Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Outed (didn't happen) repost

Red asked me a question about being outed and I remembered this post I wrote a while back.

I'd popped into the office down the corridor from us to drop off a letter which had been mixed up in our mail (we're in large office building with multiple different bushiness) and there was Margaret and two girls her boss always uses from a temp agency when he needs extra office help huddled around one of the computers

''Haven't you got any work to do,'' I quipped. I went over and sat on the desk and took a look at what they were amusing themselves with, there were several tabs running, the one they were looking at was a spanking site (I didn't know it), I couldn't believe it. Then Margaret said she'd gone onto the Internet to see if she could find an article that appeared in the local journal about a local lady who'd been providing - ahem - disciplinary services (totally true, I'd read it myself) not so far away from us because Helen and Carol (who are not local) said they didn't believe her. I don't know if they found what they'd been looking for but they certainly found this spanking site. I really don't know why she mentioned it to the girls.

Then Margaret totally stunned me and said she'd visited a shop with a girlfriend once which supplied discipline and bondage gear and that it was quite exciting although she didn't do that kind of thing herself, her husband would think she'd gone mad if she ever suggested it. But she went on to say her friend told her there were lots of women who were into bondage and some even get spanked but it's something that's never mentioned and that her friend told her she gets spanked by her husband. How true that is I don't know, I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, that she would even mention such a thing or even know somebody who was into spanking. I was totally speechless.

From the look on their faces the two temp girls were totally shocked and told Margaret not to be silly and to stop joking, how could anybody allow their husbands to do that. One of the girls turned to me and said what did I think, could it be true, would you let your husband do that to you, now what could I say, I'm sure I must have gone red but luckily at that point my phone went, it was a business call and I left their office to take it outside. After the call I started thinking hold on, what if Margaret starts clicking on some more spanking sites or maybe she has even by some slim chance found me and that was why she was mentioning it to see my reaction, to see what I would say. Then I thought what if she could trace my blog back to our office address because I've often posted from here.

I flew back to our office and said that's it I'm finished, have we got proper security here, I'm not writing again, or coming to the office again for that matter - of course P didn't know what I was on about but then, amused when I told him, he came over and put his arm round me and told me not to worry my cover couldn't be blown, he reckoned it was millions to one against and she wouldn't be sure of anything, no way. 

Margaret moved away from the area not long after that and her boss also moved offices.

Thankfully I wasn't outed.

Stay safe.

Have a good week,



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Talk about awkward! What to say? How to react? Saved by the bell. There have been the odd occasion spanking has been mentioned, mainly in a light hearted, joking way. On these occasions I have just listened amused and not joined in for fear of outing myself.


Hermione said...

A great post! Thanks for reposting it. My heart would have been in my mouth too:) I always used my personal laptop and internet connection when I used to post from the office.


Anonymous said...

I as a male wanted a spanking, but also knew and learned it was best to keep to myself. Magazines, videos, provided what I needed. Alone in my apartment, safe, could watch, read, and of course masturbate. Was when a lady older than I, we were dating, walked into the apartment, I thought she was out of town and saw me watching a spanking video, and playing with myself. This is when I learned that she understanding, she just turned off the video. Explain she said, and I did, she said she was not happy with me, but in a relationship one must accept, or no accept habits. We need to have a talk she said, pull up your underpants, pants, I have some ice tea and we will talk at my apartment. When we got to her apartment she said we need to address this. Let's see how you like a real spanking, to the bedroom. I looked, said nothing, told to undress, fold my clothes, I stood there erect, naked. I was soon over her lap, feeling the sting of her hairbrush. Kicking, squirming, saying it hurt, she continued to spank me. Enough I said, oh she said I've just started and when she did stop, I layed over her lap, until she stood me up. From now on, you will not masturbate, you will not watch or read spanking magazines, understood, Yes I said. I want all in the morning, Yes I said. Oh and that was not your last spanking, I will spply when I feel neccessary. She then told me to get to the front room face the wall, no talking, no rubbing. An half hour later told to get dress, had ice tea squirming and then went back to my apartment. In the morning I brought down the videos, magazines, and she smiled. This is how I Came Out, not by choice, but just happened. This older lady I dated for about a year, spankings happened. She introduced me to a co-worker, my age. We dated, got along, she knew of my spankings, was okay with that. It was three months or so, she finally decided I needed a spanking, and boy did it hurt. We had planned to visit my older lady, and we did, I squirmed while we visited. She asked if my bottom was pretty red, she was told it was. Jack

Fondles said...

WOW I would be panicked too. Thankfully I only ever use my HOME lappy to post stuff. (Which is also why I'm not always super quick to publish comments!)

Good thing you weren't outed, and that they moved away shortly after.

PK said...

Although in the long run you would have been fine whether it came out or not - I can only imagine the enormous relief you felt! Shoot, for most of my life I didn't even want my husband to know, much less anyone else!

morningstar said...

oh lordie that would have been a stressful few moments!! When I worked I never logged on to the internet unless it was work related. Being a teacher our browsing history was always under scrutiny. But I do remember a time when we were all out for dinner and the girls I was sitting with got into spanking fantasies and asked if I had ever had such fantasies. I didn't bat an eyelash and just said "doesn't everyone"? and just smiled sweetly at them.

ronnie said...

Roz - I think it was a little close for comfort but luckily nothing happened. Thanks.

Hermione - Thanks. It was my own computer not a company one but I still thought it might be traceable.

Jack - Thanks for sharing your story.

Fondles - I was pretty happy when she moved away from the area. Thanks.

PK - I would have been devastated if the whole of the offices knew (and I know it would have gone around the lot) then but now would be a different matter. Thanks.

Morningstar - LOL. I couldn't have kept a straight face if someone asked me that. Thanks.