Friday, 24 November 2017

Oh, and I have a spanking blog...

My friend nearly fell over when I said it....standing in the middle of Primark Chester... it just came out so naturally, I could hardly believe it myself. The first person in my circle of family and vanilla friends who I have ever told about my blog and my interest, including my commercial one, in TTWD. And it came out so easily. So I'm outed, ruined. LOL, not really, well unless she's changed a lot in the years that have passed without us meeting.

It was a funny weekend, I wasn't going to be in Chester at all until at the last minute P asked me why not go along with him, he had a meeting on Monday morning and he said why not travel up Sunday, do a bit of shopping, stay overnight, back next day, the meeting was more of a presentation really and he said I could attend as ultimately it affected me anyway and he likes my uncomplicated observations on speakers who I've never met before. So that was the deal.

All went well, a bit tight on time but I got some shopping from the Cheshire Oaks outlet as well and a few bits from the town and a partial walk around the walls before it got too dark to see. We stayed at the hotel on the racecourse which was convenient and easy parking, our room overlooked the racecourse too so no real road traffic noise. P spanked me before we went out to get a beer and some dinner, he said it was because I'd booked the Chester Grosvenor to eat (I was kidding) and there was no way he'd pay their prices and he'd make me phone and cancel after he'd spanked me, I don't know whether he knew I was teasing or not and I don't know whether he would have relented and gone there or not but it didn't get to the point of finding out because I admitted I'd been pulling his leg, I told him just as he'd got me across his lap, I was giggling and trying to look up at his face to see if he was angry or amused. Anyway he told me he was still going to spank me and took my knickers down to make a start. It was noisy and he stopped after just a few slaps, parked me on the bed and switched the tv on, then retrieved one of my travel canes from his overnighter, resumed his position and caned me until my backside was blazing and I was wriggling and bucking like a horny eel, if eels get horny that is. I certainly was because it wasn't brutal even though it stung like hell. When he let me up he was still sitting on the bed cane in hand, and I bent down and kissed his cheek and saucily asked if he was going to finish me off later...after we'd been to the Grosvenor:) Tongue in cheek.

So we didn't eat at the Grosvenor at all we ate at Chez Jules which is just a little bistro but cosy, and had a drink later and a chat with some of the guys at the hotel who were also attending the meeting next day. The meeting itself wasn't too boring and after it P said he wanted to pop into town before we headed home, he wanted some wines from Corks Out. I went with him and then walked him to Primark where I knew they had some cheap joke Christmas sweaters which light up with LEDs (I'm going to an ugly Christmas jumper party in December). Well it was in there that we met our old friends, they live a hundred and twenty miles from Chester and were as amazed to see us as we were them. Like us they'd driven up the previous day to shop at the designer outlet and stayed overnight in a guest house. I won't go through the boring catchup stuff and some of it is unpleasant anyway because of a serious illness although you wouldn't know it from talking. But what really got to me was how easily and naturally we reacquainted after so many years apart and how easily I divulged my little secret without giving it a second thought.

I suppose it's a mark of how close we were at one point and the trust is clearly still there. We're going to meet up again soon, I'm looking forward to it. She said I'll have to tell her all about the spanking world and she can tell her friends at the bank that she has an insider on that 'Fifty Shades' stuff, I told her she was welcome to but I guessed she was joking, then I said some of her clients and senior colleagues might find it interesting too, I'd heard banking types were partial to a bit of spanking, might even be able to sell me a few canes, I could pay a small commission. My turn to joke:)

Have a fun weekend,



Cat said...

What a fun trip that turned out to be for you, Ronnie. So happy you were able to reconnect with your friend and the trust was still there.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Eric51 Amy49 said...

That is a great story Ronnie. Eric and I had the conversation recently about who we could actually tell vs. who we want to tell because they would be blown away. :)

an English Rose said...

hi Ronnie, now that sounds like a fun trip!I think it is nice that we can tell people, hope you can spread the word again!
love Jan, xx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

What we so strongly protect is not all that big of a deal to vanilla's.

The Glenmore said...

I think all of us spanking bloggers harbour an urge to share our 'secret ' with somebody.I'm glad you found the right person.When you stop and think about it , it's nothing to be ashamed about is it?

PK said...

