Monday, 5 April 2021

Vaccine Passports

No Thanks
That was my attitude towards the rumours which have been leaked mischievously and I'm sure sometimes intentionally by our government over the past fortnight, trying to assess public mood and what they can get away with. Some MP's have been against the idea, some have called it 'un-British' whatever that means. I'm not interested in the political side of it but on purely practical grounds I thought it would be nonsense to try and go for a pub lunch with, say, my son and at the door be challenged for our 'passports' which I would have but my son would not so we would be turned away. That's only one of many things that occurred to me.
Yes Please
But I've changed my tune after a sound spanking and lecture from my husband which corrected my thinking and considerably warmed my bottom. It didn't get me sex either, well not at the time although I did 'apologise' to him later for having argued the unarguable, as he put it. He told me the economy re-opening couldn't be slowed down just because a fast reducing minority of the population were still waiting for their turn for jabs or, worse, that a much smaller minority refused to have the jabs on principle which was clearly by their own choice and they didn't have to make that choice but if they did they knew the consequences.
He accepted there was a small percentage of people who couldn't take the vaccine for some genuine reason so their situation had to be addressed, testing would be one way he thought, there might be others too, but the thrust of his argument was that you can't penalise a growing majority of the population by denying access to places and you can't reasonably expect them to enter a place which might contain infected individuals. Not after all the suffering and sacrifices of the past year or so. Issues of privacy etc were nonsense, he said, set against a global crisis which we are trying to get out of.
So I'm not saying my husband is right, just that in my now opinion he probably is so I guess bring on the passport app or however they decide to do it, if they do it in the end. And if I ever moan about having to use it, please P, don't hesitate to correct me again:)
Stay safe.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I'm really not sure what to think of the covid passport idea. I do note however the the world health organisation isn't so keen. Glad the debate got you a spanking though :)


Fondles said...

i think there is huge administrative task involved with such a thing, and that should be the concern. Whether it can be rolled out adequately so that everyone has the app / token (like we do in my country) etc... but to the people who are citing privacy as reluctance, I'm not sure about that one. On the one hand there has to be SOME amount of trust in the government that they wont use your personal info nefariously, or let it land up in the hands of those that would... but on the other hand, a data breach of this magnitude would be simply catastrophic. There is also the problem of making sure those who CANNOT get the vaccine for genuine reasons (health / allergies etc) don't get penalised along with the others who CHOOSE to think that the vaccine is rubbish. I mean, if you think it's rubbish, go ahead and get sick. Some of us would like to be protected. Sigh.

We have a "tracing" app here that everyone has to download and we scan the QR codes at each building's entrance so that only those who show the "log in pass" is granted admission. yes they've posted retirees and youths at malls and office buildings to monitor the flow of people in and out of the buildings LOL. Those without mobile fones can get a token which the government provides (from the community centre in their own neighbourhood) that they can then scan at said entrances.

It makes it a heck load easier to do contact tracing and i must say the speed and efficiency with which they do it has seriously helped in keeping people quarantined and prevented a larger spread of the disease.

I guess the question is to what lengths is society prepared to go in order to try and manage this pandemic.

(Sorry about the essay... and it's a good thing you got a bottom warming from this discussion. Important current affairs always make for lively discussions!)

Minielle Labraun said...

I’m not sure what I think about a covid passport. I’ve heard that cruise ships plan on enforcing a requirement of you plan on cruising.
I feel like life can only get better and back to normal if people get vaccinated. However, what if you cannot get the vaccine because of allergies, health etc?
It’s a very complicated issue,


You'll find me in the pro passport camp too but it will still be some months before I get the opportunity to get the jab


PK said...

I don't mind the idea of a passport of some sort AFTER everyone who wants one has the opportunity to get one.

morningstar said...

Truthfully I haven't decided what I think of the passport thing.... our government is leaning towards no passport unless you wish to travel outside the country.

I rather like Fondles comment - about scanning some app every time you enter a building....... I am so insecure when I go out.. always worrying if the person next to me has covid... if the product I am taking off the shelf has germs on it... I don't know - somehow knowing that everyone in the shop has been vaccinated would be reassuring..

BUT then (see how undecided I am? LOL) I've gone a full year taking care of my health and safety and even after I get the vaccine I will continue to watch out for me......

Red said...

Any opportunity for a spanking is a good opportunity. The arguments put forward by P are persuasive, and I am totally in favor of vaccination passports. Those people refusing to be vaccinated should know that they cannot endanger others without consequences. Cruising may be difficult, because if people get off a ship, they then will interact with others in other countries who are not vaccinated, then come back on board.
Those allergic to the vaccine may have to wait considerable time for the same privileges, unfortunately. much like non-smokers not going into bars where smoking was permitted, no handicap ramps in many places. Solutions will appear, but they will take time.
bottoms up

Hermione said...

I think they are a good idea, although you make a good point about being with someone who has not had the jab and being turned away. We are so far from allowing everyone to get the vaccine, passports could only be considered after everyone has had the opportunity to be immunized.


Anonymous said...

2 of my daughters in there 20's and early thirties have no idea when they will get their vaccines. I can see major problems if pubs and restaurants refuse to serve people who cannot yet get a vaccine!

I think that the track and trace has been such an abject failure in the UK that the government see this as an easy way out.


ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. I didn't know the World health org have said they aren't keen.

Fondles - I agree with all you say. I don't understand those people who are citing privacy as reluctance as we give at lot of our details out already. It is the ones who genuinely cannot have the jab that need to be protect so I hope scientists can up with some form of protection for the. Thanks.

Minelle - I've heard cruise ships will want all travelers on their ships to have had both vaccines and the certificate. I think for those people it's only going to be testing a lot if they want to go into places. Thanks.

Prefectdt - Europe are in a mess with their vaccine programmes. Some are not giving it to younger and some other countries not to older. I'm a little confused on that. Hope it sooner that a few months for your jab. Thanks.

PK -It will be a good while before everyone has had their jabs. Thanks.

Morningstar - I'm very aware of people crowdinding when I go out, I steer well clear. People just don't social distancing and to me seem the older people who have had the jab think they are safe. Uk aren't thinking out passports being required in supermarkets. Thanks.

Red - Reading, you wont be able to cruise unless you have had both jabs and a certificate which I think is right. As you say the ships stops at many places for people to go sightseeing. Not sure where it will all go. Thanks.

Hermione - If passport do come about I think those who haven't had the jab yet will be able to get tests before they are able to enter venues. Thanks. Have you any idea when you will be offered your first dose? Thanks.

Alice - Government saying that all adults will be offered a job by July. I totally agree with you on the track and trace, a lot of money wasted on it. We'll see what happens. Thanks.