Wednesday, 30 May 2018

I hate Ryanair

But I love them (temporarily) too. They got me into trouble which got me spanked.....but they also got me a holiday. Eventually.

I'm overdue a sunshine break, by my own reckoning, I mean there's no sound basis for assessing my 'overdueness' other than how I feel but that's good enough for me. So I started browsing for somewhere, just for a few days, where sunshine would be more or less guaranteed and with decent food, nice people, swimming for P (he prefers the sea not pools) and comfortable accommodation. I started off with, as I'm familiar with their search site and we've used them several times before, and they came up with plenty all within easy travel times. I chose an option in Portugal which got really good ratings 9.4 and reviews and, best of all, I could book with no credit card and free cancellation up to 09 June if I changed my mind.

So I booked, got my confirmation email and forwarded it on to my nearest and dearest, pleased as punch with myself. I got an email back within minutes telling me it was very nice but where's the rest of the details, how are we going to get there. Easy peasy, I thought, and opened Oh dear, they could do the dates and from a midland airport but their times and prices were definitely not good. Ryanair don't do 'book without a card' and 'cancel later if you have to''re either in or you're out. And minutes later the flight could be sold out or price changed. So I called P and told him, he said it was ridiculous, not to book it, the flights would cost more than the whole rest of the trip put together. I told him I'd find a better deal and asked him if he agreed in principle. He said the dates were ok and yes it was a nice idea and wished me luck with the airlines. I didn't have any luck, easyjet, jet2, even thomascook, all ridiculous. We could fly from London but that's a hassle for a short break and I discounted it.

I gave up on the dates I wanted and started searching other dates not too far away. Then Bingo! I found a silly money return flight for two of us for £113 (that's not a typo, for TWO) and the times were good and the airport only forty minutes drive and so I booked it. I didn't tell P, I thought I'd sort the accommodation out first and tell him when he got home. Well I was still searching when he came through the door. He thought I was still looking for flights and said I should give up so I told what I'd done and he beamed at the price but then I told him the dates had to change a bit and I'd added a couple of nights on to get that great deal. His face straightened. So what was I looking for now, he asked. I told him it was the accommodation which was now the problem, they didn't have dates to match our flights.

"Shit! You've got things the wrong way round," he said. "You don't pay just because it's a bargain price and then find you can't get the accommodation, that's crazy." He went to go upstairs to change but then turned round. "It's out of the frying pan into the fire, it's ridiculous."

"It's isn't ridiculous, it's a good deal, I'll get accommodation," I said.

"And how long have you been looking so far?" He stood in the doorway waiting.

"About forty minutes," I lied, it had been over an hour. I could almost hear his mind working. Was he going to spank me? He was.

"You better come upstairs with me. Now," And he was off, me following seconds later.

He wasn't in the office so I went into our bedroom, he hadn't changed yet just taken off his top. He's quite tanned from doing work in our son's garden over a few days last weekend, I still like seeing him work with his top off in fact I like seeing him with his top off period. Even when he's going to spank me. Which he did and hard, accompanied by lecturing about jumping the gun and not going into action before getting my brain into gear and then...oh yes...checking with him first. Well if I always checked with him there would never be any surprises would there!

"I'll still get us somewhere to stay, really, there's plenty available I just want it to be nice. For you!" I shouted as my knickers slipped further to my knees with my kicking and struggling.

I don't know whether that got through to him or whether he thought perhaps he was overreacting or whether he was just feeling a bit horny or maybe a bit of each. Anyway he stopped spanking. His hand rested on my bottom though, decision time for me, should I say something to further incite him or leave the ball in his court? I kept quiet; even though I wanted more spanking I wanted a sunshine break more. He told me to pull my knickers up and to go downstairs, he'd come and join me and we'd see what we could find together. I could see the bulge in his crotch and thought I hope he brings that with him.

