Sunday, 8 March 2009

Gluteus Maximus...Motivationus

Those who know me know that I run. Not well, I'm just a beginner trying to get fit and I enjoy the fresh air.

Now things are getting more interesting. P kindly took an interest recently and told me I need to strengthen my glutes, now that's probably true, along with hamstrings, quads etc etc., he also told me strong glutes take spankings better, well that was a new one on me. I've used the local gym a few times, I always have trouble motivating and it helps to see other souls wrecking themselves too, now I've also got a load of strengthening and stretching exercises I can do mostly at home. I still need motivating for them and I got a big boost of motivation.

After my run yesterday I was stretching, warming down, assuring my muscles there was no more torture to come when P came into the room. I was doing the bottom exercise, you can see it on the strip, he came up behind me, I hadn't showered yet, I was a bit sweatty, he asked me if I needed any help. I didn't but he told me he'd help me anyway, he didn't think I was jutting my backside out enough and gave it a couple of swats, I jutted immediately. Then he slid his hand inside my pants and told me I was wet, or maybe it was sweat, then he licked his finger and told me it was some of both, I went to get up and turn round but he told me to stay in position. I did and jutted some more, then he pulled my pants aside and shoved his rod right into me.

Nothing in the exercise guide had prepared me for this, so I followed my instincts, the most basic ones, and jutted, clamped, thrust, squealed and grunted with pure animal pleasure as his penetration shoved at my very core and then I lost it as I felt his pace quicken and I screamed as his hot liquid spurted into me.

I hope the neighbours put it down to my exercise exertions. I'll be sure to make a noise when exercising at home from now on, it will help disguise the occasions (I hope there will be more) when P decides to motivate me.



Jflame said...

Well. I say.
Hugs, Jay

PK said...

I think this is a wonderful way to spice up exercise! We could all use such motivation - but if you join a gym you two might not want to go at the same time!


lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh. I am gonna ask if my love can think of a routine for motivation when I am on the spinning bike.. grinnnnnnnn...

love your story... mmmm

hugs, lessa

ronnie said...

Jay, PK, Lessa, thanks. I certainly do need motivation and sure hope I get more of this motivation.
Thanks for stopping by.

M:e said...

Ooooohhhh....Ronnie has a personal trainer....grins.

Don't forget to tell P you're training for a marathon.....distance work takes LOTS of motivation.

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

I'm already there M:e, I've asked P if he would please kindly pay more attention to my training and that I need a lot of motivation.
btw - I am sort of training for a marathon, I want to do the 10K Great Northern Run (didn't get a place in the London Marathon) just waiting to see if one of the charities have any places left.