Monday, 28 May 2018

Broadband down

Nightmare. We lost our Internet connection last Autumn for about four weeks, it was a horrible experience, you just don't know how much you take for granted until it gets taken away. We got compensation but it doesn't really compensate for the hassle and inconvenience, they should be paying out five times as much especially when business use is involved, says P.

Anyway it might be happening again, I hope not but on Thursday evening we lost Netflix then discovered WiFi all round was not working. Friday morning P was amazed to get through by phone within about five minutes to a charming and helpful Irish girl who didn't ask him to run through the usual formality (and useless in our case) equipment checks, she just saw our file on screen and apologised and said she'd raise it as an immediate fault. So far so good.

But then she said, ah weekend and bank holiday coming up, could be three to five days before a technician can get onto the case especially if he had to access the external line or the exchange. Oh I could see P's face change but he kept his cool and didn't offend the girl, it wasn't her fault.

So since Friday it's been cellphones and mobile hot spot. It works after a fashion but films are out, printing won't recognise the network and our costs are immediately ramped up because we've both had to increase our data allowances. I think compensation is mandatory now but, again, I bet it won't anywhere near cover the distress.

P has ranted a few times since, 'don't these buggers work weekends?', 'they take our money 24/7 but they don't provide the service back', 'we're going to move over to satellite, sick of this nonsense' etc etc........but I know that when we get it working again all will be forgiven, mainly because of the huge relief you feel when you get back online.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, oh how annoying, and especially when it ends up costing you. You don't realise how much we rely on technology until we don't have it. Hope you are back on line pronto!


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, our youngest is an open reach engineer! and no they don't work weekends! good luck
love Jan, xx

Fondles said...

I feel your pain. Good luck with getting it all sorted out!

Hermione said...

Our cable company has been out of commission for over a month "upgrading" their customer support system. That means no technical help if you have problems with phone, TV or internet, and if you move, your services stay behind to be used for free by the next people to move in, while you can't be connected at your new location. I would be surprised if a great many people didn't switch to Fibe or satellite.

Hope you get it sorted soon.


Windy said...

Oh that's worse than a "boil water advisory" and the electricity going out at the same time! We live kind of on the street corner..... that doesn't sound right..hehe ...... we live in a house that is on the corner of two streets..... and when the wind blows as it often does here, the power on one side of the street almost always goes out (the side we're connected to).... and the other side still has all their lights. Happened so many times we lost count.

What you're describing does sound like a nightmare. I'd be living at the local coffee shop with their free wi fi. LOL!

Hope everything is resolved soon!!


Red said...

Sad how powerless we are vs the conglomerates. Hope you have it all sorted soon.
bottoms up

Leigh Smith said...

We have become so dependent on the internet, I hate to think what would happen if it was ever terrorized. I don't know about the UK but the US would be in a big vacuum and me, well I'd be pulling out my hair once my kindle died.
Hope things get back on track soon.

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. I've had to buy more data this morning.

Jan - I thought so. Thanks.

Fondles - Thanks. The way it's going it could be a week or more before it's fixed.

Hermione - Free for the next people, really, that's not right. Thanks.

Windy - That would annoy me. Still waiting for the engineer to look at it:( Thanks.

Red - It really does annoy me. Thanks

SG - LOL. We would be the same. It looks like my laptop is dying now. I have my ipad but I hate using it for blogging.


Ella said...

Hope things are set to rights after your bank holiday weekend, Ronnie. Considering I didn't even understand what the Internet was back in 1990, the thought of it being down today is frightening.

It always makes me laugh to hear your impersonation of P when he is in a growly mood about something.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Blondie said...

OMG, I hate it when the internet is down. I agree with Paul but you are right, once everything is back you are just happy to be working again. Hope this time things work out quickly.