Monday, 29 March 2021

A Smile for Today

 Spanking - Sometimes nothing else will do the job

Stay safe.

Have a good week.

Spanking picture found over at Red's Consensual Spanking.


Roz said...

Love the drawing! Hope you have a great week Ronnie,


Fondles said...

I agree. Sometimes nothing else can do the job!

Hermione said...

I have the first one on my spanking implements rack.


Anonymous said...

My first adult spanking was from my future wife. Dating she caught me looking at spanking magazines, masturbating, when I least expected her to show up. Thinking the relationship was over, she smiled, not even close. I was told to finish, she watched, cleaned myself up, and said not to bother pulling up my pants or underpants. She sat on the toilet seat and said lets see how you like the real thing. Talking about dancing, rubbing, and her smile on her face. Off with everything she said sternly, I did as told, I was told to face the wall in the front room, no talking, no rubbing, and she was not done. Jack

Red said...

Spanking does solve many problems, and it works for us both to solve problems, and as an aphrodisiac. Thanks for the link, but everyone should visit and then click on the spanking artists link at the top of the blog to see a massive amount of spanking art. The one shown today on your blog is by Paula Meadows, and you will find many more of hers, and a massive amount of EndArt and EndArt Stories .
bottoms up

morningstar said...

not too sure I agree with the sentiment for the wooden paddle (grinning) not my favourite at all :) Though am thinking I am willing to try again.... when Sir Steve is in the mood.....

Terpsichore said...

I love black and white images...

ronnie said...

Roz - Black and white spanking drawings are always the best, well in my opinion. Thanks.

Fondles - It's true. Thanks.

Hermione - You must be very brave as it looks like it could hurt a lot. Thanks.

Jack - Sounds like you deserved it. Thanks.

Red - Thanks for the link, some lovely spanking art. I do love drawings by Paula.

Morningstar - I'm with you on the wooden paddles. Thanks.

Terps - Some of the best spanking pictures are black and white. Thanks.


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