Friday, 7 May 2021

A Smile for Day


Hope everyone is staying safe.

Have a fun weekend.


Let me know if the picture is yours so I can give credit or remove

Scheduled post.


Fondles said...

Oh what a lovely pic. Which reminds me, we haven't played with our cane in a while. It hasn't been a good week in general. Sigh. On top of that, Covid cases have shot up again here, with a new cluster linked to a hospital - THE hospital that has been designated our Covid emergency centre. But of course right? The guy caught it in India. Came back. Tested negative. Then got sick a week later. It feels like all this testing and vaccinating etc is for nought. I'm feeling a bit burnt out.

You take care and stay safe.

Roz said...

Love it Ronnie. Hope you have a great weekend. Stay safe!


Hermione said...

I love the picture.

Covid id spiking here too. A huge number of new cases from one construction site. People from all over came to work here, and a social gathering probably caused the spread.

Have a fun holiday!


ozarkshillbilyhippie said...

Hope where ever you are you get a nice fatherly smacking tomorrow for mothers day and lots of after care too dear lady

ronnie said...

Fondles - Thanks. Sorry about cases spiking again. I think travel from India should have been stopped immediately. I'm not sure what they can do with testing. Having a test only show if you are negative or positive at the time of the test (and then not 100 accurate) Being vaccinated doesn't stop you getting covid but does reduce the effect if you get it. I hope you are feeling better tofay.

Roz - Thanks.

Hermione - Sorry to hear the numbers are spiking. That's what worries me here in the UK,now that we are coming out of lockdown. Thanks.

Ozarkshillbilyhippie - Thanks. Back home now.


Rod of The Canery said...

Nice picture and sentiment. Keep up the good work!

ronnie said...

Rod - Hello Thanks.