Friday, 22 January 2021


If you're a blogger :
Do you always reply to comments left?
Do you respond individually or collectively?
Do you think it's important to answer?

As a reader of blogs :
Why do you leave a comment?
If you leave a comment, do you return to the blog to see if your comment has been answered? 
If not answered - do you mind?  Do you visit that blog again?

For me as a readers of blogs
I often leave a comment if I've liked something or found it funny/interesting. I don't always return to a blog I've left a comment but I do if I've asked a question and mostly they get answered but in different timescales which I accept, we all run at different speeds.  
If a reader has taken the trouble to leave a comment I always take the time to respond.

Stay safe.

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

When I was posting I always replied to comment, mostly individually but collectively on occasion. If people take the time to comment I think it is important to respond.

I usually always leave comments on posts I read to let the blogger know I have visited and I enjoy the exchange of thoughts/ideas etc. I don't always go back to review blogs I have visited but do so on occasion.


morningstar said...

interesting questions Ronnie...... as you know I mostly didn't respond to comments. I had a few good reasons (in my mind anyway)why I didn't answer.. I left the automated response thingy on the comment page saying I always read the comments and appreciate them .... blah blah.

However I had a new commenter take me to task over not answering comments.. it was like a slap upside the head ya know??

I realized during this pandemic / stay at home time I really do have a lot of time on my hands and there was no excuse for me not to respond to comments.

I have been surprised by the number of comments I'm getting now... and I've even had a few new folks 'talking' to me.

OH and I answer them individually - it just seems the polite thing to do :)

And yes I do comment on blogs I read - BUT only if I feel I have something worthwhile to say.

Fondles said...

I'll leave a comment on a blog where I read if i have something to say, but sometimes I feel that I have nothing appropriate, so i don't write anything.

I do try to return to see if I've gotten a response/ reply. But not always.

I always reply the comments that are left on my blog. Sometimes I get to them late, but I daresay I've never NOT replied. (Unless it was just a for fun post and people are just voting to say which pics they like or have just left a HAHA on my post.)

Glenmore said...

I respond to every comment to my blog.

Deena said...

I am a reader of blogs. I comment when something really strikes me but as an "outsider" (not a blogger) I feel a bit as though I am intruding. FYI...when I see a response, that makes me feel less intrusive and I am more likely to leave comments.

Some blogs are set up for comments only when one offers a Google account so that prevents me from commenting as well.

Thank you for your blog - full of helpful info!

Boosghost2 said...

Hey Ronnie,
I leave comments to respond to the thoughts provoked by the bloggers. I always return to see if they reply, and am generally disappointed if they don't. I am sensitive and it hurts my feelings...stupid I know.

I don't know that I have ever commented here, but I always read your blog though.


willie said...

When I blog, which is rare now I always answer and answer individually. I try to respond specifically to what the commenter has said. My mindset is they took the time to 'talk' to me it is rude not to answer back.

When I comment on other blogs I do go back to check if they responded. If they do not or if their comment is 'thanks for stopping by' I generally don't go back. It appears that they find little value, do not want to continue or do not wish me to be there in those cases. Perhaps I am sensitive like Boo said as well, but I only comment on posts I can relate to or like to be part of a discussion about. So if the response or lack of shows they don't find with in my words, so be it. There are a few blogs out there I have tried and will not comment on again. I suppose in that case it's like dating. Lol. We tried and it didn't work. Lol

kdpierre said...

Timely topic! I have noticed an uptick in commenting lately which is refreshing. To answer your questions though: I respond to every comment....even to the ones I delete (very rarely for commenting rule violations). If I don't reply it is by accident or with a prior warning to that person that if they continue to post what they are, I will not delete their comment but won't respond to it. In practice that means better than 99% of the comments left get individual replies from me. And yes I think it's important and polite. My main blog goal is discussion. I would be a hypocrite if someone left a comment in good faith and I ignored it. Totally counter-productive to my own blogging goal.

I also try to comment on the blogs of the people who regularly visit mine.....even when I am not totally into what they are into. And I try to comment somewhat regularly even if I don't have something poignant to say. Sometimes I'll just make a joke or good-natured tease or compliment, but the best of course is leaving a fully fleshed out comment to a subject that I can relate to.

And like I said, lately it's been refreshing!

Anonymous said...

