Friday, 9 April 2021

Just Curious

As I've been searching around blogland looking for sites for my 'In with the New' spot, I've noticed increasing mention of the cane, or is that just me, like when you change car for a new make or colour and suddenly you notice more cars of the same make or colour you've just bought.

As you know I have an affection (most of the time:)) the cane so I'd be interested to know from readers what they think of the cane, is it being used more often, does it pop up in spanking related sites more often than it used. What's your opinion?

Have you ever been caned. If so, what was it like for you, have you tried it again or was is a one-off and if so what put you off using it again?

If you haven't had the cane used on you or used one on someone else's deserving bottom, what, if anything, would persuade you to maybe try it?

Stay safe and have a fun weekend.



Anonymous said...

Bacall and I both tried the cane several times a lifetime ago. It just did not work for us. I think it works best on your side of the Atlantic. Yes, I am sure of that. Along with carpet beaters and slippers.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

We have used bamboo, garden variety canes. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it used lightly I love it, but otherwise, it hurts like the dickens and I struggle.

On a serious note, as I write I am watching coverage of the passing of Prince Philip. Very sad news. It's just sinking in.


Hermione said...

I often visit Over The Desk spanking stories, and the cane is regularly used in the stories there. Canes aren't a turn-on for me. I prefer slippers and paddles.


Anonymous said...

My wife will not use a cane, leaves marks and can be applied to hard. I told her about the bath brush she uses, she smiles, just red cheeks, and a very naughty little boy saying he was sorry to his Mommy. Jack

PK said...

The cane was just nothing I'd ever really heard of here in America. As I was growing up, the switch came into play when we made our mothers mad and we were in they yard. But mostly I heard about paddles and occasionally the belt. Neither were used by my parents. I saw kids paddled at school sometimes - right up until I began teaching. Not something I would have ever done, but it was acceptable at the time.

I have no idea where my thought of the cane are coming from now. Maybe I should lie down until the feelings and curiosity goes away.

Cloe Spankee said...

On some occasion I have used it and sincerely, I hate it with all my desire.

Quentin QBuzz said...

We have a crook-handled rattan school cane that my girlfriend bought me as a present, and we cane each other fairly regularly. She can't take more than about four strokes, but I enjoy receiving a good thrashing, and she is getting increasingly confident at doling one out :D

Windy said...

I've been curious about it. But, I hate when we "test'" new implements. I guess it seems more on the harsh end of things (ha) to me, but I don't know if it truly is. Many things can hurt or not hurt as much depending upon the effort and strength into it, right? Or is there no such thing as a light caning? Also, I don't even know what a person's first cane should be like.... length, diameter....? Do you have suggestions? Hugs, Windy

Fondles said...

You know i love the cane... the tappety taps with unexpected swooshes in between. I also love it on my inner thighs, belly (lightly of course) and boobs (BIKSS is kind enough to always shield my nipples when he plays near my boobs.)

I'm lucky where I live I can get one anytime from the dollar store at my marketplace.

Ava Penniman said...

Hi Ronnie,
Yes, we use canes, and more now than before. We have 4, all from Caneiac and my husband regularly uses 2 of them. They are both 32” long and one is thinner and one is thicker. They are always used after the other implements. I truly find that the canes “put me over the top”!

Minielle Labraun said...

Never used the cane, however if we used it lightly.... think I’d give it a try!


I love the cane and love being caned, by someone who knows how to it properly or is at least willing to learn.

I do not like to buy toys over the internet though and have found buying good rattan canes, in shops, here in Belgium difficult. When you do find a shop selling them, they are usually German style peeled canes. It would be good to find a retail outlet here that stocks a good selection of canes for sale.

So to answer your question, in my location no, I have not seen a great increase in cane interest


Red said...

