Friday, 16 March 2018

You Asked - I Answered

Jan - Where is one place in the world you would absolutely love to visit?
If I had the time and money I would just travel the world so it's hard to pick one. A few that would be top of my list would be - India, Japan and Canada.

Is there one implement you would love to try but haven't, either because you can't get one or that P won't use?

We've tried a few different ones but as yet I haven't come across or heard of one that I would like to try that I haven't already. As you know, recently a lovely friend sent me a razor strop

something I'd never thought about or tried but glad I have. It will, I think become an implement that grows with us. P is up for trying any new implements but he's actually quite careful about first time use...he says he isn't but I know he is. He has a secret practise first...on a cushion or something:) 
If anyone has any suggestions on different  implements let me know.

- Have you ever had a spanking you truly didn't want?

Yes I've definitely had  spankings I truly didn't want. And I'm certain I've written about them, at least some of them, more going back a few years than recent though. 

What is your favourite childhood memory?
I had a happy childhood and lots of memories. My favourite times were when my aunts took me and cousins to Llandudno, Wales. We went there every year for about 5 years. We played on the beach all day, the weather always seemed like there was never ending sunshine, stayed up late, went to cafes, ate fish and chips out of paper walking along the promenade. We didn't have a care in the world. Happy times.

Favourite place you have visited? 
We've been lucky to have travelled so I have lots of places I've loved but I think because of the experience it would be China. We went as guests of our Korean partner (who was living in China at the time) and were privileged to be taken to places many westerners don't see.  One day in Beijing, I left P in our hotel room to finish up on some work and took a stroll. We were staying on the same street as Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City but as P wasn't with me (of course we wanted to see them together) I went in the opposite direction and came upon a long shopping street. I decided to take a look and see some of the shops. 
Some of the people stopped and stared, I suppose it was because there were no other westerners around and a western women on her own but the young students came up to me asking if I was American, when I said no I'm British, they were disappointed, true. They just wanted to speak English (well American really). I didn't get very far down the street:)

Lindy - What is one thing both you and P pack when travelling?
If we are going for a week or more and there's a beach involved I pack a bat and ball as we still love playing with them on the beach:) European city breaks, P always pack a green garden cane but he has packed one of my canes.

Have you ever tried any unusual foods on your travels?
When we visited China our hosts took us to a restaurant where you cooked your own food over hot stones. Our host had booked a private room and sadly we didn't get to cook our own as it was all done for us by restaurant staff...we would have preferred to have been in the hubub of the main restaurant doing it as the locals were. We had some very unusual types of fish and spiders in batter which were cooked in oil. Being guests in China we had to try everything as it would have offended otherwise. Our host did tell us the names but I can't remember.

The Glenmore - Would you like to turn the tables on P and give him a spanking?
I have given him swats here and there and to be honest sometimes when he annoys me, I think I would love to tell him to bend and spank him:) but that wont happen.

Morningstar - I am curious to know how long you have been blogging?
It will be 10 years in December. I thought two years at the tops and I would stop but no, I'm still here enjoying it and still a pleasure. It's been wonderful to meet so many friends.

What country you live in?
In the UK.

Ella -  I always enjoy the pictures you share with us. Do you find them on your own, or does someone send you them occasionally?
Thank you. I love spanking pictures especially black and whites (as I know you do) I mainly find them myself. N
o trick, knack or anything like that, just spot them when searching for new blogs for my 'In with the New' spot. I wish I could find more! 

I did receive this special drawing from a lovely friend. She knows my love of the cane.

Thanks to Jan, Roz, Lindy, The Glenmore, Morningstar and Ella for the great questions. More next week.

Have a fun weekend and If you're celebrating St Patrick's day - enjoy.


Spanking picture by Minelle.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Thank you for answering my questions, I really enjoyed reading your answers, especially reading about your trip to China. Not sure about the cuisine though! That is another awesome drawing from our friend :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, nice post. Happy St Patrick's day!
love Jan, xx

NoraJean said...

I enjoyed reading your answers, Ronnie. Love the drawing ... a rosy blush on black ... Happy St Paddy's Day! ... nj .. xx

lindy thomas said...

Hi Ronnie, thank you for answering my questions. EEEWWW spiders. Now that is very brave eating them as well as all the other concoctions.
Happy St Patrick's Day!
Hugs Lindy xx

Terpsichore said...

wonderful questions and answers. sounds like you have had some amazing traveling experiences. Glad you kept writing after two years. :-) Hugs to you

Ella said...

This was so much fun to read, Ronnie. I am not as brave when trying new foods. Love Minelle's drawing, too. I have one that I enjoy having on my bedside table in the evenings.

Still Sick on This Side of the Pond,

Leigh Smith said...

Really enjoyed reading the q and a's. As Ella said you are brave, I'm not sure I could eat a spider, no matter the consequences.

Red said...

Interesting to read, and learn more about P and yourself. Thanks for sharing
Bottoms up

Hermione said...

Spiders in batter? Eek! That would be my main fear of visiting other countries - the very strange food.

Loved your answers.


Eric51 Amy49 said...

Loved reading your answers. You've had quite the life!

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks for your questions. Trip to China was an experience. Our friend is so talented, isn't she.

Jan - Thanks for your question and stopping by.

NoraJean - Thanks. I love Minelle's drawings.

Lindy - Thanks for your questions. They didn't taste too bad:)

Terps - We have been lucky to have travelled. Thanks.

Ella - Minelle is one talented lady. I have two of her drawings:) Thanks.

SG - Didn't have any problems with them. THey were lovely and crispy:) Thanks.

Red - My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.

Hermione - Thank you. Our host assured us they were OK to eat.

Amy - Thanks. We've been lucky.