I love having friends you are that comfortable with. I kinda hope neither of you is joking. I think more spanking enthusiast in the world makes it a better place.

Hermione said...

Oh, my, how very brave of you. I understand how it could just pop out if you are comfortable with someone.

I'm looking for an ugly Christmas sweater today.


Leigh Smith said...

You know Ronnie things happen for a reason. You might notice a certain uptick in your sales.

I'm looking for an ugly sweater too for an ugly sweater contest - must be a theme this year.

Baker said...

Sounds like a good visit. We've talked about before who we'd share with and the list is pretty much no one, so it's great you had someone that you could trust.

Red said...

Ronnie: I always knew you to be a very saucy woman, and it must have been a delightful thrill to let a friend know. Doubt I would have the guts to do it. I have suggested to a wonderful blogger who lives within a days drive, but no success yet. Every year or two I suggest it.
Now, you should inform P about your naughtiness, as somehow he will find out, and he should be forewarned. you will enjoy a even more through spanking, if I can predict the future.
bottoms up

Ella said...

We are planning a long weekend away soon, and our travel cane is surely going to be packed. Nice and quiet - well, except for me. Yes, we will be doing some shopping and dining out, too. I love those kind of trips! Not a fan of fancy restaurants, though. I so love the excuses P comes up with to give you a spanking.

I have not ever told a friend about my blog, but our Number 2 son does know. It came up unexpectedly when he had to know my password to help me on the computer. I stayed very quiet, until he asked, "Is it the kind of blog that you would rather not know your mom is writing?" I nodded yes, and he has never mentioned it again. Although he did tell me he was glad I was writing as he knows I love it.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Fondles said...

I think sometimes we worry too much that it might freak people out, when really, they're just a little curious and not at all bothered by all this spanking stuff. Still, better safe than sorry seems to be our motto.

an ugly sweater party sounds like good fun! Enjoy!

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

A few years ago, I let that aspect of our lives slip out to a mutual friend. Even though it wasn't her thing, she was very supportive and non-judgmental. May each of us have at least one friend like that.


Blondie said...

Glad you had such a good time. I haven't only talked about my blog to the friends I made in the fet world. They had no idea that there were bloggers out there talking about spankings. Geez.

ronnie said...

Cat - They were at the outlet the same time as us, stayed over night and walked around the town, same time as us and had dinner only around the corner from where we ate. Funny, then to meet them in Primark. Thanks.

Amy - I never thought I would tell anyone but meeting these friends it just seemed natural. Thanks.

Jan - I'm looking forward to meeeting up again and I know she will want all the details:) Thanks.

OBB - For some of my friends it would be. Thanks.

The Glenmore - Oh no, you are definitely right, nothing at all to be ashamed off. I was glad we met. Thanks,

PK - I'll be recommending some reading to her:) Thanks.

Hermione - It was natural to tell this friend. Hope you find one. Thanks.

SG - I think you are right. The jumper I got lights up and flashes:) I hope you win the contest. Thanks.

Baker - I never thought in a month o Sunday that I would tell anyone but I did. Thanks,

Red -Thanks. I've met bloggers a couple of times now and loved it so I hope you meet that blogger some day. P was there so he knows.

Ella - I'm happy your cane goes on holiday with you, Like you, it's not the cane that makes the noise:) I wouldn't like my son finding out but lovely of your son to say how happy he is that you are writing. Thanks.

Fondles - I know my other friends would be shocked if I told them. I think the ugly sweater party will be fun. Thanks.

Dan - I feel happy that I know I can talk about TTWD to her. Yes, lovely if we all had a friend like that. Thank.

Blondie - I've always said (well we both have) that we would not tell anyone about our spankings but this friend, I felt as ease. Thanks.


lindy thomas said...

What a fun trip Ronnie. Wonderful you meet up with old friends and told her your secret. Hope she does go back to spread the word for you.
Hugs Lindy xx

Anonymous said...

Regardless of your relationship with these folk, it's still a brave thing to do Ronnie. Well done and I hope that relationship stays as strong as you say it is.


ronnie said...

Lindy - I was surprised at myself with coming out with it. I'm looking forward to meeting up again. Thanks.

Yorkie - Now I think about it, it was brave of me:) but I trust these two friends.