We use the cane, but Cindy is still quite timid with it. We once had two canes from DWC, but one wrapped agonizingly, and I discarded it. I enjoy the canes we bought from the link on your site, but wish Cindy would use them firmly.
I think you see more cane info because of your pleasure with canes. So many blogs, twitter, tumblr and actual sites that abound since when you and I started blogging.
bottoms up

claire said...

I'm relatively new to blogger so can't comment in regards to whether canes are being discussed regularly.

I do however like the cane, or should I say it depends on the cane, my preference is a thick one, I like thud better than sting, when it's applied rhythmically it can send me into a very happy place. I think a caning can be very sensuous if applied well, but that might just be me.

Bonus is I love the marks it makes!


ronnie said...

Bogey - Yes I think you are right, cane more used our side of the pond though I have read more American's now using it. Carpet beate didn't do anything for me. Thanks.

Roz - Never used a bamboo one (or I don't think we have) Garden canes can be fun. Thank you. My heart goes out to our Queen.

Hermione - Yes they have a lot of stories regarding the cane. Haven't had the slipper for a while. Thanks.

Jack - Your wife doesn't like to see marks after spanking you? Thanks.

PK - LOL. I am a little surprised your interest in the cane. Thanks.

Cloe - So you wouldn't want it used again:) Thanks.

QBuzz - I prefer our crook-handled cane to a straight one we have. I like a slighter firmer feel from a cane than the whippy type. Thanks.

Windy - I think every everyone should experience the cane at least once:) It does depend on the tquite ype of cane and of course how it's used. Doesn't have to be used hard all the time it can be sensuous.
In my opinion for a first cane one that's no too long about 60 - 65 cm x 8mm dia. Being a shorter in length it is easier to control. Smaller diameter are whippet but prone to 'wrapping' and bigger diameters more thuddy. I do from 6mm to 10mm but I think the 8 would be a good starting point.

Fondles - Yes I like it used lightly tap tap strokes, lovely sensation in my opinion. Yes I remember you saying lots of shops selling them. Thanks.

Ava - Hello. That's quite a long cane. Yes I know what you mean about putting you over the top. That's happened to me. Thanks.

Minelle - You should try one. Thanks

Pref - i do love the cane myself. I hope you find one one that sells them. Not quite sure what you mean by German style canes. Thanks.

Red - I'm glad you are happy with your canes. The one you discarded must have been long and whippy to wrap. Maybe ask Cindy to be a little firmer with the cane. Thanks.

Claire - its lovely to have a new blogger. I must come over and visit. I too prefer a thick cane to a whippy one, though thin and whippy does gave a place. No, no just you, a caning can be quite sensuous. Thanks.


Loki_Darksong said...

The Cane has been one of my favorite implements since I first read scenes involving them in those Victorian Era eroticas. I have used them and had them used on me and have amassed a nice assorted collection of them.

ronnie said...

LOKI - Thanks. I do think more people are using the cane now.


Anonymous said...

Love the cane and we have several. Graham

Bonnie said...

Hi Ronnie,

I'm sorry that I am a week late, but I wanted to reply to your question. Like PK said, I never heard about using a cane for punishment when I was growing up. As an adult, I was interested in every aspect of spanking. I read stories that involved the cane and I was intrigued. Then we watched a gruesome Eastern European video where unfortunate girls were beaten bloody. I was certain that I wanted no part of that and the matter was settled for many years.

About fifteen years ago, Randy ordered a small, short cane. It wasn't very scary and when applied with a quick, snapping motion, it generated a lovely sting and warmth.

A couple of years ago, after talking with many spanko friends about the cane, I decided that I was ready to try the real thing. Randy ordered a genuine punishment cane. It's not an implement for everyday spankings, but this cane has earned a place in our arsenal. When the objective is a sore throbbing bottom, the cane works for us.

ronnie said...

Bonnie - Sorry late reply to your comment as I've only just noticed it was awaiting moderation. Seeing videos like the one you watched and hearing stories about how awful the cane is has turned a lot of people off which is a shame. The cane definitely has a place and I think every spanko should try the cane at least once:) Thanks.