Friday, 15 January 2021

I got caned

And it hurt. I'd almost forgotten how much the cane hurt and then, after, when the vicious sting and the relentless resurging pulses of pain had eased off a bit, I marvelled as I reflected on how often I used to get it and how I used to look forward to it. Maybe I'm just getting older and can't take it so well or maybe my husband has become stricter (I don't think so) or maybe it was never actually the caning that was attractive but the build up and the aftercare. Anyway so far there hadn't been any aftercare, I was just sitting on the bed with a sore bottom wondering whether to go downstairs where he'd gone or sit upstairs for hours to make him feel bad, which it probably wouldn't.

Eventually I did go down about an hour after he'd caned me, I washed my face first, brushed my hair and put tiny dab of Chanel on, ridiculous isn't it, I wanted to look bright and fresh, obviously for my man as there was no-one else about, yet he hadn't even bothered to pull my knickers back up for me or issue a post caning lecture or anything to suggest there might be aftercare later. It made me wonder if he was going off me, I mean I can remember canings when I've been plunged into with some urgency while my knickers have still been around my ankles and I have screamed in wicked ecstasy. Not so on this occasion.
As I walked down the stairs I got another of those shooting pains, seemingly random now as opposed to every so many minutes, maybe it was my jeans that caused it, they seemed tighter than they had when I'd put them on first thing. I winced and thought about changing them for a looser pair, I didn't want him to see me wince if it happened again. But then again if he heard me on the stairs, stop and go back up, then come down again, he'd know something was up, he'd notice a change of jeans for sure. Wouldn't he? No on second thoughts probably not, men don't. He probably wasn't even thinking about my caned bottom at all. I carried on down and into the lounge, I felt my face flush as i walked in and briskly headed for the kitchen, he didn't even look up. He must have heard me flick the kettle on and he shouted that he'd have one if I was brewing, he said it completely normally like he would and does any time. I thought what a bastard, has he forgotten that he not long ago caned me? I reached back and touched my bum to make sure it hadn't been a dream. It hadn't.
I put his tea on a table near him, I put a coaster under it because to my annoyance he never does. Then I went and sat on the other side of the room, I didn't put my own cup down because that would have meant bending away from him and I didn't want him looking at my bum, probably kidding myself that he'd even want to the way he was acting. When I sat in the Ikea chair, which was furthest from him, I had to shuffle a bit because it's only thinly padded which is good for posture but not for sore bottoms. I used my phone to check and answer some messages, I prefer my iPad but that was over on the sofa and I didn't want to get up again. After about twenty minutes he was going into town, he wanted something from Waitrose and did I want to come, he was going to take a walk round the old part by the cathedral and then through the park and Waitrose on the way back. Combining shopping with exercise, he said. I looked up and smiled, god knows how I managed that, and said in a bright tone that it would be nice.
So off we went and I was careful not to mention the rights or wrongs of what we were doing, as that had been the cause of us having words earlier although it had morphed into other stuff which I won't bore you with, and I was glad of the outing and by the time we were on our way back my bottom was simmering dully, the sharper pains gone except the odd reminder when I moved in certain ways. I was getting horny. Our disagreement hadn't been mentioned at all. I put my hand across onto his thigh, it was in the way of him changing gear but he put his own on top of mine until he needed to shift down and I retracted. When we'd cleared a roundabout he reached out and took my hand back and I knew things were okay. I apologised for the arguing earlier (although it takes two) and he squeezed my hand. I knew aftercare would come later. 
It did and it was very intense. And still he didn't refer to the fact he'd caned me. And neither did I. And I really really wished we weren't under lockdown because I would have suggested going out somewhere cosy for a bite to eat instead of having dinner in, because I felt warm and very close and wanted everyone to see it. I also wanted aftercare again. We obviously couldn't eat out but I did get a second dose of aftercare. And I suppose, now that it's behind me, I did 'enjoy' getting caned again, maybe I'd been without it for too long, better not tell him that though.

Stay safe. Please social distance,  wear your face covering and keep washing your hands.

