Friday, 1 June 2018

The Great and the Good

Do British men, particularly those in positions of power and privilege, deserve their reputation for enjoying being spanked? The stuff I find when I'm searching for new blogs..with a little help from google's daily auto searches!

Apparently they do. Posh British men definitely beat their peers (no pun) in other countries when it comes to being spanked. The US leads the way in BDSM and Canada enjoys Dom/sub relationships but it's the Brits who have that special penchant for spanking. This is all according to published research, opinion and articles from a variety of sources and several academics so I guess there's no smoke without fire.

The article google sent me, which got my attention because of its header and the picture below is her

But it contains plenty of links to underpin its main thrust, including well known media worthies like The Spectator and perhaps less well known (well not to me) like the DailyDot :) which used the Homer cartoon to illustrate its point.

What I want to know is where's all the research on the girls? Surely there must be more females than males who get spanked, wouldn't you think? Some great and powerful amongst them?

I mentioned it to my husband, only casually, I mean it was a holiday weekend, I didn't expect a considered response. And I didn't get one. He just said "Maybe the women at that level enjoy dishing it out rather than getting it." He could be right.

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Interesting articles. I too would be interested in research on women and would think women in powerful positions would enjoy being spanked too.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I think it's because of their experience at public school, where regular beatings were common and even a badge of honour. Also, maybe it is more noteworthy that men like to be spanked because it's considered more unusual than for women, who are traditionally submissive while men are dominant.

Interesting article!


Red said...

interesting articles. This appears to be men orientated research, whereas it would have been far better if it included women's desires and kinks. I imagine they shy away from women being spanked, thinking it is a result of a male dominate society, and possibly abusive behavior by men towards women.
Have a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing
bottoms up

NoraJean said...

Stereotypes exist because us humans tend to categorize in order to understand the world around us... I'm pretty sure spanko tendencies exist internally, in even measure across class and gender. However, privilege might make it easier to act on or let those tendencies show ... nj

Rosie Jones said...

Do you remember the Max Mosley hoo-ha Ronnie? There was mention of nobility and members of Parliament in that set up. I can see why powerful men might want to be caned or spanked as an antidote to always being in charge. I’m sure the same can be said of powerful women too, as Roz has said. Maybe there’s little research on women being spanked because it used to be commonplace and now there’s a bit of a taboo, sadly.
Rosie xx

ronnie said...

Roz - I definitely think so and do. Thanks.

Hermione - You could be right, they were spanked at school and now want to be spanked as an adult. They want to give up control. The powerlessness of it. Thanks.

Red - I thought similar to you. Thanks.

Nora Jean - I wonder if it is in even meausre, not sure. Thanks.

Rosie - Of course, Mosely and the members of parliament. I think a lot of these powerful want to be taken in hand. Roles reversed. Thanks.


Ella said...

Good god, with the current climate around the "Me, Too" movement, I am not sure any woman would want to admit to it. They might come and cart away her partner.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Michael M said...

May be the women are just more discrete, Men are so careless they end up getting exposed as spankees and spankers through stupidity.

ronnie said...

Ella - Shame but yes could be true. Thanks.

Michael - Hello. Good to see you. Yes, we are more discrete so you could be right. Thanks.