Monday, 20 September 2021

Freeze my jeans? WTF!

P told me we needed a new freezer, just a small one, it could sit in the space the tumble dryer used to be. I thought he'd gone mad.

'What's wrong with our freezer has it stopped working? And the tumble dryer is still where it's always been,' I said. 'WTF are you talking about?'

'CO2 emissions, energy costs, the planet, clean clothes, read the article and you'll know,' he said and off he went to make a mug of tea and retire upstairs to update his affairs. He still prefers to sit a desk when he's doing what he calls 'serious stuff'. He brought me a mug too and left me to ponder his sanity, he did have a smile on his face as he left the lounge.

So I did read the article, (you wont be able to read it all) it's quite lengthy and quite persuasive in parts although completely impractical in others about how we can all help save the planet in my opinion. And as for freezing my jeans, well I wear jeans quite a lot and there's no way I'm going to start keeping them in the freezer!

Hilarious, some of these guys, Stella McCartney amongst them, need to get real. 

I copied some of their suggestions below:-

Top tips from the 'experts' -

Take a load off: the freezer does the job just as well

Steam your knitwear
Steaming will immediately refresh a piece and release most of the creases; plus it gets rid of odours, writes Orsola de Castro. Turn the hot tap on, close the shower curtain or door and hang your garment as close as possible to the tap without it getting wet. Let the steam do its bit for a few minutes.

Carry a sponge at all times
I always carry a small sponge with me. If you act fast, you can spot-clean using only your sponge and a bit of warm water, though I will add a drop of apple cider vinegar if I have some.

A dry sponge pressed hard onto a wet stain will absorb most of the stain’s moisture, thereby containing it. When spot-cleaning at home I use a tiny bit of detergent. On greasy stains I prefer a dab of clear dish-soap or powder.

Freeze your jeans
Throw them in the freezer overnight and the lowered temperature will kill most odour-causing bacteria and refresh your garment.

Use salt
Salt is ideal for absorbing excess liquid while de-staining at the same time. Apply to stubborn wet stains after spillage — think liquids such as red wine, tea and tomatoes. Leave for 20 minutes before scrubbing or soaking.

Brush off dirt
Brushing works wonders with wools and tweeds. It gets rid of that mud, jam, honey or anything that gloops. Wait until the gunk dries and use a clothes brush to buff the stain away.

Hand-wash underwear
Washed gently by hand, underwear spends less time bouncing around the washing machine, so shedding fewer microfibres. Delicate lingerie fabrics such as silk and lace suffer less wear.

Have you every put your jeans in the freezer?

Stay safe.

Have a good week.



morningstar said...

I am sitting here in a freezing cold house (it appears our furnace died sometime over the weekend - the repair guy is supposed to be here this morning) and reading your post with chattering teeth........ put my jeans in the freezer ?? Are you crazy??!!! Cold is definitely a HARD limit for me... (grinning) so NO I would never put my jeans in the freezer

Roz Harrison said...

Hi Ronnie,

There are any number of strange ideas out there! I actually think I may have heard of putting your jeans in the freezer before. Somehow I don't think I'll be doing that!


Hermione said...

I suppose you could have two pairs of jeans on the go - one in the freezer and one to wear, and alternate each day.

We have zero room in our freezer for clothing. It's full of zucchini dishes.


Anonymous said...

Frozen jeans might feel good on your hot bottom after P gives you a good old fashioned spanking!

PK said...

I was thinking along the lines of Anon. Slipping on a pair of frozen jeans after a hard caning might feel pretty good! You should give it a try.

ronnie said...

Morningstar - Sorry to hear that. Hope by now the repair guy has come and all fixed. I hate the cold so I wont be putting my jeans in the freezer. Thanks.

Roz - I hadn't heard of jeans in freezer. Thanks.

Hermione - We haven't got the room either. zucchini dishes, lovely. Thanks,

Anonymous - LOL. Yikes no thanks.

PK - I think I'll pass on that one:) Thanks.