Monday, 19 March 2018

"I didn't want it to happen like that"

My words, a couple of hours after it had happened. Talking with my nearest and dearest over a mug of tea, in the kitchen, while he was chopping onions to make a soup. Mundane stuff but it's how things happen. Two hours earlier I'd been caned, in our bedroom, lying on the bed with my bottom bolstered upwards by two memory foam pillows folded over. All pretty normal stuff you might think, and let's face it Ronnie's into canes and not above provoking her husband when she sees an opportunity, or just plain getting spanked anyway for whatever reason.

But the thing is, I'd been within a cat's whisker of orgasming during my caning, actually on the very edge. The slightest touch from P, or my own fingers, down there and I'd have been hitting the ceiling. Maybe even a few more words, strict ones needless to say, would have sent me there. I've never been at that point before under the cane. P must have sensed how close I was and he increased the ferocity to nip it in the bud so to speak. It worked, the strokes became very harsh and I was 'neutralised'. A very sore bottom, orgasm on hold, he could have revived me, just a few minutes to calm down then his hand, would have set me off. I didn't get either, just told off for being a naughty girl and he hoped I'd learnt my lesson.

He left the bedroom, I had some jobs to do including making up the spare room because our son and daughter in law were staying over later. Now I haven't even mentioned the reason for the caning but I can tell you it was nothing serious, although my husband used the type of language that, had anyone been eavesdropping, would have given the impression that it was. I'm not going into it because the big thing to come out of it for me was the nearly-orgasm. I've wanted that to happen lots of times, I mean I can be there before or after but never 'during'.

I told P about it in the kitchen, I asked him if he knew how close I'd been.

"Of course I did," he said. "That's why I gave you something to take your mind off it, can't have my wife coming over the pillows when she's getting her bum caned." 

"Bastard," I called him. He was smiling.

"Would you have wanted it to happen?" He asked. "We'd have time to do it again before the kids arrive, you know, like re-run the movie but with a different ending." P was amused.

"I was so close, so really close, I don't know what I wanted, I suppose I won't until it happens one day and then I'll know...if it does," I added for good measure.

He said he'd been very tempted to take me then and there, he'd observed my well striped bottom increasing its thrusts to meet his cane and he'd heard the lust in my cries but he made his decision and exercised control. I said I was appreciative, I wouldn't have wanted it to happen like that. Then almost in the same breath told him I wouldn't mind it happening now though. The fucking not the caning. He knew I was horny.

Half an hour later after he'd finished his prep he took me upstairs and put me out of my misery, had me kneel doggy-style on the bed, memories of the caning flooding back, knickers down, I was soaking pushed myself hard onto his bloated cock letting out a little whimper as my still sore bottom hit his muscled thighs. P must have been as horny as me judging from the amount of yum he spurted into me and we collapsed onto the bed. We lay there a while enjoying the afterglow then P said, "So what's it to be next time then?"

I told him I'd leave it to his discretion, then I felt wet dripping down my inner thighs and told him to roll over and put his hand down there to catch some of the mess, I'd have to change the duvet otherwise. He said leave it, it would dry. Men don't understand that sort of thing.

Anyway I think I'd very much like to come during a caning. I guess it's not the sort of thing you can guarantee, I shall certainly report it if and when:)

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Wow Ronnie, I think my tablet just about combusted, this was hot!

I can't decide whether to say it's a shame it didn't happen or not lol. Can't say I have ever orgasmed during a spanking either.


ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. I have orgasmed during spankings but never during a caning.


abby said...

I am in that same club...have from a spanking, but not yet from a caning....we both need more research on this...hugs abby

morningstar said...

it sounds like a perfectly great caning session (cheeky grin) or nearly perfect !! maybe next time??? you WILL have to share with us if it does happen !

Hermione said...

I am so envious of you, Ronnie. it hasn't happened to me (yet) but don't think it could during a caning. Keep us posted on your progress:)


Katie said...

WHoa!!! That was hot Hot HOT, Ronnie!!! :) Glad that you and P had a good talk about it, so he’s onboard for next time. Love that you went back up to take care of things!

Sounds like you are on your way to that happening during a caning- especially since P now knows. Do keep us posted! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I will not ask why he prevented you as I probably would not understand it. Orgasm is the reason we spank.

Ella said...

You put FSOG to shame, Ronnie. I would much rather read here. I think if I was counting on being able to orgasm with a certain implement, then it would never happen. Stuff like that is better in the moment.

Loved how you described being so close to orgasm. A "cat's whisper" describes it well.

Hugs Across the Pond,

PK said...

Sure does sound like P knows what he's doing! You have a great marriage, but you all ready know that!

Leigh Smith said...

I could have used your post for my Monday's story. Wow -I bet you had a smile on your face during the visit with your son and daughter-in-law. Lucky girl.

Red said...

Delightful to read! You and P have such delicious, amazing adventures! Truly, it appears that P should set this as his goal of caning you to an orgasm. Why you informed P that you were uncertain about having one is beyond me to understand! Definitely a Venus and Mars scenario.
If it was actually a punishment caning, he could use the cane again shortly after your climax, in the idea of making a man ejaculate before being spanked. Most readers seem to say that makes the spanking so much more intense!
Bottoms up

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, how skilled P. is to help you reach such heights!
love Jan, xx

Lea said...

I feel like so much has to come together for a situation like that. The timing, the mental state... as in, if you were wishing it and trying to make it happen beforehand, it likely won't. But if you already feel it happening... that's when it might happen. I hope you get another chance to have it happen for you... so you can see if its something you really want.

lindy thomas said...

Hope P helps you reach your orgasm next time he canes you, do let us know.
Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

Abby - Find any let me know:) Thanks.

Morningstar - I just have to wait and see if it happens again and yes, will post if it does. Thanks.

Hermione - I hope it happens for you. I was very close, maybe another time. Thanks.

Katie - No guarantees but hopefully it does happen. Thanks.

OBB - It's the way we like it. Thanks.

Ella - You are too kind, thank you. You are right, you can't guarantee it will. Thanks,

PK - He's really good when using a cane, well I think so. Thanks.

SG - A smile and a nice warm bottom. I loved your story today and yes definitely a book there, well I hope so. Thanks.

Red - Can't set a goal. Trying hard and counting on it, wont happen. It will or not. Being spanked/caned after a cum certainly hurts more. Thanks.

Jan - I don't think he would class himself as skilled but he is pretty good with a cane. Thanks.

Lea - I totally agree, the moment has to be right. No good P or me saying lets try for it today. It'll happen or it wont. Thanks.

Lindy - Thanks. It wont be planned, I know that.


Fondles said...

that was hot! i'm not sure whether to smile or moan that P exercised "control" as he says. but i suppose it will happen when it happens yes?

Also i LOLed at the "men don't understand these things" re the duvet. I KNOW RIGHT???

Eric51 Amy49 said...

And yet another reason we need to try a cane! Wow. This is hot.

Terpsichore said...

glad he finally put you out of your misery :-)

Anonymous said...

I would love, LOVE to orgasm during a caning. Or any spanking she cares to give me for that matter. :)


ronnie said...

Fondles - Thanks. He does like to control it like that. Yep they don't understand it at all.

Amy - I think you should. Thanks.

Terps - So was I:) Thanks.

Yorkie - Maybe one day it will happen. Thanks.