Friday, 22 October 2021

I could run out of canes

It's too early to talk about Christmas, well for me anyway, but quite a few people I'm hearing have started or even mostly done their present shopping and some are making cupboard and freezer space for seasonal foods.....just in case! I don't start mine until at least 1st December and then it can be a bit of a rush but I like it that way.

The reason for the early stocking is the UK media reporting on businesses statements warning of shortages through supply chain difficulties and lack of trained (and willing?) staff. I know first hand about one major UK retailer's internal predictions looking forward eighteen months, because our son is in the management chain there, and they are not very reassuring. I think I read that Amazon was saying pretty much the same.

I blame government policy and (mis)management of same for many of the problems but I know it's a small world and global issues are exacerbating the situation. For my own small part I was told last week that supplies of raw rattan in certain sizes from Indonesia were not currently available through our UK import source and no indication of timeline. I contacted a company in Holland which I've used before and they told me much the same in fact they don't anticipate a shipment in the sizes I seek until some time in the new year, they couldn't say which month!

A worrying time all round and with prices rising daily and shortages predicted, maybe I should break out of my casual lethargy and make some space for Christmas goodies after all. As for all those bottoms which need the sort of discipline which my products provide, well I'm ok for a couple of months but after that I'm not too sure.

Stay safe.

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, it's way too early for me to think about Christmas yet. We have been told much the same here too, and prices are getting higher and higher.


Hermione said...

It's the same here too; some goods are simply not available.

How is the wooden spoon supply? Your customers may have to make do with a substitute.


PK said...

I'm definitely thinking about Christmas, but I'm not doing much yet. I know things shut down for a while and starting back up is always slower and harder, then there is getting things finally unloaded and finding truckers to take it all over. It going to be something we've never thought of that will be in short supply before we know it. Here in the states I guess we'll have to depend on an old southern staple - switches.

morningstar said...

This "disruption to supply chains" is more than a little annoying - and quite a bit worrisome. Got my fingers crossed that you manage to get some rattan soon..... very soon :)

Minielle Labraun said...

I always wait until mid November. I sure hope everything is as bad as they predict!
I hope you have supplies enough for those naughty bottoms!

Fondles said...

I usually wait till the last week of November but this year I decided to shop online (but of course) and Shein was having a 10/10 sale, so I sat in front of the laptop for a couple of hours and did all my Christmas shopping. Especially since the supply chain disruption has been in the news recently.

I hope you manage to find an alternative supplier. Or diversify and start making floggers?

Anonymous said...

Guess you should raise your prices, so that people only buy what they truly want. Scarcity does that! The politicians are a sad lot. Canada was saying that the billion dollar spending was not inflationary, and now they are saying everyone knew that it would be inflationary.(currently 4.4%) They simply do not know how to tell the truth!
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Roz - Yes here too, prices rising and petrol/diesel prices. Thanks.

Hermione - Somehow I don't think my customers would be very happy with a wooden spoon:) Thanks.

PK - I think I will at least start writing down what I want to buy and take a look to see how supplies are going. I may have to send P out to find some switches:) Thank.

Morningstar - Thanks. I'm going to speak to another supplier I found, so hopefully they have some in the size I want.

Minelle - I hope so too. Those poor bottoms will be suffering:) Thanks.

Fondles - Well done you. There are some sales on here, so I make rake a look. I've tried to make a couple of floggers but haven't turned out very well. Keeping fingers crossed for supply.

Red - Politicians never know how to tell the truth. I amy have to raise prices. Thanks.