Monday, 22 March 2010

Mums give online sex tips

Well I hope you all had a good weekend, they go too fast for me especially now the weather seems to be picking up. We had a busy one, Saturday morning both of us had to work then we had some family visiting with nephews.

They stayed overnight so Sunday morning his SIL and I went for an hour's shopping because she wanted to visit a large M&S and we've got one fairly close, leaving the boys to watch a local amateur football game with son and later we went over the the park, I felt like a big kid doing things you can only do when you've got youngsters around, great fun, I even went on the park swings and showed the kids how to get really high only to have their mom rightly tell them not to copy my technique.

While she was in M&S I popped across to the art shop to get a picture frame for a graduation photo I want to put up, they also had some nice greetings and congrats cards which I mooched through because we're going to a wedding reception next month, and I found an absolute gem which I bought even if I don't send it to them. I'll post it later this week, it's lovely, you'll like it I promise.

They left late Sunday afternoon and we got back to normal. Reading the Sunday Times with a cup of tea I came across an article about Mumsnetters which amused me. Apparently pollsters reckon Mumsnet ( could be very influential in deciding the outcome of our upcoming general election, well according to the Times the site has been getting rather raunchy of late and many moms have been posting sex tips and bedroom secrets, some of which sound hilarious, for example one woman's post about her man wanting to make pirate noises when making love, putting on a strange voice and saying things like 'Arr matey' in the style of a sea captain off the Simpsons. Hmmm, not quite for me but it made me smile, perhaps the lady in the picture didn't find it amusing either. Nor do the politicians, whose wives are allegedly all into Mumsnet?

Sunday night we nearly went for a drink, that's what a bit of sunshine and a warm day does to P, I mean we can go for a drink any time down to the local it's walking distance, but P said what about going for a drink at so-and-so which is about 15-20 mins drive so one of us had to drink juice, we didn't go eventually, P got some email from one of his China partners who's got quite a few interviews happening next week and needed some advice, P decided to answer them because of the time difference rather than lose a day Monday.

We watched a DVD later, in bed for just after midnight, it seems weird going to bed later than our son, he's in bed early because he's up very early, long days but making his mark in his first professional job. P put his hand on my bum and said 'Fancy a quick spanking to help you sleep?' It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop so no chance of that, I just went 'Mmmmm' and pushed my backside into his hand. ' I take it that's a yes then,' said P. 'Sort of', I said as I snuggled down, 'a long spanking would be better but as neither is going to happen, goodnight.' And I was fast away in minutes with my husband's hand just where I like it to be.



PK said...

You're weekend sounds relaxing. Always fun to play like a kid again.

That's my favorite way to go to sleep too. I'm so glad Nick's a butt man!


Elysia said...

Your weekend sounds like it was lovely! I too love to hop on the swings still, it always lifts my spirits. I am jealous of your shopping time, I need to schedule me some.
Our days end much the same as yours, snuggled in bed, needing to be quiet, but his offer is still so nice to hear, isn't it?

Lil Sam said...

What a wonderful weekend and a great way to end it. Can hardly wait to get home

Hermione said...

How very considerate of P to offer to help you get to sleep. Too bad he didn't follow through, but at least the thought was there.

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend all round!


Daisychain said...

Awww, Ronnie, your posts always make me smile, yet also make me so greeneyed... I can't wait for Davey and I to be able to do that... Hugs, xxxxxxx

ronnie said...

PK - Weekend was lovely, yours was a well from what I read :)

Elysia - There's no better was to go to seleep. I think I overdid the running around a little :)

Lil Sam - Thank you.

Hermione - I would have loved to have him follow it through but I was contented with just his hand as a little reminder.

Daisy - I hope it will be very soon.

Thanks all.