Have a fun weekend.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, it's amazing how much a spanking can hurt when it's been a while, let alone a caning! It sounds as though there were a number of emotions in play for both of you this time given the argument you had had. Maybe you both needed a little time to reflect afterwards.

I'm so glad things were later resolved between you and that aftercare was forthcoming.


Hermione said...

Canings hurt! There's no argument there. But it's lovely when hard feelings can be resolved with it. Glad your day ended well.


Minielle Labraun said...

I don’t know about canines but I bet you both had so many emotions going on. You really described the transition of your emotions so well.
I’m glad you both came out of it and finished with 2 sessions of aftercare!

morningstar said...

When after care is missing from a session - especially a particularly tough one - it's hard...... When Sir Steve and I were not a couple but just playing together he was always so damn good about after care - it usually involved sharing a cigarette and hugs ... now.... le sigh... there's almost no immediate after care -- and I miss it.

I'm glad you did finally get the after care......... the after care (for me) signals the end ... and love rules the day

PK said...

I'm glad it all came out well eventually. You know my feeling on canes. Something you said caught my attention - does age make a spanking harder to take? I think back on what I uses to get, really hard spankings and all I wanted was more. It's not true now and I feel like a wimp.

Red said...

Intriguing to say the least. A hard caning to finish (stop?) an argument. It worked! No mention of the argument afterwards, nor of the solution, proves that it accomplished it's purpose. Something we sort of wish for, and are dismayed if it happens.
Glad that you went out with P and had a normal day, and then the love making resumed.
These are very difficult times for everyone trying to follow the rules, that constantly change, and politicians who could do so much more, and don't.

Thank you for sharing this! I think reading it will help many people.

bottoms up

Glenmore said...

Call me old fashioned , but I think the cane is too severe for a female bottom.
A good hand spanking is more intimate and just as effective.

Fondles said...

Argh, it feels the worst when there isn't the after care you're so needfully after at that moment. But I love how you described your feelings, and P's too, in the way he reached for your hand again after changing gear, and also the fact that he even asked for tea and offered to take you with him for a spot of shopping. I think if we know our partners well enough we recognise that sometimes "being normal" is probably as close as we're going to get to an expression that means "we're alright now, and i'm ready to leave all that nastiness behind us".

(unless i'm reading this entirely wrong...)

selkie said...

I think canings, spankings, whipping, whatever are less onerous, less painful, more erotic, more "tolerable" when done regularly - over time I feel our bodies become more accustomed to it -nerve endings are there of course, but mentally, emotionally, we are in a head space that changes - physically even - but primarily mentally and emotionally - how we internalize the physicallity - changing it from just harsh to changing it into something erotic... done sporadically and not regularly is bound to change it ... its been a very VERY long time for me and I not only have stopped craving but can't get my head around it at all these days. BUT I used to be able to tolerate a LOT of physical realities - as someone who relished being whipped and spanked - and yes, no matter how uncommon or how long the periods in between, that vulnerability that one experiences after the fact requires after-care....

Michael M said...

It all sounds ouchy but if you deserved it then it was the right thing to have happened. Was there a warm up with a paddle or a brush. That might have eased you into the pain of the cane. Anyway I am glad you made up.
During lockdown there may be a lot more spankings coming your way as we all get a bit tetchy.

ronnie said...

Roz - It cleared the air and we moved on. It's good that can happen. Thanks.

Hermione - All ended well. Thanks.

Minelle - The belated aftercare was worth waiting for:) Thanks.

Morningstar - Yes, aftercare does single the end for me as well. Thanks.

PK - I think age could play a part in it also a particular implement if it hasn't been used for a while. Thanks.

Red - It cleared the air and the eventually aftercare closed it. Thanks.

Glenmore - Hand spankings are great and does depend on the spanking. I have to disagree with you regarding the cane. Thank.

Fondles - Thanks. No you got it dead right.

Selkie - I agree. You sid it well. I'm glad it came later and closed it for me.

Michael - No warm ups. Yes I think there may be as we are going to be in lockdown for a while yet. Thanks.