Monday, 20 June 2011

My Husband's a Pygophile

No really, he is. And he can't get arrested for it. I didn't even know the word until yesterday when I read the Sunday Times Style magazine, it actually means he loves a good butt and that's what the article was all about and how the recent trend is for 'bigger is better'.

The author, Clover Stroud, dismisses Pippa Middleton's bum with a quote from Jemima Khan on Twitter which said 'Pippa has the ass of a prepubescent boy.' Instead, the article says, substantial derrieres with owners like Kim Kardashian, Carole Vorderman, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are the ones to watch and try to emulate. Kardashian, on the left in the orange skirt, also gives few tips on how to keep a bottom pert and in proportion:-

1. Working the glutes is the answer
2. Lunges and squats do the trick
3. Nice cream teas and cup cakes
4. Slathering with coconut oil.

My husband said he wouldn't mind giving her a good slathering, whatever that entails. She also said little dimples of cellulite are ok (Yeah!!.)

The article also says big bums are defiant and say something about their owners. They refer to Taschen's Big Butt Book as evidence although I googled it and skimmed through a few pages and couldn't quite follow their logic.

Never mind, the bottom line is, if we want to wiggle like Monroe, we just need to think like Kim and keep on eating those cream teas and cup cakes. Oh, and get slathered from time to time.

A couple of images from the Big Butt Book:-



Daisychain said...

OH, Ronnie, I LOVE you!!!
Cream teas are back on the menu as of today...(*ignoring that little voice of conscience that says butt is the size of an elephant already...*)

Anonymous said...

In the US, there is a song "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen that celebrates the beauty of a bodacious bum.

Anonymous said...

Is that pronounced "Pig-o-phile" - I don't believe it :D

Didn't think the last two girls had big butts! Demand your money back.

PK said...

I sure hope this is a growing trend - I'd like to be in the popular crowd for a change! But I have to agree if those butts in the pictures were supposed to be big then I still have a problem! LOL!


ronnie said...

Daisy - What little voice, I can't hear one LOL.

Joey - One of my favourite Queen tracks:)

Wordsmith - LOL, that's how I pronounced it. I didn't they had big bums either. Haven't got the book just took these two pics from the website.

PK - It seems it is from the article. So bottoms up and bring on the cream teas:)

Thank you all for stopping by.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Can I volunteer to do the slathering? LOL.


B'Man said...

Oh noooo...I'm think I'M one of those!

bree said...

No matter what I do it never goes to my butt. It goes to my stomach and/or breasts first.

Yeah, what is slathering?

It sounds like someone wants to give some gifts to someone lavishly. Hmmmm.....

kiwigirliegirl said...

LOL - love PK said - in the popular crowd at last!! Yeehaaa. Great post xx

ronnie said...

FD - And I'm sure you would be an expert at it:) Cheers.

B'Man - Seems a lot of you about:) Hope Sugar is well. Thanks for stopping by.

Bree - Hello. Same with me, always to my stomach.
Slathering - to spread or smear thickly or liberally. Thanks Bree.

Kiwigirl - In with the 'In Crowd' LOL. Thanks.


Hermione said...

I'm like Bree. It goes to my tummy, not my butt. I like the idea of slathering though.

Thanks for teaching me a new word!


ronnie said...

Hermione - Why does it always go to the stomach. Slathering, I do like that word.

Thanks Hermione.



I use Coconut oil as a butt moisturizer as well. It's nice to have something in common with Kim Kardashian. I think that it would be far more interesting to see her do the slathering than me though :)


Annie's Woodshed said...

*sigh* when they poured my mold they got the bottom half on backwards. I have a flat bottom and a round belly now if I could just mush the thighs and belly and push them around back I would have a J-Lo butt with no problem. LOL I wonder how much it would cost to suck everything around to the back hummmm...have enough of my own botox think that would save me some bucks?

Lea said...

Learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing!

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - You mean her do the slathering on you:) I love coconut and the smell but but not on me. Thanks Pref.

Annie - I know what you mean my stomach seems to be bigger than my bottom :) If you find an answer let me know. Thank you Annie.

Lea - Your welcome. Thanks.


SheenV said...

I love the big bottoms!

Anonymous said...

I would like to be slathered. I heard the line forms here. :)


ronnie said...

Sheen V - Hello. More bit bottoms if you follows the link. Thanks for stopping by.

Hedone - LOL. Thanks.


Red said...

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