Friday, 24 June 2022

Favourite Live Concert

I was talking with a reader recently about music and she asked me what has been (so far) my favourite live music concert I've been to.

I have been so lucky to have seen many live concerts. The one I think I would have to say was The Live 8 benefit concert held in Hyde Park, London.  You had to apply by text or send a stamped addressed postcard. I thought there's going to be a lot of people texting so I sent 9 postcards (you could send as many as you wanted and I got 4 tickets. Very lucky.

The reason I say the Live 8 concert is because there were so many acts appearing on one stage that day.

Below are some of the artists we saw (there were many more)

Bob Geldof
Elton John
Snoop Dog
Robbie Williams
The Who
Pink Floyd.

What about you - what has been your favourite live concert that you've attended?

Stay safe.

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

That sounds like an amazing concert! I see Glastonbury is back too, woohoo!

We haven't been to too many gigs compared to some. Rick is a massive Bruce fan and I am a Bon Jovi fan. We have been fortunate (as I think I have mentioned here before) to see both more than once. We also saw Guns'N'Roses the other year.

Bruce was the best hands down. He is an amazing performer and his gigs are much more than a music concert.


Simon said...

I saw a lot of bands in the 70s and early 80s but the one that I remember best is Knebworth when for some bizarre reason Led Zeppelin were supported by Chas and Dave. I will never forget seeing tens of thousands of long haired denim wearing Zep fans headbanging to songs such as Rabbit and Gercha .

Bonnie said...

We used to attend a lot of concerts before parenthood. For Randy, it was either Pink Floyd 1977 or the Grateful Dead. For me, it would be either Fleetwood Mac or the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

David Bowie was amazing! I remember giving my then wife's bottom a number of well placed spanks to her cute bottom during the concert. She was definitely spankable and loved PDAs.


I loved all the festivals, that I went to in the 1990s. For atmosphere, I would have to say the Dranouter festival that was headlined by the levellers. Brilliant three days. Musically, it would have to be the Torhout-Wechter 20th anniversary festival. I saw so many amazing performers there, including Bowie.


PK said...

I have only been to two big concert: Elton John and Willy Nelson. Too different to compare but I loved them both.

Hermione said...

The Beatles in 1964 is my all-time favourite. Judy Collins a few years ago, when she was 72 but still had a powerful voice. We had to walk out of a Bob Dylan concert (along with many other people) because it was way too loud and unintelligible. We were offered ear plugs on the way out.



ronnie said...

Roz - Bon Jovi played at the Philadelphia Live 8. 10 concerts were played simultaneously across the world. The Boss still on my bucket list:) Thanks.

Simon - Led Zeppelin, that must have been something to see. Thanks.

Bonnie - Pink Floyd were great on the night and yes to Fleetwood Mac and Eagles. Seen Eagles once. Thanks.

Anonymous - A night to remember for you both. Thanks.

Prefectdt - Bowie must have been amazing to see. Thanks.

PK - I've seen Elton twice. Hadn't hear of Willy Nelson. Thanks.

Hermione - I'd love to have seen the Beatles. Had to look up Judy Collins. Bob Dylan concert too loud, really. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Being older, any Ray Charles concert were my favorites, but other favorites included Otis Redding, James Brown, Billy Joel, and attending Woodstock.
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