I respond to blogs when I feel something to share, to ask, and some blogs reply, most don't. Spankings is something that as a male feel foolish to talk about with others. My wife spanks and my mother-in-law has also. Spankings are something I need, not for sexual pleasure but for correcting my mistakes. My wife saids husbands can be naughty little boys at times and so the wife must be the Mommy and spank her naughty little boy. I can speak freely, like to hear what others think and mostly do men admit that spankings are good for them and that their wives understand and spank them. Jack

PK said...

I'm serious about answering my comments! I don't answer for Fantasy Friday unless I wrote the story but I really try to answer all other. It I didn't answer would be like someone stopping by to say hello and me turning my back and ignoring them. I answer individually 99% of the time.

If I leave a comment at a blog and the blogger has nothing to say to me I'll keep reading, but I'll stop commenting. If they don't want to talk, that's okay. I'll quit bugging them.

Deena - you have to realize that every single one of us was once where you are now. I thought everyone blogging had to have been friends for years and I was hesitant to break into their conversation. But I did it and found this group to be the most welcoming, interesting, supportive bunch I'd ever run into. We can always use one more person talking over the back fence!

Anonymous said...

I like to leave comments on spanking blogs because it is a way for me to try and connect with other like minded folks. I am very vanilla and conservative in my real life and though I wish I could participate in spanking activities my wife while she knows that I am a spanko does not wish to participate. So commenting is all I have. I do like it when I get a response. Thank you for your wonderful blog and I do like to read about your spanking adventures. P is a lucky man!

Hermione said...

When I leave a comment I don't go back to see if I got a reply. If I have asked a question or I really want my comment to be acknowledged, I will click on the "email further comments" button so I get to see the comments that came after mine, as well as the blogger's response, if any.



It's nice to get comments, I usually respond individually.

When I comment on a blog post I try to return to see if there is an answer but don't always remember to.

I like to comment on blogs of people who comment on my blog but do not always because I do not have anything relevant to say about their last post. I also comment on other blogs, when I think that I have something relevant to say.


selkie said...

I seldom blog anymore but still enjoy reading some of my friends (like you!)- I don't always comment if it is not something to which I can relate but always enjoy the read. If I DO comment, I don't expect a reply necessarily but am always touched when there is one. when I DO blog (and back in the day when I blogged regularly) I ALWAYS tried to reply promptly. I felt if someone was kind enough to take the time to comment, the least i could do was take a minute or to to acknowledge and be grateful for that!

When all is said and done, I feel if you're publicly blogging, you're open to an audience of readers - otherwise, you would have a private blog for your eyes only. Having thus committed to having what is in essence (in my view) a public conversation and discussion, it's only polite to engage in a dialogue when there is one!

Red said...

As a blogger, I try to reply to every comment individually, unless it is on a post of many months or years before. I think it is important to reply to everyone who makes the effort to share their viewpoint with me.

As a reader, to show I am interested in the blogger and the topic, share my experiences, and show appreciation for their blogging efforts.

I prefer that blogs have a way to click for follow-up comments, and thus any reply comes to my email. Far easier than having to go back and check for a reply.

fun topic. Thanks

bottoms up

Minielle Labraun said...

Hi Ronnie, I always try and respond to comments on my blog. There have been times due to hubby’s and other crisis when maybe I was slow or overburdened with life—that I wasn’t perfect.
I also click the notify me button to know when I receive a response to my comments on a blog. I love the interaction.
I sometimes read on others blogs where I might feel I don’t have anything to say even though I enjoy almost everyone’s points of view. Maybe I regress to some insecurity about them wanting to know what I

ronnie said...

Roz - Thank you for all the comments on mine and other blogs. You are always so friendly and your comments are always relevant to the post. Always make me smle to see you.

Morningstar - I remember you never responded to comments and I always wondered why but never asked. I read your blog most days (I particularly enjoyed your home schooling with the lil one) but don't comment if I feel I can't ad anything, though sometimes I just say hello, thanks blah blah, you know what I mean. Thanks.

Fondles - Yes me too, sometimes I just don't feel I have anything to say. I think we all feel like that at times on the blogs we read. Thanks.

Glenmore - I know you do and you are definitely right to respond. Thanks.

Deena - Thank you for saying. Very kind of you. I do enjoy blogging. You are always welcome here. Deena read PK's comment to you. It's very true we were all in the same position you are in now. Jump in if you feel you want to contribute as you will be welcomed.