So bottom line is, the accommodation we wanted was nearly available all but one day on their website so P emailed the owners and they came back really quickly and said they could do it if we didn't mind a room change for the last night. So we said yes and I cancelled the previous booking no problem no charge (why can't Ryanair be that friendly:)) and now we're having a longer break.

It's always a struggle to get P to agree to taking time out, he always does it eventually, just needs a bit of coaxing. I think he's even warming to the idea. I haven't told him yet that the bargain price doesn't include seat choices or hold baggage or fast boarding or whatever else Ryanair can come up with. But that will happen soon enough because it's only about 4 weeks away. Perhaps that will be a spanking too although I hope I don't have to wait that long for another.



Leigh Smith said...

Love how you work him around. You know your man, that's for sure.

NoraJean said...

Oh my, Ronnie ... laughing my you know what off ... too funny! ... the spanking part that is. Hope you got/get your wish!
On the travel part ,.. I have to say, I hate booking online now ... too many scams. I had a horrid experience last year when I didn't pay close enough attention to the website address for a hotel and it turned out to be a cloned address ... one where it's almost the same address but a word or letter or two different. In the end it was not the hotel itself but a third party reseller who charged a fairly large 'booking fee' and gave no refund. Now I might look online for a deal first but I call directly to make the booking.
... have a great getaway... (woohoo! 'hotel sex' :)) ... nj ... xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I'm with Sunny lol. Glad you were able to sort both the flights and accommodation. Organising travel is a pain in the more ways than one lol


Fondles said...

Oh planning a getaway can be tons of fun... or tons of stress. it's a good thing this time you didn't get into any REAL bad trouble. Besides, by the sounds of it, he might just KIV the spankings till you actually get there!

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, hop you have a fun time in the sun!
Love Jan,xx

abby said...

Sounds like a win/win to me..a spanking and a holiday!!! hugs abby

PK said...

Ronnie you are fearless! But I guess that's because you have nothing to 'fear'. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and send me a picture of the sun - we've forgotten what it looks like here.

Hermione said...

Good for you for working out all your arrangements AND getting a spanking into the bargain. That's a real deal!


Windy said...

I love the way you tell a story, Ronnie! Especially one with spanking in it, too! This made me really laugh, "I could see the bulge in his crotch and thought I hope he brings that with him." Too funny! Lovely post! Thanks for sharing with us!

Ella said...

Love this story, Ronnie. Everything looks so bright and wonderful while you are booking online, but sometimes a bargain turns out to be more of a sad choice.

Recently booked a room for a trip and found out too late that the hotel's name was just a few letters off from the chain hotel that I thought I was reserving. Sam laughed until we couldn't find a decent place to eat.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Red said...

An excellent win/ win situation. You have booked a longer holiday, and been spanked. How wonderful. Glad your broadband is working for you to have achieved this.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

SG - I know him well. Thanks.

Nora Jean - You are right you have to be careful. I know this site and have used it a few times so wasn't worried. Thanks.

Roz - I just hope everything goes to plan and Ryanair doesn't change flight times like they have done before. Thanks.

Fondles - I hope I don't have to wait that long:) Thanks.

Jan - Thanks. We're not doing too badly with sun here. Hasn't it been lovely?

Abby - It was for me. Thanks.

PK - Thanks. I wish that the sun returns for you soon.

Hermione - It took a while but I got there and got a spanking at the end. Thanks.

Windy - Thank you, you're very kind. Happy it made you laugh. Thanks.

Ella - Thanks. I'm pretty careful when I book anything online but mistakes happen. I hope the hotel was comfortable at least.

Red - I booked before the broadband fault and no it's not fixed yet. Thanks.


Blondie said...

You plan vacations a lot like me, lol. Congrats on finding some good prices though and I hope you have a wonderful vacation. I do think that there may be another spanking in your future when P finds out all about Ryanair (which I have never heard of).

Rosie Jones said...

I leave all holiday arrangements to Harry, even my solo trips. We only use Ryanair as a last resort, hope they don’t foul up your plans. Clever you, getting a spanking!
Rosie xx