Monday, 29 June 2020

Big Apple green light to well ventilated Sex Parties

"As the blonde dominatrix tied up the naked stripper and spanked her with whips, paddles and riding crops, the handful of scattered spectators watched in hushed awe. Moans and marijuana smoke filled the air."

Yes it got my attention too but it wasn't the start of a chapter in some raunchy novel, it was a New York Manhattan party during lockdown and reported in the Sunday Times (sorry full article not available) (and I used to think broadsheets were all about politics, business and obituaries before P converted me:)), social distancing observed as far as possible of course.  The parties, organised by Kinklab, have always been popular but drastically reduced in size recently because of covid restrictions. Still, nice to see New Yorkers making time to chill and enjoy themselves. In well ventilated spaces of course.

Stay safe. Have a good week.


Simon said...

I have attended spanking and fem dom parties in the UK (2Kings,Bottoms Up and Slayers chiefly) and indeed attended a couple in February which at the time I didn't realise were going to be my last spanking action for at least 4 months. None of the parties I attend are intending to start up again until September at the earliest. One of the main problems is that the parties, both giving and receiving are attended by a number of gentlemen who are in their sixties and older (the oldest gentleman I have met at a party was 88 years old). Our age and the associated health problems that come with it puts us in the at risk category which makes attending mass gatherings or in fact using public transport to get to them problematic. Hopefully the parties will start up again at some point but I suspect that it is going to be a long time before we get back to anything approaching normal.

Roz said...

Interesting Ronnie, I don't think I would be going to any parties right now, let alone kink parties. We did attend an event once. It was definitely interesting, and eye opening.


morningstar said...

I can barely face grocery shopping - not even close to going to restaurants - so 'play parties' aren't even on my list of to do's

PK said...

I do love New Yorkers!

Red said...

Fun idea, but too much danger involved.
bottoms up

Minielle Labraun said...

It going out for any big parties of any kind these days. However the thought is nice!

Hermione said...

That's New York getting back to normal!

Masks will surely add to the fun :)


Oaks and Pines Spanking Stories said...

Would the rabbit ears offer a special protection ?

ronnie said...

Simon - Some sort of normal. We wont be the same again. Yes if anyone has health problems or older should take extra care. Bus transport in our area is very slow, not many using them. Thanks.

Roz - I wouldn't want to go to a pub yet. I would be interested in attending a spanking party. Thanks.

Morningstar - I know what you mean. I have an appointment with my hairdresser soon but not sure I'm ready. Thanks.

PK - Maybe a little too early for them to start their parties. Thanks.

Red - Yes not safe yet. Thanks.

Minelle - Me neither. Our pubs and restaurants can open from Monday. I hope people are sensible. Thanks.

Hermione - They could be ery inventive with their maks. Thanks.

Oaks and Pine - You never know. Thanks.