Wednesday, 21 March 2018

More of your questions answered

Amy - I would like to know how you went from having a spanking dynamic in your marriage
to blogging, then writing and publishing books, and now selling canes?

Ha! So would i:) it wasn't planned I promise you, one thing just tumbled into another and I was blogging when still doing crazy hours sometimes, helping P and then setting up my own little import business when P's work was running like clockwork. It's not a recognised career path that's for sure!

Have you always been so industrious?
Industrious yes, I suppose so thinking back, you have to be in your own business, I think I get it from P.

Which of the three have you found has created the most lasting friendships for you?
For friendships and enjoyment I think my blog.

Fondles - Chocolate or vanilla?
Neither as I don't do ice cream, yes it's true, I'm not over keen on the stuff.

What 3 items would you never go on vacation without?

Other than clothes and the obvious. Medication, mini first aid kit, a spanking implement.

Baker - What is your least favourite spanking implement?
A holey paddle which was gifted to me by Bogey and Bacall. It's just a small simple paddle but wow to me it's sharp, stings and I often think of hiding it. P really enjoys threatening its use.

Least favourite position to be put in for a spanking?
Don't really have one now.  One I never used to like was 'bend over and touch the floor/toes'

but that 'instruction'. Free standing is not a stable position and, also, P says it stretches the flesh too tight, I think he's right. It's been discontinued years ago:)

Meredith - What six month period would you like to relive in your life?
Didn't think I'd get that one back:) When I met P, when we used to own pubs/nightclubs or maybe when we lived in Spain. not any of these....It would be high school years. I was very sporty, (track and field), also was a member of a very well known running club. I represented school and county a number of times, I was thought to be very good, but Nelson my coach at the club said not good enough unless I committed 100% to the training to take it further. At that time, there was so much going on, school, clubs, friends, exams. I couldn't commit (or maybe I didn't want to). So I think I'd like to relive that period and I would do and handle things differently and really commit to the training and go for gold.

Red - Has P ever swatted your bottom in public, where others have seen?

Oh yes quite a few times - he finds it amusing.

Have you talked any more with your friend you told that you have a blog bout spanking, and how did that conversation work out?

We briefly spoke about it but it was a short visit as her husband wasn't doing too well that day. Some things just overshadow spanking.

Has anyone ever commented in your office building about spankings, possibly having heard P and yourself?
We are very careful when we use the office other than for work. 

Richard - What ever became of those striped knickers with the lace edging and the rose thorn Leather paddle?
Knickers have long gone but still have the lovely rose paddle.

Katie - Do you have a fav blogging memory?
The day Bonnie spotted my blog. Just think if she hadn't, I wouldn't have met the wonderful friends I have.

Katie I asked P to answer your next question...

If I was going to purchase a "first" cane, what would you tell me to think about/point me toward (LOL beyond the obvious sting)?
One that's controllable, not too long or too thick and don't start off with a curly handle one even though they look the part because they are the hardest of all to handle. Know your partner's parameters and don't go at it too hard to start because successful caning is all about accuracy and too many mis-placed strokes can ruin the experience before it's been given a fair chance. The harder you cane the more likely you'll mis-place, even those of us very familiar with the cane do it and I personally hate it when one goes where it shouldn't (it doesn't happen often nowadays).  Practise make perfect! As for an ideal "first" I'd say straight handle, 60cm long, 7-8mm thick would be controllable but still capable. You can always trade up or down depending on preference when you've 'got to know' it.

Thanks to Amy, Fondles, Baker, Meredith, Red, Richard and Katie for the great questions.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I am glad to be one of those blogger friends!
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

These are great questions and I enjoyed reading your answers. I love that P answered the last one, sounds like great advice!

Very interesting reading your answer to Meredith's question, and who doesn't like ice cream! lol.

Thank you for sharing your answers. I'm glad to be a blogging friend too :)


lindy thomas said...

Loved reading all your answers Ronnie and I am also glad we are blogger friends.
It was cool P answered the last question.
Hugs Lindy xx

The Barefoot Sub said...

I loved this post, and I really enjoy your blog. I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award

Hermione said...

Ronnie, I would have to say that my favourite blogging-related memory is also about Bonnie. It was when she wrote to me and asked me to write a story for her blog.


Terpsichore said...

great answers to questions. fun to read. I am very grateful for Bonnie, too, and all the friends I have made here. liked the advise regarding what to get for a first cane...intrigued...if only I could get my husband back into the game I may be tempted to try... :-) Hugs

PK said...

I enjoyed all those answers. I think we've all come a long way since we first read or commented on a blog.

Ella said...

I am really enjoying your responses to questions this month. Also, please thank P for the advice. We do not hear from the guys enough.

Love my blog friends, too. Wish I could have known you all a long time ago!

Hugs Across the Pond,

Katie said...

LOVED reading all of your wonderful answers, Ronnie! :) I too am so very grateful for Bonnie's work, and all of my blog friends! They are so special!

I very much enjoyed your answers to Meredith's question. How cool that you were a talented runner in school! Back when we were that age, our friends and social life seemed to rule, didn't it? Normal adolescence for sure! Fun to read.

Thank you to P for taking the time to answer my questions about the cane. So nice of him! I once brought one home when Terps and I were on our annual birthday shopping outing. I think that it was fairly similar in size to what P suggests. Rob did a little careful experimenting, and I did find it... interesting..! He didn't get to practice much though, as it went lost, and when we found it, it had broken somehow... I wonder if one of the kids found it? YIKES! I'd like to try again. I think... I know a great friend who sells them now! ;) We will see how brave I decide to be. HA!

Thanks Ronnie and P too! Many hugs and love,

❤️Katie xoxo

Red said...

Loved all the questions and the answers you and P have given.
Bottoms up

abby said...

Loved this post, and learning more about you...hugs abby

NoraJean said...

Great questions and answers, Ronnie ... especially your answer to Merediths question ... I think it says a lot about you that you'd choose to go for the hard work and the gold ... nj

ronnie said...

Jan - Thanks. I'm happy you are.

Roz - Thanks and I am glad you are. I thought it would be best he answers Katie's question about the cane as he's the one that uses them:)

Lindy - So am I. Thank you.

The Barefoot Sub - That's very kind of you, thanks. When I have more time I will pop over.

Hermione - Thanks. A lot of us bloggers have Bonnie to thank.

Terps - Thank you. There is plenty of time and I would happily send you one. Thanks.

PK - That's for sure. Thanks, PK.

Ella - Thank you and yes I will pass on your thanks to P. Wished we all lived nearer.

Katie - Blogger is a special place. Yes it was normal for us all at that tme with social life and friends plus I was on the netball and hockey team:) Shame it broke, I don't think your children would have done it. You definitely should try it again. I'll pass your thanks onto P.

Red - Thank you. I thought he was the best person to answer.

Abby - Thank you. Yes I love finding out more about my friends.

NoraJean - Thank you. As I said, that's one period I would love to go back and maybe I would be the one standing on the podium clutching a gold medal:)


Leigh Smith said...

Late to the party - great q & a's Ronnie and friends. Thanks

ronnie said...

SG - Always good to see you. Thanks.