Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Before the Ball

She was excited and it would be a break from the long hours they were both spending renovating the old rectory they'd just bought. Period dress was optional but she said she wanted to, Edwardian finery with frills and fancies appealed to her, she said the opulence of the period made her feel a little bit naughty. 

He caught her drift, he wasn't for fancy dress himself but he did appreciate some of the values and practices of the period. He fetched his cane.

"There, darling, a dozen on your bare bottom before we go and you'll be feeling like a very strictly kept Edwardian wife all evening.

Now pull up your knickers, straighten your furls and let's get going."
They had a wonderful evening.

A reader sent me the lovely picture but can't remember where he found it.  If you know whose picture it is, please let me knowtso I can give credit.

Stay safe.




Fondles said...

What a fantastic short story. Perfect for busy subs! :)

Roz said...

Wonderful Ronnie, love it :)


Simon said...

The picture is from Privilege magazine (from the same publishers as Janus) sometime in the late 80s I think. I bought a copy back then which involved a train journey to London. Younger people might not realise just how troublesome it could be to get hold of spanking material in the days before the internet. And if you wanted to take your own photos, well unless you had a developing lab you had to rely on Polaroid pictures.

Red said...

a very nice tradition. Whenever we get ot visit someone again, this might be a great idea before going.
bottoms up

Michael M said...

A great photo story. I remember the picture.

Hermione said...

She will enjoy the ball even more now.

I have to agree with Simon. Spanking material was rarely available where I lived. Penthouse Variations is the only magazine I can recall.


ronnie said...

Fondles - Thanks. Don't always needs loads of words.

Roz - Thank you.

Simon - I wonder if it was a Janus picture so thanks you for letting us know. When I visited London I always wanted to go into the Janus store but never plucked up the courage.

Red -I liked to be spanked before we go out to dinner. Thanks.

Michael - Thanks. I hadn't seen the picture before.

Hermione -A little uncomfortable. Yes Penthouse is the only one I can recall. Thanks.


Minielle Labraun said...

Delightful story Ronnie. Great image as well!