Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Last of the March questions

Two questions from our friend Red over at Consensual Spanking. Red, thanks.

How would you feel if you were outed as a spanked wife?
I used to think I would be devastated if colleagues or any of the family found out, but as the years have gone by I don't think it would bother me. I still wouldn't like it as I would have to explain TTWD and I know they wouldn't understand.

Are you thinking of letting at least one other person know?
I told a friend who we've known for a long time (but hadn't seen for a while) that I had a spanking blog and my interest in it, including my little commercial spinoff. It bothers me that P might be seen in a different light, you know a monster of some sort which of course he isn't but you can't always go into enough detail to explain that. Anyway she seemed easy about it and we haven't spoken about it again as there has been cancer in their family and some things are more important to talk about.

Stay safe.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I enjoyed reading your answers to these questions. I wouldn't be happy if friends/family discovered our ttwd secret either for the same reasons and have never told anyone. Having said that though, I think people have picked up that I tend to defer to Rick over the years.


Fondles said...

i think ONE gay friend of mine knows, but he's kinda into some kink himself so I figured there wouldn't be any judgement there. Vanilla folk? Uh Uh NO WAY.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Hermione said...

How brave of you to confide in a friend. I can't think of anyone whom I could reveal my secret to, but then I have been away from all my friends for a year! Ron would hate for me to tell anyone.


PK said...

Great answers. I love the relaxations that comes with age. It's one of the few perks.

Red said...

I totally agree that the only thing that would worry me is what other people would think of Cindy. Spanking is not her thing, but she spanks me only because I love to be spanked, and, at times, it relieves her frustration when I am really messing up. I have not knowingly told anyone. Wish I could. Unfortunately, no close friends since changing cities many years ago.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Roz - Interesting that you noticed people have picked up on that. Don't think any one in our circle have a clue. Thanks.

Fondles - I wouldn't dream of sharing with any other friends. Thanks.
Hermione - Know her for a long time so I thought she would seems easy with it. Thanks,

PK - Yes I agree with you there. Thanks,

Red - I wouldn't tell any other of our vanilla friends as I know the look I'd get, wouldn't understand. Thanks.


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