Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A Smile for Today


I don't like being late. 

What about you, do you hate being late? Have you ever been spanked for being late?

Stay safe. 


Picture found on The Glenmore's blog.


Roz said...

Great pic Ronnie. Never been spanked for it but am often late, or at least a later arrival.


morningstar said...

had to read the cartoon twice - mind you it's early early morning and I haven't had my 2nd cup of coffee........ once it broke through the haze I did have a giggle.

I am NEVER late -- ever!!! so no worries about a spanking...

PK said...

If I'm not there at least five to ten minutes early, I fee like I'm late. Thankfully Nick feels the same. I imagine a marriage with people of two different feelings could really lead to problems.

Glenmore said...

You are bringing back memories Ronnie , the first spanking my wife ever gave me was for being late.
If she was looking for an excuse to spank me that was an easy one for her back then.
She was ready to go and I was in the bathroom in my undewear shaving.
She did a pretty good job too as I recall , a whacking with one oof my leather slippers hurried me up!
There is a comic illustration of it on my blog .

Anonymous said...

My wife will just say in the morning young man. I enjoy the event as much as I can. The next morning after I take a shower I stand before her naked, scared, saying I was sorry and won't do it again. She holds the bath brush, over her lap I go. Afterwards it is wall facing time. Jack

Red said...

Cindy is usually late, and I am almost always early, or on time. Our solution to remove stress is to pick a time 15 minutes earlier than we need, so that we can be out the door on-time. Stress removed, and we are happy. Now you make me wish it was the other way around, and that i would be spanked more often.
bottoms up

Ozarkhillbillyhippie said...

If my Cherokee princess is not five minutes early in her mind she is late it is how she was taught you have to be there ready for work when the bell rings.

Hermione said...

That's a great incentive to be late, and the lady agrees with her smile!


1ManView said...

No! But there have been times I wished she would try, so I could turn the tide and drawdown her panties and give her a red behind for all the times she made us late 😊

Stay safe 🌹


Well it looks like being late can be fun :)


Anonymous said...

I am always early for appointments, but I am consistently late for work. I spend way to much time visiting spanking sites each morning. It is very naughty of me. The worst part is I only live a mile from work. I wish some one would paddle my bottom every time I am late. One smack from the frat paddle for every minute late might help me manage my time better.

ronnie said...

Roz - I think you should be spanked then:) Thanks.

Morningstar - Happy the haze lifted and you got it:) Thanks.

PK - I agree. Like you, I prefer to be early.

Glenmore - I bet you are never late now:) Send me the link please. Thanks.

Jack - Do you fo it again? Thanks.

Red - It sounds like you have the solution all sorted so no need for spanking. Thanks.

Hermione - I love the look on her face. Thanks.

Ozarkhillbillyhippie - I totally agree with her. Thanks.

1ManView - You'll have to hint:) Thanks.

Pref - Don't know about that:) Thanks.

Anonymous - I think you do need to be spanked for visiting spanking sites before work and then being late. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I'm very punctual but have been spanked for tardiness! These are more in the "any excuse for a spanking" category rather than real discipline.


Fondles said...

I'm late to this post. But no, i've never been spanked for being late. Altho I, like Roz, tend to be the later arrival at most things. (I really try to get out of the house early / on time but for some reason the last 10 minutes always disappears and then I'm rushing!)