Monday, 10 May 2010

Afternoon Delights

Saturday afternoon I came home from food shopping and after putting it all away I went upstairs to see if P wanted a cup of tea, silly question really as P rarely refuses a cup of tea. Of course he said yes. ''I'll be down in a minute, nearly finished" (he was making some cosmetic changes to a website, work one not mine). Tea made, down he came and we sat and chatted, quite relaxed, no cooking for either of us, son was staying in town to eat and have a few beers with colleagues after they finished work, yes he's as bad as his father already putting in Saturdays above and beyond the call of duty and later we were going to his mothers for dinner. Now I know what your thinking, going round to P's mother, I'm bound to say something and get myself into trouble but not at all, I was in a good mood and P must have been as well

He put his arm around me and said "I'm going to give you a massage and a spanking before we go around to my mothers, to relax you." Oh forget the massage, just bring on the spanking, I thought as I got up. "Lets go then, where do you want me" I said gulping my tea down with indecent haste. Now I should explain P isn't a masseur, but he does have books on reflexology and deep tissue massage, both of which he's tried in the past in connection with his back and he has on the odd occasion put his hands to work on me with surprisingly pleasurable results, I'm referring to massage now you understand.

He gave me that look, ops he still hadn't finished outlining his plan and there I was already off the starting block, then he continued...."Before I start your massage, I'm going to take you into the office and warm your bottom with my hand, its good to have a warm up first it says so in my book, then I think the strap would be in order as you haven't had that for a while..." I sat back down wriggling in my seat with a poorly suppressed grin on my face, it didn't even occur to me that I hadn't done anything to deserve the strap or at least if I had I couldn't remember, but he still hadn't finished...."then after some relaxing massaging, I'm going to take you back into the office for a further hand spanking and perhaps bring the bath brush along", no, not the dreaded bath brush, I haven't had that for goodness knows how long and I'm really not missing it, I thought, but dared not say. I'm sure my wriggling increased involuntarily at the prospect of that wicked implement coming out of retirement. P was still talking...."Then," yes he had more. "I think I'll finish off your massage before I take the riding crop to that lovely bottom, by which time it will be my favourite colour and nicely ready for the more exquisite sensation and pattern a nice supple riding crop provides" Ooh I actually shuddered as a thrill shot from my shoulders right down my spine.

So that's how we spent the latter part of Saturday afternoon. He really carried out all his threats, or should I say promises, it wasn't any sort of punishment I think you guessed that, but he still spanked me hard and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way, and the massaging in between was incredible, spine and shoulders, thighs, calves, inner thighs oh yes but he didn't spend too much time there just enough to bring me right to the edge, then glutes, hips, oh god he must have been reading his book, he knew just where to do it I think if I'd been paying for it I would have been totally happy, and then when I was moaning and purring and melting into the bed, back to the spanking which had me uttering somewhat different sounds but none the less satisfying.

The riding crop was his piece de resistance, he was right, it was exquisite, fine dining, delicious, I was on the edge that other place we visit every now and again and can never explain or replicate at will, but just happens sometimes. And then the cropping stopped and I was about to complain when I felt him mount the bed and get astride me, I felt his thighs against my hot cheeks and his swollen cock nuzzling between them and I pushed my punished bottom up for him to ravage any way he wanted.

All in all a very satisfying afternoon, I did have an extremely sore bottom that felt twice as large as normal and I certainly was squidding about in my seat at his mothers and no I didn't kick him under the table when it got to 11.00.

So that's it, he's set a precedent, if he spanks me like that before we go to his mothers in future I'm certain to be a good girl, well aren't I? The thing is I know he won't, and glad he won't really, because if that became a regular occurrence it would be normal, routine, expected. And I'd rather have it spontaneous and unexpected.

My bottom was still sore next morning when I had my shower and happy to see a few marks, courtesy of the crop, which I do like every now and then.



PK said...

What a WONDERFUL day!! P must have been in a great mood. Wow after all that I would have been in the mood to be polite to the devil himself! Glad you had the day and very glad you shared with us.


Elysia said...

I must have missed the name of the book, perhaps it was in a past post? I have to get my husband to read it, please tell me! Sounds like a fantastic way to spend the afternoon! What a guy!

Hermione said...

I second what Elysia said - I want that book! Ron knows all about riding crops, but he has yet to voluntarily use the bath brush. What a wonderful afternoon!


mouse said...

What a wonderful thing! Very smart man P is!


Not My Original Vows said...

What a fabulous afternoon! I would behave too if my hubby gave a reminder like that. At least, you had a lovely prize at the end.

hestia said...

oh my Ronnie... this is not a story to read before going to bed... now I am gonna be restless all night and keep him awake... if he asks what caused this I am gonna point my finger at you... wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

love, h

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: What a wonderful experience. You must be still savoring it.


ronnie said...

PK - Thanks, it was a lovely afternoon and the evening at his mother's was OK as well :)

Elysia - It's not one book but a number of books he has Elysia. The deep tissue massage book he got froma guy in Australia who does myotherapy. I've always said to P he would have made a good Masseur

Hermione - Hide that bathbrush quick, you wont want it, I can assure you :) Thanks.

Mouse - Thanks. I'll let P know, he'll like that :)

Katia - A perfect ending to the afternoon. Thank for commenting.

Hestia - I hope you didn't keep Guitarman awake or you will be trouble.

FD - I was still smiling on Sunday.

Thanks all, appreciate you stopping by.


1manview said...
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1manview said...

Hi Ronnie, Thanks for stopping in, its always nice to see you... Sounds like you had what I call "real couple time"... a good rub, a good lay, quality time together....

Have a great week...

Daisychain said...

Wow, Ronnie, yes, I can imagine that put you in a benevolent mood, I bet your MIL wondered what the grin on your face was for!!!!
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

1manview - Hello. "real couple" times are the best. Thanks.

Daisy - LOL, I did catch her looking strangely at me a couple of times.

Thanks both.