Boo - Hi. I'm sorry you don't always get a response from a blogger you've left a comment for. Not stupid at all. You've taken the trouble so you should get a reply. Thanks.

Willie - Good to see you. I'm not sure why bloggers don't reply to comments left for them, I agree it's rude. I do try to respond specifically to what they have posted. I've never thought to ask a blogger why they haven't responded. I might try that next time I don't get a reply. Thanks.

Kdpierre - I'm glad you are finding an uplift in comments. Comments seemed very slow at one time (well for me they were) It's interesting that you respond to comments you delete. Why delete? If I've read a post and like it but think I can't add to anything relevant, I do say something to show I visited and enjoyed the read. A bit lame maybe. Thanks.

Jack - In my humble opinion, I'm sure that most men who are spanked by their wives think it is good for them and their wives certainly know when it's right. Thanks for joining in.

PK - I know you have always responded to comments and answered all questions asked. I liked you response to Deena, I couldn't have said it better. Thanks.

Anonymous - Very kind of you to say, I'll tell him:) thank you. You are very welcome to leave a comment anytime. I appreciate it.

Hermione - I never thought of doing that. Thanks.

Pref - I try to comment when I read a post but the same as you, don't always have anything that is relevant, though I do sometimes say I enjoyed the read or picture. Thanks.

Selkie - Thank you. As you said you are out there in public blogging and open polite to engage in a discussion, never thought of it like that.

Red - I think we all agree that we should reply to comments received when your readers has taken the trouble. As I said to Hermione I never thought of the follow up comment. Might try that next time. Thanks.

Minelle - I can totally understand when important things happen that blogging takes a backseat. I think we all feel sometimes that we don't have anything to say on particular posts even though you have enjoyed the read. Thanks.

Thank you all for taking the time to comments on this post.


Red said...

One other thing I do is that after having the email sent to me that the blogger has replied, I then click back to the blog and remove the feature to send follow-up comments.
I do not read everyone elses comments on other blogs.
bottoms up

Bonnie said...

I try to provide individual responses when I can, if only to say thank you. I figure if readers can expend the time to comment, then I should respond. Blogging works best when it is an ongoing bidirectional dialog. These discussions are how we build community and bring together like minded people.

As a reader, I regret not commenting more. There is some great content out there that deserves our acclaim.

Erica Scott said...

As a new blogger, one of the very first tips I received from the incomparable Bonnie is "Always reply to your comments." People like to be acknowledged, and sometimes it hard to work up the nerve just to say something. And so I always have, ever since, and to each individual commenter by name.

Do I comment on other blogs? Not as often as I used to, I admit.

ronnie said...

Red - Thanks. So if you don't remove the feature you get follow-comments from others.

Bonnie - I agree with you of course. If I remember correctly, not only did you recommend replying to all comments but you suggested not to answer comments to early as a newcomer might think they can't comment if you have already replied to all comments on that post. Maybe I'm wrong there. Thanks.

Erica - Yes I remember reading Bonnie regarding always replying to you comments and I have done it ever since. I don't seem to read around blogland like I used to. Thanks.


kdpierre said...

To answer your question, I only delete comments that violate one of my rules for commenting. And that is my requirement that a comment must pertain in some way to the post. It can't be some trolling rant, or unrelated advertisement for the person's own blog with no other reference to the topic (Bruno & Mia anyone? LOL) or......"nonseXquiturs": intimate anecdotes that have nothing to do with the discussion but are posted probably more for the person's own thrill than any attempt at discussion. Anecdotes are fine. Random ones are not. So, if I DO delete one of these, I will let the readers and person know why the comment is no longer there as explanation and warning for future posting.

Xen said...

I try to respond to comments quickly, but my Wordpress account is possibly set up not quite right, and I don’t always get notifications, so sometimes they get left for longer than I’d like. I don’t get all that many comments to respond to anyway though!

When reading I try to comment because I know people appreciate it, especially for things like stories, but often I can’t think of anything to say...

ronnie said...

Kdpierre - Sorry for my thickness. I had a vision of you replying to comments then deleting them all. Thanks for explaining.

Xen - Thanks for joining in. You answer them even though not a quick as you would like. That's good. I'm not always quick to answer mine, sometimes too much to do.