise to be good. Jack

Anonymous said...

Someone just told me that this morning. Her wish will come true this weekend!

Aimless Rambling said...

Used to tell that to Ray. I could relate.

Anonymous said...

love the image and maybe I should say it sometime. Have you ever said it/
bottoms up

Bonnie said...

I may no have said those words, but I have told him things that yielded the same result! :)

Anonymous said...

No, I haven’t! My bh usually makes sure sitting down is not an option anyway!

Minielle Labraun said...

I’m loving this drawing! I’ve said start out slower….. lol!

ronnie said...

R - Glad you did. Thanks.

Roz - I have:) Thanks.

Jack - But for how long:) Thanks.

Anonymous - Lucky lady. Thanks.

SG - Me too. Thanks.

Red - LOL. Try it. Not the actual words but what I did say got results. Thanks.

Bonnie - Same here. Thanks.

Sophie - Sounds like, you don't need to then. Thanks,

Minelle - And then what:) Thanks.