Monday, 24 January 2022

Cyclists Rule

'New bloody cyclist rules,' muttered my husband on his way up for a shower. I asked him what he was going on about.

They can ride in the middle of the road apparently, from this week onward, and even ride two-abreast, and we can't be nasty to them. It sounds more like 'cyclists rule' than cyclist rules. So motorists form long queues behind them and fume. Ridiculous.' And off he went.

I read the newspaper after he'd gone and saw the article he was referring to, changes to our UK highway code rules, yes I could see his point but it wasn't all bad, it also said cyclists including kids couldn't ride on pavements and I assume that means electric scooters too, which are becoming a menace at times in certain places.

I WhatsApped an image to him with a note 'Aw poor dear, what nasty rules, bet you wouldn't mind if the cyclists were like this'

Stay safe.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I had to giggle at your message and pic to P lol. Electric scooters are a menance, either people zooming past you that you can't see till the last minute or having to dodge the damn things parked all over the place on the pavement. I'm with P on cyclists, they drive me insane!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

In some US states, cyclists rule and they flaunt their superiority. Groups cover windy roads making passing impossible. Encountered one pulling a kid behind him on a hairpin turn.

I would not mind so much if they looked like the lass in the picture.

morningstar said...

I'm betting P enjoyed the pic - but can you imagine seeing THAT on the road in front of you??? would cause more accidents than the biking on the roads LOL

I'm kinda thinking we need to educate cyclists like we used to... I remember using hand turn signals - and actually stopping at stop signs and respecting the cars and drivers... seems to me that cyclists today don't believe the rules of the road apply to them in any form....

Hermione said...

That sounds so unsafe! Here cyclists have their own small lanes on the right.


PK said...

LOL! Excellently picture choice!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Ronnie, do I see an opportunistic attempt to provoke P to administer a spanking?

selkie said...

Honestly, as a cyclist and driver - cyclists have it worse but pedestrians have it the hardest! Cyclists do NOT belong on sidewalks! It is dangerous for pedestrians who already have a lot of hardships! AND as a cyclist and driver I can tell you while there are some jerk cyclists (we are a varied bunch, after all)- I would stand by my statement that there are FAR FAR worse drivers out there! And if I hear one more driver yell at me - you don't pay for the roads - HELLO!! I DO - and I try to USE the road and get crowded, knocked, sworn at and yes, have been spit at. I follow the rules (stop at intersections, follow lights, etc)- and YES, in a situation where it is dangerous to do anything else, I WILL take the lane but as soon as I can,I will be back at the side. If cities would provide more infrastructure for cyclists it would ease congestion (every time I'm on my bike I am NOT in my car taking up space on the road!)- better for the environment and for health systems like ours in Canada and in your UK - cause less strain to our healthcare system due to living a healthier lifestyle!


About the middle of last year, we got new cycle roads in a lot of Belgian towns, including mine. You can only drive 30 Kph in them and if you are driving behind a bicycle, even if it is granny doing 1 Kph and you could very safely overtake, you are not allowed to. All cars have to remain behind the cyclists, on these designated roads. I am a cyclist myself, but I think that this is taking things too far.


Anonymous said...

It's things like this that make me hope karma will take a hand and for a cyclist who hogs a lane and won't move over or speed up, that one day, while on route to something critical.....they find themselves behind someone just like them.

Similarly, how wonderful would it be for the politician who lobbied for this law, to be similarly stuck behind a cyclist while trying to get to a meeting or important vote? Even better would be for them to pass the cyclist and be caught on a cell phone doing so!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with P. A small lane on the side, where people in cars can get by them easily, is sufficient. Covering an entire lane tow or three abreast chatting is a recipe for disaster. (Even if they all looked like the cyclist you show!)
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Roz - I think most mototists are annoyed at cyclists. Thanks.

OBB - I hate it when they ride like that. We have them doing that here. I don't mind being behind a single male with his tight shorts on though:) Thanks.

Morninstar - LOL, yes lots of accidents. They don't do that anymore, most of them think they own the road. Thanks.

Hermione - We have some cyclist lanes but not that many and not on minor roads. Thanks.

PK - Thanks:)

Anonymous - Not this time, honest:) Thanks.

Selkie - I do understand, and yes not all cyclists are bad and I agree there are some very bad drivers. It annoys me when they ride abreast. Governments are telling us all to use the car less and get on our bikes but cycle but they should put more lane for cyclists to use then. Thanks.

Pref - P would go made with a rule like that. Thanks,

kdpierre - LOL. I would like to see a politician stuck with a telephone in his hand. I'd take a picture if I saw that and send it to the newspapers. Thanks.

Red- We do have some cyclists (talking local to us) lanes but on some cars are parked. Mad. Thanks.