Wednesday, 15 September 2021

I need a Spanking, Sir

Are spankings synonymous with sex? They always have been for me; even when they're meted out for non sexual purposes the frisson caused by them, before and after (sometimes quite a while after) and I think they still are. Or maybe thought they still were.

I only say it because I hadn't had either during the past week (busy and having granddaughter staying over) then on the weekend, Sunday morning to be precise, my husband surprised and delighted me by not getting straight out of bed and down the road to the paper shop, a habit I doubt he'll ever stop in spite of everything being available online, but instead sliding his hand sideways to gently touch my thigh and see if I was awake. I was.

I didn't say anything, just let a little murmur out. He told me he'd had a dream, a really weird one, he'd been spanking someone in it but he didn't think it was me, he couldn't see their face though so it might have been. I said how awful and what was the spanking for and how long did it go on for and did they cry and such like nonsense, not believing for one minute that he'd really had such a dream and was just playing. He said he couldn't remember exactly, you know what dreams are like, but it had to be quite hard because she was struggling quite a lot and swearing (Ah, it could have been me then) and yes she was definitely crying towards the end. His hand was moving further up my leg by now, he left pauses between words to stretch it out, and then his middle finger was rubbing me through my knickers which were dampening rapidly. I asked him how it had ended.

What had broken the dream or did he just wake up. He said he didn't just wake up, the woman got louder and started bucking and then begging him. 'Oh, and did you stop?' I asked. 'She wasn't begging me to stop,' he said, 'she was begging for it harder.'

Oh my goodness, at that point I felt myself gush a little and then P's finger was under the gusset of my knickers and into my wetness and I came, biting onto a fistful of duvet to stifle my noise. After I got my breath back I said 'Oh fuck fuck you should have dreams like that more often, you really should, I needed that'. I put my head on his chest and pushed the duvet off him intending to show some wifely appreciation but he held my hand away, kissed my forehead and got out of bed. He said I could look after him later when I came and asked him for my spanking and that was that, his shorts and t-shirt were on and he was away for the papers.

I lay awhile, snug and warm post cumming, I didn't want a spanking, post orgasm spankings are terrible anyway and didn't think I would want one later. But, come the afternoon, after a few jobs around the house and a trip to town, I was getting feelings, I think P's dream had been playing with my sub conscious all day. He hadn't mentioned it again but I felt I owed him and, in a completely un sexy way, I wanted to get the spanking the girl in his dream had got.

So I went to him and asked, unceremoniously, if I could please have a spanking, a good sound one. I could hardly believe my own words. P didn't look surprised or anything, just told me to come with him and he took me upstairs to our little office, closed the window and sat in the middle of the futon. I looked down at his shorts and imagined from his bulge that I would be getting a good mouthful after I'd had my spanking, which I really wanted to be hard. Well it certainly was and I cried out like the supposed girl in my husband's dream for it to be harder and he obliged. I didn't want sex but I did want to thank my husband for what he'd just done and for earlier and for just being. It didn't take long for him to fill my mouth with me sniffling and murmuring and swallowing like a good girl. I still didn't want sex I was sated sore and happy.

I wonder if it would have been the same if I hadn't had that early morning surprise. I doubt it but I must say it was a nice feeling to just get spanked for its own sake and then service my spanker in the time honoured way.

Stay safe.



Roz Harrison said...

Wow Ronnie, this was so hot! You definitely know how to tell a story.

That was some dream P had, whether real or not and you benefited nicely from it :) Good on you for asking, that is so hard to do.

Spanking for us is almost always a prelude to sex, but sometimes you just want one or the other:)


Hermione said...

What a lovely dream that P made come true (although I do wonder if he really had that dream). Spanking is always sexual for us, although I can be very happy with just a spanking.


kdpierre said...

I like to think of spanking as being akin to kissing. Is kissing sexual? A lot of times it's how we think of it, but don't we also kiss our children? Kiss our friends hello or goodbye? Some kiss religious objects. Mobsters kiss hands to show respect and even give "the kiss of death" to an intended victim. And what about childhood spanking games or birthday smacks? In essence, kissing can be many different things at different times and even different things at the same time. For me spanking is the same. It can be sexual, playful, practical, or whatever else the situation calls for.

You story sounds quite satisfying. It's interesting that even when the spanking isn't a prelude to sex for you, it still ends up sexual in some way.

Anonymous said...

I dated an older woman, met living in an apartment. We were friends at first and then one thing led to another. She would say I'm old enough and I would stop her. I recall at the apartment pool she was getting a little to carried away with me, other notice. I softly said to her if you were younger I would give you a spanking. What does age have to do with it she said smiling. Back at the apartment I said your getting a spanking. She just looked at me, gave me a look and I was about to put her over my lap and stopped. Out of the swimsuit young lady and she did so quickly. I did not hold back, I spanked her soundly and could care less her squirming, kicking, I was going to give her a spanking that she would remember. I had her face the wall, no rubbing I said, and then i got out of my swim suit, I was hard as can be and rubbed it against her very warm bottom. Who's being naughty now she said as she turned around and knelt down and enjoyed it. I stood her up, gave her bare bottom a spank and said to the bedroom. It was great, it was unbelievable and I never knew a spanking would bring such enjoyment. She had trouble sitting for a few days, but did not mind at all. A best friend of her notice the squirming a couple of days after the spanking, she said she was a naughty little girl and got a spanking. The friend looked at me, smiled, I just said age has no concern when a spanking is needed. I have her playfully spanked her since then, not much, but the rewards, WOW.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great story. Very hot. P is a lucky man. Thank you for sharing.

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. Yes, sometimes you just want one.

Hermione - He wont say if it was a dream but I doubt it it was. Thanks.

kdpierre - Never thought of spanking akin to kissing. Interesting. Yes seems to always ends up sexual in some way for me. Thanks.

Anonyous - Sounds like a good evening you both had. Thanks.

Anonymous - My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful adventure! Every different nuance of spanking and with sex helps keep the desire and the romance alive and exciting? Whether it was a dream, or just a thoughtful overture from P, the results were amazing.
Bottoms up