Friday, 17 September 2021

Tart Cards

While I was sorting some book out ready to take the the local charity shop, I found an old book I bought (I think I found it in a charity shop)

Tart cards

For any new readers (or my loyal readers who may not remember) - Tart cards were often printed cards (though some of the early ones were handwritten/drawn) and placed in London telephone boxes by the working girls advertising their different type of services during the 1980's when a loophole in the law meant they were not, strictly speaking, illegal.The practice of placing cards was known as carding. It is a particularly English phenomenon specific to London and seaside resort around Brighton and Hove (though they did appear in other towns) For the printers who were prepared to take the risk they represented a very regular and lucrative business.

Sex sells but ironically sex was the one word that was not used on the cards. Hand written, euphemism, double entendres, catch phrases, plain text, rhymes and a specialised vocabulary.

Here's a few you may not have seen.

Of course not everyone appreciated these cards, some found them intimidating and offensive, others amusing but for the girls and their customers they were a commercial necessity and in 2001 it became a criminal office to put these type of tart cards in telephone boxes and if caught could have faced a six-month jail sentence or a £5,000 fine.

Stay safe.

Have a fun weekend.



Anonymous said...

Sad they disappeared, but the internet has made things safer for the sex worker, in most but never all cases
Bottoms up

Roz Harrison said...

I do remember these Ronnie. These are great, very inventive


Hermione said...

I love tart cards! Lucky you for finding a whole book of them.


Minielle Labraun said...

Quite inventively creative! Love the better drawings and art!

PK said...

Such a shame they were banned. I mean, who did they hurt really (that didn't want to be, that is). I mean no one forced anyone to call. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

I wish you had one. I would call and spank you everyday!

ronnie said...

Red - Yes I agree with you there. Thanks.

Roz - Some good ones in the book. Thanks.

Hermione - Yes, I've enjoyed sharing them with my readers. Thanks.

Minelle - Some funny and clever worded ones amongst them. Thanks.

PK - Yes your are right. Fun to read. T=hanks.

Anonymous - LOL. Thanks. Maybe I'll do one for a bit of fun and share.