Friday, 17 May 2019

On Old Meme

I did this meme a while back, and as I haven't a delicious spanking to write about, I decided to do it again. Some of my happy things have changed. Originally spotted on Anna and Hermione's blog.

54 things that make me happy.....

 1. Being a Grandmother. It's just wonderful

 2. Seeing our beautiful Granddaughter. Did I tell you how wonderful she is and how wonderful being a grandmother is?:) I could go on for ages but I wont. Just let's say I'm smitten. 

 3. Finding a bargain. As it doesn't happen that often to me it makes me happy when I do.

 4. Chatting over a long dinner with friends.

 5. The smell of bread baking.

 6. Seeing the ocean. I really do need a beach trip.

 7. Walking along the beach with P.

 8. The smell of freesias.
 9. Ticking off something on my long bucket list that's very very slowing going down.

10. Reading my comments (thank you to all).

11. Having time to read a book.

12. Seeing my son happy. He has grown into a strong, independent, lovely person and happily married with a beautiful daughter.

13. Settling down to watch a soppy film even though I know I'll end up crying.

14. Looking at old family photos.

15. Long walks with P

16. Going to buy our Christmas tree and getting the house ready for Christmas.

17. Closing the curtains on a dark dreary winter night and lighting my candles.

18. Family and friends.

19. Getting spanked over P's lap (well most of the time:))

20. Time enough to have a long soak in the bath.

21. Seeing someone smile when I've been able to help them.

22. Finding just the right present I know the person will love.

23. Getting tickets to see one of my favourite artists live.

24. Volunteering at the local charity shop.

25. The start of a brand new day.

26. Pottering about in the garden and planting my Summer plants which I must do in the next couple of week.

27. Freshly painted toenails.

28. Being part of this wonderful community.

29. Feeling P's hand on my bottom.

30. Selling one of my canes. 

31 Listening to Bagpipes (yes, really, P thinks I'm mad)

32. Just sitting next to P.  No matter if we are watching TV, reading or him doing work, just lovely to be close.

33. Snuggling under the duvet with P.

34. Knicker shopping knowing I'll get spanked in them.

35. Listening to music.

36. A smile from a stranger.

37. Hearing children's laughter.

38. Singing and dancing to music while I'm doing my housework (when no ones around to see or hear me of course:))

39. Our neighbours who kindly take in parcels when we are out so we don't have to trek to the Post Office for them.

40. Packing for a trip.

41. The smell of washing after its been drying outside.

42. Watching Wimbledon.

43. Sunshine.

44. That I have had the pleasure of meeting fellow bloggers and will again in a couple of months.

45. Finishing a task I've been struggling with.

46. Getting a call from a friend I haven't spoken to for a while.

47. Sitting outside early on a summer morning with a cuppa of char.

48. Knowing my family and friends are in good health.

49. Seeing a show at the theatre.

50. Donating clothes, canned food and toys to good causes.

51. A bowl of freshly made soup with warm crusty bread.

52. Long lunches with girlfriends.

53. P giving me a massage.

54. When P tells me I'm going to be spanked.

Have  a fun weekend.



Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I can guess which ones are new since the last time you did this meme :)

I adore bagpipes too, and Ron thinks I'm mad as well! Also love a thunderous pipe organ. As a dear, 100+ year old lady said to our church congregation, "It goes right up your dress".


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I do remember this one. These are great questions and I love your answers:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)


Ella said...

This is a lovely meme, Ronnie. I think everyone should have a list like this so when things go badly, you can easily recall how many other things bring you happiness. Like you being a grandma now.

I did go knicker shopping again on our last trip, and they are Sam's favorites.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Aimless Rambling said...

Wow, thats a long one and I still may try it. I've been so absent.

NoraJean said...

What a long and thoughtful list, Ronnie ... covering all bases ... and I agree with your top two! ... altho' mine are grandboys :)) ... nj ... xx

Meredith said...


I loved reading your list.
Than you,

ronnie said...

Hermione - And you would be right:) I know what the little lady means. I also like church bells. Thanks.

Roz - Kind of you to say. Thanks.

Ella - Thank you. I'm happy Sam likes the knicker you bought which reminds me I needssome new ones:)

SG - Thanks. I hope you do. You are missed.

Nora Jean - Thanks. I never thought being a grandmother would be so wonderful.

Meredith - Thank you. Happy you enjoyed the read.


Terpsichore said...

lovely :-)