Monday, 17 May 2021

All mod cons, no soundproofing

I could barely remember my last stay in a caravan, I know it was in Cornwall and it was fun and the beds weren't too comfy and there wasn't much space and cooking was a hassle but that was P's department and we didn't use it much anyway, preferring to eat out whenever possible bearing in mind we had a little one on board plus P's mom. Anyway I'll admit I was a bit dubious about the holiday we recently took in Northumbria, bearing in mind the weather and that eating indoors was not an option and we were sharing the space etc etc.

I needn't have been, at least not regarding the quality of the caravan, it was chalk and cheese. It was centrally heated, well equipped kitchen, comfy beds. We had a double with a tiny ensuite and there was outside decking which overlooked the lake. So lots of pluses, which was just as well because we had some rough weather at times. But in one particular respect it didn't please, and I really should have expected this, there was no privacy sound-wise, well not enough for me to get spanked anyway. There were opportunities, such as when seagulls were running along the roof or geese were thudding on the decking, or heavy rainstorms and strong winds would have provided cover but, hey, you can't just turn on a spanking like a light switch.
So I didn't get spanked apart from the odd swat but what I did get was a couple of outrageously powerful orgasms, provided most considerately by my husband, once by his hand and I don't mean violently, and once by his mouth definitely not violently although my reaction was. He just used words, told me stories, one was an old post of mine which he couldn't remember the names but summarised the gist of the story well enough, it was about an errant stable boy getting a first caning by a mistress of a country household where debauchery, discipline and sex were rife. He told it one morning when we were both awake early, snug and comfy listening to the rain and he slid his hand across and down my belly slowly as he got going. Before he was half way through his fingers were inside my knickers and I was staring to wiggle, and wanted to turn towards him but the heel of his hand on my belly said No while his fingers worked my soaking slit. I had to wiggle on the spot as the story neared its crescendo and P added stuff which he knows affects me and then made me admit that I would have enjoyed being that mistress and caning the young man and having him lick me out. I was cumming uncontrollably by that point and biting on a chunk of bunched-up duvet. "Naughty girl, I think you've got a bt of switch in you deep down."
I wanted to snuggle and answer but a minute later heard our granddaughter stirring and her sweet innocent voice saying "Granddad I'm awake" and that was that. P got up, I had an extra ten minutes.
I dug up the story, it's years old. Here's the link and an extract below...

....... "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!", "WHIPPP!!", CRACKKK!!" her strokes rained down until the poor young man had received a dozen and his bum must have been stinging like the very devil. Penelope Barclay stood back contemplating her work, the last 3 lines of the cane still showing as indents against the seat of Tobias' breeches. ''Well boy,'' she said, ''how did your first flirtation with your mistress's cane suit you?'' Tobias went as if to get up but she bade him answer from his prostrate position.’ I didn't like it, Ma'am, it hurt,'' he replied his voice less steady than it had been. ''As it should, Sir'' said Lady Barclay, ''and now you will resume your grip and I shall give you your second twelve.''

The poor boy's face you should have seen it! He must have been horrified and we saw his muscles tense as he stiffened his resolve and gripped the desk obediently as Lady Barclay moved closer and administered a further dozen good stokes to the boy who this time cried aloud and writhed uselessly against the desk at each one. At the end she told him sharply to get up and turn around, as she moved back to her armchair and sat, resting the cane against the arm.....
When in a caravan you have to improvise:)

Stay safe. Have a good week.


Roz said...

Wow Ronnie, this was hot, hot hot! Both the post and story! You may not have been spanked but I'd definitely take the rest! LoL. Off for cold shower now.


ozarkshillbilyhippie said...

I have caned and whipped all sorts of lad and ladies in my stories even though I have owned not one in my mind with its words I have made it so neither one deserved it of course but their bottom was ore non the less

Fondles said...

wow that was hot hot hot. some wonderful times can be had without a spanking too!

Hermione said...

The caravan sounds lovely, as does your hot time in the morning. Such a fine story too!


Unknown said...

The place sounds wonderful, and the sex even more enjoyable. It is quite amazing how loud we are now making love, as opposed to when we had children at home. Very liberating and exciting. Hope P has made up for the lack of you being spanked by now. (aside: was P hinting he might enjoy seeing you be excited spanking him? Try exploring the idea, that he knew such detail of a woman spanking a man!)
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Roz - We had to improvise:) Thanks.

ozarkshillbilyhippie - Are your stories written down or in your head. Thanks.

Fondles - Yep don't need spanking all the time. Thanks.

Hermione - It was lovely, small and compact but very well equipped. Thanks.

Red - It was a lovely break even though no spanking and yes he's made up for it very nicely:) No, P wasn't hinting. Thanks.


ozarkshillbilyhippie said...

I write some down in my two blogs most I write for my own satisfaction those I just delete