Friday, 7 May 2010


I spotted this video on the thespankingblog. Not sure if any of you have seen it before, first time for me.

So when your top gets tired he can tie you and let the machine spank you or maybe if you've been really naughty he will leave you tied up while he is at work. You'd hope there would be a power cut in that case!

In my opinion the clip is better with the sound turned off.



PK said...

I used to daydream of something like this but the one thing I wouldn't like is getting each swat in exactly the same spot - owwwwwww!!


Anonymous said...

I had to watch it twice just to see which was better sound off or sound on.....LOL just teasing.

good point pk .I'm not quiet during a spanking. Usually it goes something like please stop please stop or ok ok I'm sorry, but this one time he just kept spanking in the same spot over and over and it hurt sooo much I was like not the same spot, not the same spot.....definitely don't think I'd like the repeated spank in the same spot

Not My Original Vows said...

It didn't look like it connected that hard, but I definitely wouldn't like same spot either.

Hermione said...

Aha! Just the thing for Ron to use when he's too tired to spank me. I wonder if they ship to Canada :-)


Daisychain said...

Yes...the same spot thing would HURT!!! ALso, the obvious mechanical aspect (especially the noise) would be very un-sexy and a real turn off. Good video though! xxx

ronnie said...

PK, JSlittlelady,Katia, Hermione, Daisy,

Thanks for stopping by. Your right she does seem to be spanked in one spot. Hermione, I'll check for you :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


redxxx said...

Neat to see the video. Totally agree that the same spot would be a problem, but the zero emotional connection is it's primary weakness.

Anonymous said...