Friday, 15 December 2017

Submission? No thank you!

I asked P the other day about submission. I'd just read a story on a new (to me) blog and the subject was very submissive, overly so in my opinion although I appreciate everyone to their own lifestyle.

Anyway I asked him if he thought I was submissive - enough, just right, too much, too little. What did he think? His response, which came quite quickly, surprised me. I can't remember the exact words but I'll paraphrase as follows:-

What! I don't think you're submissive at all, why the hell would I want you to be submissive, what fun would there be in that? I'd hate it I'd divorce you, cast you out! I want you not to submit, query everything, object to things, argue with me, balance my views, defy me, Oh yes defy me I like that. I don't want obsequious submissiveness or submissiveness at all, no way José. In fact you can be more ornery if you like, because I like having to correct you, even when it's me that's really incorrect, but if everything you did conformed to my way of thinking I'd be lost, it wouldn't do at all for me. So please don't even consider it.

I hadn't thought of it quite that way. I suppose an open invitation to get into trouble more, I shall take it as such anyway:)

Have a fun weekend.



Fondles said...

Sounds like a plan. BIKSS and I often discuss some of the blogs we read and feel that some of the subs are "too" submissive. Like you, we appreciate that everyone has their own level of kink and submission is a particularly personal aspect of it. But he has also said that he would be bored in a heartbeat if I ever stopped being the way I am - that is, opinionated to a fault!

abby said...

That was a perfect it! hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Ditto here

The Glenmore said...

I agree with P.That was the answer you wanted to hear Ronnie.Stay feisty!

Baker said...

Enjoyed his response. Hoss always tells me he enjoys my opinion, just not on everything! He also says he loves me sassy! I do agree to each his own though as it's our differences that make us unique.

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I love P's reply. You two are a perfect match!


PK said...

I love it. I think that's how most of our men feel.

Leigh Smith said...

Not that you need it but it sounds like you have permission to be naughty. I'm pretty sure Ray feels that way too. He would probably faint dead away if I didn't disagree, talk back or whatever. Our daughter calls it the fight of the day - it's not really a fight - just a difference of opinion.

Domhnall the Second said...

I read somewhere ... "Men, if you can't control your woman...Then you found a good one."

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, Are you sure my husband didn't write that!lol. I too sometimes read blogs and think how sad some people's lives are. In contrast to our happy existence there is so much angst about. For me it is not submission it is being nice, my hubby likes the naughtiness too, gotta love a free ticket to badness ;)
love Jan, xx

Meredith Malloy said...

I had to sincerely laugh at P's answer. He wants you obstinate and sassy so he can do his work. I think all our men are like that.

Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) Loved P's answer to your question! I agree. It would be very boring for our partners/spouses if that happened. Rob loves me just the way I am. Katie t for trouble! HA! Sometimes I tell him how bored he would be if I just behaved myself. He answers, "Try me!" Cracks us up laughing.

Loved P's descriptions of how he wants you to be! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Rosie Jones said...

If we were all totally submissive there’d be no reason to spank would there? No fun in that!
Rosie xx

morningstar said...

For so many years I wanted to be the 'best submissive' ever to please the Dom I was with -- I suffered terribly from the failure to please him.

Then I met Sir Steve-- and a bit like your discussion with P -- Sir Steve doesn't want me submissive -- he loves me feisty and self assured and knowing what I want......... and the biggest surprise to me -- I like it that way too.......

When I read the very submissive blogs I don't say one word -- cause I was once that sub too -- only I found a better me :)

Ella said...

What a clever question to ask your P! I am so glad you shared it with all of us, Ronnie. What would be the fun if we were perfect?

I have been slowly gathering questions for a husband interview meme, because I find it fascinating to hear from the guys.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Terpsichore said...

Loved his response. Certainly sounds like an open invitation to be naughty! :-) Have fun! Hugs

1ManView said...

I'm like P in some ways, I like L being spicy, but P messed up given you the green light on trouble. You better order another supply of canes to replace the ones P wear out on Mrs. trouble behind... 😈


Ripley said...

I love this!!

Anonymous said...

Even though my wife spanks me, we are both happy being equals in our marriage. Speaking honestly to each other and treating each other respectfully. We are best friends and couldn't be any other way if either one of us was submissive like that.


ronnie said...

Fondles - Yes, our men wouldn't have anything to spank us for. Thanks.

Abby - It's what he thinks. Thanks.

OBB - I think a lot would agree. Thanks.

The Glenmore - I certainly will:) Thanks.

Baker - We shouldn't judge anyone and yes I like that we are all so different. Thanks.

Hermione - Thanks for saying.

PK - Yes you are right. Thanks. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

SG - It sounded to me like I have his permission to be naughty and you know me and naughty:) Thanks.

Domhall - Hadn't heard that before. I think a lot of TTWD women are the best. Thanks.

Jan - LOL. I think a lot of our men would be the same. Well, P's given me a free ticket and I intend to use it. Thanks.

Meredith - I think you are right, they are. Thanks.

Katie - Why not try and be really good and behave yourself for a couple of days and see what he says - I can image:) Thanks.

Rosie - No fun at all. Thanks.

Morningstar - Couple of blogs I've read - Dom/submissive relationship, I think the Dom expects to much from his sub but hey, everyone has their own lifestye and if that's how it is for them, then it's Ok. I'm happy your have met your Sir Steve again. Thanks.

Ella - I love your memes so look forward to it. Thanks.

Terps - Happy that was his answer. Thanks.

IMV - I'm already in front of you, more canes on way LOL. Thanks.

Yorkie - You put it just right. Thanks.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I love P's answer, and I'm sure you can use it to your advantage lol. You two are a perfect match :)


Red said...

I agree with P. I have never had the idea that you are submissive. Neither am I. A spanking can be for fun, or to solve a problem, and although wee submit to a spanking even when we do not think we are wrong, it has so many other benefits for a happy marriage.
Stay the sweet, fun loving woman everyone who reads your blog has come to know and love.
bottoms up