Tuesday, 8 January 2019


You know I can't resists a meme. Spotted on Bonnie's blog.

Panties or bare bottom?
As long as I'm getting spanked who cares. 

Dream spanker/spankee?
P and me.

How often are you spanked?
Not enough for my liking. 

Most hated spanking position?
Diaper. Thankfully I don't get spanked in that position any more.

How many times have you been spanked?
Sorry I haven't been counting.  

Are you currently getting spanked?
That would be difficult as I'm doing this meme.

Favourite clothing for a spankee?

Favourite spanking position?
OTK on our office futon. 

Favourite implement?
The rose paddle. Bet you thought I'd say the cane. 

When was the last time you got spanked?

What was the last thing you got spanked for?
No reason. Just because P wanted to. 

Do you have a favourite spanking writer/author?
There are so many fantastic spanking authors out there that I couldn't choose just one. 

Most hated implement?
A small holey paddle Bogey and Bacall sent me. 

Do you have a preferred pairing?
I like them all.

What is your favourite thing to do for aftercare?
I love some sex.

Do you have a favourite spanking writer/author?
I have more than one.

An aspect of spanking that you like to see in fantasy but would hate in real life?

Tied and spanked on a St. Andrews Cross, but I know I wouldn't like it.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Love your answers to this and yes, I thought you would have put the cane as your favourite lol. The rose paddle does seem popular though :)


Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) I loved reading your answers! I may have to have a go at this one too.

That rose paddle is so pretty, and leather too! I can imagine it to be beloved. I must look into that! I know what to do there. I did think that you would say the cane! LOL! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

Ella said...

Well, this little meme is one that should prove interesting around blogland, Ronnie. I would have put money on the cane as your answer. Sam made a little paddle out in his workshop that doesn't look so scary, but it's a real bitch on the bottom!

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Ronnie, your answers were fun! I agree about the St. Andrew's cross, most uncomfortable, I should think!


Leigh Smith said...

If I remember right, I agree with many of your answers. The diaper position is awful, I can't imagine the St. Andrews Cross and I'm surprised you didn't pick the cane I understand why but just surprised.

Red said...

fun to read meme. Never tried the diaper position which looks quite daunting. I would have guessed cane also, as it appears to be used far more often than the leather paddle.
bottoms up

Terpsichore said...

very fun meme to read. Love the rose paddle. :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

Roz - The paddle wins hands down:) Thanks.

Katie - Thanks. I know there are a few bloggers who have the rose paddle. It just gets better with age, lovely leather and so well made.

Ella - The paddle in the picture is small, but oh boy does it sting. Thanks.

Hermione - The like the thought of the St. Andrews cross but yes would be uncomfortable. Thanks.

SG - I do love the cane but the rose paddle will always be a favourite. We've had it a long time. Thanks.

Red - Thanks. I thought everyone would have expected me to say the cane.

Terps - Thanks. I do love a meme.