Monday, 20 May 2019

Spankless Task

I haven't been spanked for more than a week and it's no good. I've had spanking droughts before but this one is getting to me because I've been charged with some tasks by my husband and told I must get them done, he's relying on me to provide my womanly opinion and those of friends and acquaintances on the subject of cosmetics.

Now all women know about cosmetics, we build our knowledge over the years and it becomes second nature but try analysing all you've learned and going through products individually and explaining them to a man. What's good, what's bad, which companies lie, what does and doesn't work, what makes me buy or consider buying a new product, all sorts of things he wants to know. And not just from me because he accepts that different users may get a different experience from the same product.

P wants to know all this stuff because his age old China partner and friend have an opportunity to cooperate with a nascent Korean cosmetics company which would like to get into Europe via the UK. They are young but vibrant and Korea has a good reputation in that sector of personal care, which P thinks might be ripe for disruption. God the stuff he gets into.

Anyway I'm doing my bit as best I can but every time I ask someone about it they want to talk about it over coffee or tea or a beer and it's time consuming and P isn't interested in the chit chat (but he should be) all he wants is my collective findings neatly summarised and explained in a way that a man can understand. Now he's quite serious about this and I'm taking it seriously too, I've even enlisted the help of my hairdresser whose salon does beauty treatments too, but it means I'm being basically good and constructive and not getting into the sort of situations which get me spanked, well not so far.

I suppose I could ask for a reward spanking at the end of it but he doesn't generally go for that sort of thing. I can't foul up because it might become important, well it already is or he wouldn't have asked me to help and in any case I like that he has. Perhaps I could have a beer too many with one of my friends, or pretend to have done, and use stress relief as my excuse. Then he could administer a dose of his own stress relief, the best sort I know. Or maybe I'll submit a couple of lunch bills to him and ask for expenses:)

We'll see. But so far it's an interesting but spankless task and this woman wants both.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, you and P certainly are entrepreneurs. I don't envy you trying to explain cosmetics to a man. I'm not that knowledgeable on the topic myself so would be useless.

Hope the spanking drought ends soon. Love your idea of asking for expenses.


Glenmoretales said...

I'm surprised at you !Try one of the old standards like throwing a tantrum , cheeky comment , sticking your tongue out , or dumping a drink over his head. All guaranteed to produce a bottom warming you will remember.

Hermione said...

I vote for giving him the lunch bills - that will surely bring out the cane!


Ella said...

First let's talk about the cosmetics. Surely wish I could be in on that. My idea is to hit several fancy department stores in London. Ask your questions of the cosmetologists behind all the expensive counters. BTW, you are so right. Korean cosmetics and skin care products are now considered the most advanced and desirable by women in many countries. I think P is on to something.

I try never to ask for a spanking because it just doesn't have the same effect on me. However, in the last year, if Sam seems stressed out or overwhelmed about something, I have told him he needs to spank me as it provides the same benefits it does for me. Otherwise consider buying an expensive Givenchy lipstick and waste it writing your desires on the bathroom mirror.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend will make settle hints, normally with others present. Recall one such time, her best friend was present, in fact the best friend was helping her. Once I had enough I soundly spanked my girlfriend, while her friend enjoyed the show. Once I had my girlfriend facing the wall, her friend I took by surprise and soon was giving her a spanking. The best view in town, two very red spanked bottoms for me to enjoy.

Terpsichore said...

I hope you find something to give you a reason to be spanked while still staying true to the task at hand...I am sure you could come up with something clever ;-) I admit the I am a tad envious that a week of no spanking is considered a drought in your home... :-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Jack, I don't need to worry about not being spanked, my behavior takes care of that. My wife will not think twice about warming my bare bottom and could care less who might be present. In those cases a trip to the bedroom, they will not see, but will hear loud and clear. I have learned my wife or any woman can be pushed so far, and after a trip over my wife lap, beside sitting is not easy, it others know that she is the boss of the home.

PK said...

I like submitting the lunch receipt idea. It is an expense after all and maybe payment will come in your favorite way!

Aimless Rambling said...

I agree with the other, submitting the lunch bills might get you spanked. This doesn't sound like something that usually happens with you - wishing you the end of your drought very soon.

NoraJean said...

I'm searching the sky for pigs, Ronnie ;)) ... don't think I've ever read on your blog, of a day where you couldn't come up with something that would get P to spank. I'm pretty sure your drought won't last long ;) ... nj ... xx

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. I'm finding it hard to explain. I give him details and he wants a detailed explanation of the details I gave him:)

Glenmore - I like the dumping a drink over his head LOL. Thanks.

Hermione - I'm liking the lunch bill idea. Thanks.

Ella - I like that idea. We have some big stores nearer so that could be an idea. Thanks. P doesn't really do reward and good girl spankings. I do agree about asking for a spanking (I have once or twice) and it doesn't have the same effect on me either. I think the lipstick trick would get me spanked but not for it being expensive but for making a mess on the mirror he uses to shave:)

Anonymous - I bet her friend was very surprised. I hope she enjoyed the spanking. Thanks.

Terps - I'm sure I'll think of something:) Thanks.

Jack - I do get spanked for my misbehaviour but I am being very good at the moment and busy with compiling notes for P. Thanks.

PK - I was thinking the lunch receipts. Thanks.

SG - It doesn't happen often but once I get my task done, then I'll make sure I get the spanking I want. Thanks.

Nora Jean - LOL. I'm hoping not, just need to ge a bit more information for P.


Red said...

Hope the drought is over before you see my comment. Seems like a really strange request, as so many companies already exist, with infinite research and development capabilities, to try to compete with research only you are doing. Saying that to P should be enough to get you spanked!
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