Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A good start to a marriage

In Monday's post I mentioned finding an amusing wedding card that I'd share with you.

I like to think she's been spanked and then ordered to service her husband, a good start to any marriage I think, wouldn't you agree?



M:e said...


PK said...

I love it! I bet this would go over better at a cake for the bachelor party than the wedding. I could see the mother of the bride less than amused! LOL!


Measha said...

Now that is a cake topper!

Thanks for the giggle this morning, great way to start the day...I think the groom has a good idea of how to start the day, as well! WEG

mouse said...

That's great! I love it.


Ashley J said...

So that's what they mean by having your cake and eating it too. LOL

Great find Ronnie

Elysia said...

That is a hoot! Was that a blank card? I'm curious what they might put inside, like

Congratulations on your wedding! We bet you just can't wait for the honeymoon!

ronnie said...

M:e - That's exactly what I thought when I spotted it :)

PK - LOL never thought of the mother of the bride.

Measha - Your very welcome. Hermione posted some great cake toppers a while back, (sorry, not sure how to link to that post in comments). There definitely worth a look if you haven't seen them.

Mouse - I couldn't resist buying it even if I don't send it.

Ashley - Hello and welome. Thank you

Elysia - Thanks. Yes the card was blank. I'm wondering what to write inside if I do send it.

Thank you and glad you all enjoyed my little find.


Hermione said...

LOL! What a naughty card! They're starting off on the right foot.

The wedding cake toppers are here and here. Thanks for remembering them, Ronnie.


ronnie said...

Hermione - Your very welcome. Glad you enjoyed the card.


Lessa said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww Ronnie... not often that I 'grab' a picture... but this time I did... love it... adore it... :-)

毅綠 said...
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ronnie said...

Lessa - I'm glad you spotted it. Thank you.

Have a good weekend.


Daisychain said...

Omigosh, I would DIE.... imagine explaining that to the kids, grandkids, or grandma!!!
The card is fantastic, but I would never dare display it if it were sent to me, nor would I dare send it!!!!

I made a faux pas recently... at a family "DO"... there was a jokey lucky dip... my ex-mother in law unwrapped one of those novelty plastic banana holders, you know, the one that looks and is shaped like a banana, and you open it and store the banana inside so it doesnt bruise in your lunchbox?
I quietly whispered to my oldest son, "does it need batteries?", knowing he would find that amusing, but expecting him to have SOME sense of decorum.... oh, NO.... deliberately, to embarrass me, he said aloud, "MOTHER..." as he laughed uncontrollably... when asked what he was laughing at, he said aloud, "Mum just asked where the batteries go...." I wanted the ground to swallow me up.... the lil beast....he got even more pleasure from knowing his gran and mum were looking so embarrassed...

ronnie said...

LOL Daisy, I would have loved to have been there to see your face.

Think I will send it as it's second marriage for both of them.

Thanks Daisy.