Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Bottoms Up - Hermione

Thanks for joining me for another 'Bottoms Up'

This week we have one from our friend and fellow blogger Hermione

My favourite implement, hands down, is the rose paddle handmade by John at Leatherthorne. 

It's beautifully made and the rose gives it an elegant touch. It's a handy size and easy to pack for travelling. It is also a traditional implement; its shape immediately comes to mind when I hear the word "paddle". But best of all is the way it feels on my skin. It packs a wallop but isn't severe, and the sound it makes when it connects is pleasing for both of us. The picture is yours, not mine, but isn't it nice that we both have such good taste in paddles?

My least favourite (and I have several of those to choose from) is the red loop. 

It really cuts, and is quite nasty unless used very carefully and gently (is that even possible?) It doesn't come out too often, and when it does it must be when the neighbours are out, as I am very vocal when it's used.

Thank you Hermione. Oh yes the Rose paddle is definitely my favourite as well.  I don't think John makes them anymore. I don't like the look of your red loop. You are very brave.

Don't forget, if any bottoms, male or female who would like to do a review of their least (or favourite) implement (you don't have to have a blog) and why, please email me I'll keep it secret if it's just for me but if it's OK for me to post it please say so. Pictures are always good.

See you next Wednesday for another 'Bottoms Up'.



Roz said...

Thank you for sharing Ronnie and Hermione. The rose paddle certainly does seem to be popular in the land and that loopy looks evil!


Hermione said...

Sadly, you are right. John is now on Etsy and doesn't make the rose paddle. But he has some very nice substitutes.


Ella said...

Loved hearing from Hermione this time. Sorry I missed out on the rose paddle, but I will check out John's offerings on Etsy.

Hugs Across the Pond,

PK said...

I do think the rose paddle is elegant and classic! A wonderful favorite. We've never tried a loopy but I fear it just the same. Hermione, you might just want to lose that thing.

Aimless Rambling said...

That red thing looks hateful Hermione and it would find its way to the 'special place' where things go to die. The rose paddle does look pretty and it's leather so I'm pretty sure it would be a love/hate thing with me.

ronnie said...

Roz - The paddle is a delight:) Thanks.

Hermione - Thanks for your review. I didn't know John was selling on Etsy. I will take a look.

Ella - Maybe John would do special for you. Thanks.

PK - The rose is favourite for a lot of us bloggers. I could send you a wooden loopy to try:) Thanks.

SG - I agree about the red loop. I think Hermione is very brave. The rose paddle is beautiful. Thanks


Red said...

Nice to know. Thanks Hermione and Ronnie.
bottoms up