Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Every 5 years - Disgraceful

Apparently 5 years is about as often as the average man will buy underwear. I'm talking for himself now, not his wife or girlfriend or boyfriend where the motivation might be somewhat different. Most men rely on their partners to decide when their underwear needs renewing, some even on mothers doing it for them way into their later years via birthdays and Christmas presents.

I'd never really thought that much about it except to note that P is a bit boring in that regard and probably wouldn't bother without my first suggesting it and even then he is ruthlessly practical insisting on bog standard multipacks from MandS or similar cotton briefs are best and, although I've tried tempting him with the odd silk boxer or pouch over the years, he always reverts back to value and practicality. Not at all how he is when my underwear is in the spotlight:)

So what does anyone else find, do your men show any interest in keeping their underwear updated or are most men pretty much the same as the article suggests? I'm just curious to know.

Stay safe.


Picture taken from The Times.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

In our case Rick does recognise when the underwear drawer needs updating and will take the initiative himself. He does predominantly go for bulk standard though, although silk boxers and more snazzier styles have made an appearance on occasion:)


Fondles said...

I think since i've come on the scene BIKSS has paid more attention to his unmentionables. He's switched to boxers - the stretchy kind, and found that they're way comfy. He's moved on to getting them in print, with funky sheens and one is even slightly translucent!

I do mention when I think a particular one begins to look ratty but most of the time he's pretty responsible in the undies department. (He has one with roosters on it. Makes me laugh every single time. I'll take a pic of it one day.)

PK said...

I'd say this seems about right. Although on certain exciting afternoons he will wear the pretty silk ones I've given him.

Red said...

I purchase underwear occasionally while traveling, or when I see something unique. While in Norway, came across Scandinavian Explorer in a bright orange color with moose on them. A simple reminder of being on vacation. I regularly pick up baseball style caps from different countries (and keep losing some), Tee shirts, tea towels, for fun. Sad we cannot do this at the moment. Even occasionally erotic underwear for her and him at Victoria Secret, because life is too short not to be kinky.
bottoms up

Minielle Labraun said...

I’d say you have it right in this household! Sometimes my guy will purchase a pack! Still very staid!

Anonymous said...

I get a half-dozen every couple of years. Briefs.Various colors and designs and manufacturers. Just whatever strikes my fancy..and you know how painful THAT can be!

Hermione said...

No interest at all. He buys a six pack every so often when the old ones are too stretched or worn. All black.


kdpierre said...

Look on the bright side: at least it's five years before buying new ones rather than between cleaning the old ones! LOL

ronnie said...

Roz - I did buy P some boxers and he quitte liked them but went back to the standard MandS pants.. Thanks.

Fondles - LOL. Yes take a picture and share. Thanks.

PK - P does have some sexy ones I bought. Thanks.

Red - I didn't realise Victoria Secrets sold men's underwear. Will have to take a look. Thanks.

Minelle - He likes what he likes. Thanks/

Anonymous Anonymous - LOL. Yes I do know how painful that can be. Thanks.

Hermione - P's tendsd to buy more white packs. Thanks.

kdpierre - Oh no 5 years without washing LOL. Thanks.


Fondles said...

The rooster pants pic is up on my blog!

Here's the post where it appears at the end.

Red said...

sorry, but no. Fun to wear very rarely when we really want to be kinky.
bottoms up