Monday, 18 December 2017

The Meme


You bet I can...

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?  

2. Where was your profile picture taken?
Don't have a profile picture.

3. Worst pain?
To be honest, I've been lucky and not had real pain (or would call real pain) Did have a hairline fracture in my ankle, quit painful but not a pain I couldn't handle.

4. Favourite place you've travelled?
Lots of places but give me a beach and I'm one happy bunny.

5. How late did you stay up last night?
After midnight.

6. If you could, would you move?
Only if it's near the ocean. 

7. Favourite toy as a child?
My scooter.

8. Favourite TV show as a kid?
A few.

9. How do you feel right now? 
Pretty happy.

10. When was the last time you cried?
Last week. TV programme.

11. Who took your profile picture.
There's isn't one.

12. Who is the last person you took a picture with?

13. What's your favourite Season.
Summer for me. 

14. If you could have any career, what would you pick? 
I've been lucky and happy working with P in our own business and wouldn't have changed it for any career. 

15. Do you think relationships are worth it? 

Definitely. You take something away from every relationship.

16. If you could talk to ANYONE right now who would it be?

Right now it would be my dad. I have so many things I want to tell him.

17. Are you a good influence?  

Me a good influence, I doubt it.

18. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
I like pineapple but not on my pizza.

19. You have the remote, what are you watching right now?
At the moment - MasterChef the Professionals.

20. Who do you think will play along? 
Anyone who hasn't already.

Sunny's question:
Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas morning for us.

My questions:
Lights on the tree; coloured or white?
Change every year. We've gone for coloured this year.

Worst Christmas present?
From Ex SIL (wasn't ex at the time) She gave me used toiletries:( Not sure if she knew. I never mentioned it.

Fun meme. Thank, SG.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, enjoyed reading your answers. Summer is my favourite season too. Hope you have a wonderful week :)


Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

What a great meme. I really will do it this week. Might try to see if I can find Masterchef UK.


Leigh Smith said...

Loved your answers - so many of them reminded me of mine - especially the beach questions. Maybe someday we could be beach neighbors.

Meredith Malloy said...

Loved your answers. Now if I could just find some time, I would put this one up for sure.

abby said...

Seems the beach call to many of us! I always love reading these..
hugs abby

Red said...

fun to read, and give me the beach everyday
bottoms up

Rosie Jones said...

I love reading these little snapshots, thanks for sharing your answers Ronnie.
Rosie xx

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, funny how if we live near the beach we don't value it so much! nice answers.
love Jan, xx

lindy thomas said...

Loved all your answers Ronnie. I love living near the beach its so peaceful. Maybe you'll have to move down under.
Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

Roz - Now in the UK we just don't have the summers like we used to. Thanks.

Hermione - I'll look forward to reading your answers. I do enjoy this cookery programme. Finals this week.

SG - I'd love to be your neighbour anywhere but the beach would be fantastic. Thanks.

Meredith - I hope you do find some time. Thanks.

Abby - A spankos beach community:) Thanks.

Red - I keep trying to persuade P to move but no luck.

Rosie - Thanks. I love these type of memes.

Jan - You are one lucky bunny. Thanks.

Lindy - Thanks. I'd move anywhere near the ocean:) Hope all's well.


Fondles said...

I'm a little late getting to your post. but loved the answers too! and used toiletries? Ew. Reminds me of how I once had a colleague who gave me perfume that had gone rancid. The label looked worn and was yellowed, and the box it came it had some discolouration that looked like mold on the inside. I chucked out the entire thing. Ugh.

Blondie said...

Love your answers. We always have colored lights, Ty loves the colors of Christmas. The beach is somewhere I could live or visit a lot. Summers are too hot where I live or it would be my favorite season. Thanks for playing along.

Terpsichore said...

I love the by the ocean would be a dream for me. We decorate with colored lights...but I think white lights are very elegant as well and if I had a second tree... :-) Hugs and Happy Holidays